Best AI Video Call Apps and Websites [Selected Top 10]

Living at a `distance from your loved ones is tough and challenging. Even if we want to go back to them we can not because of education or professional commitments. And sometimes if everything is going fine then the network creates the issues. But now we can talk to them irrespective of what the region is, what are the networks available, and whatnot! 

Along with WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Zoom, there are several AI Video Call apps available with which you can talk to anyone you want whenever you want in a few seconds. These AI Video Conference apps are not restricted to the network or region. 

There are several AI video call apps and websites available over the web. Some of the top ones are tl; DV, Discord, Hibox, Webex, GoTo, BlueJeans Meetings, and many more. We have explained each one of them in detail here. Get on the web, and explore each one of these video chat AI apps with us. Keep reading to know more about the same. 

What Is an AI Video Call App? 

With the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms, there are several AI video conference apps available. With these tools, e-meet anyone you want with face-to-face interaction. 

These tools are specialized in noise reduction and making the presentation or video delivery better. They are not restricted to the network or region. Just see the time, and make a video call or set up a meeting with anyone you want with these AI Video Call apps and websites. 

Top 10 AI Video Call Apps and Websites

Here is the list of best 10 AI Video Call Apps and Websites

  1. tl;dv
  2. Discord
  3. Hibox
  4. Webex
  5. GoTo
  6. BlueJeans Meetings
  7. Dialpad AI Meetings
  8. Vowel
  9. Whereby
  10. Zoho Meeting

1. tl;dv

tl;dv is an AI video call app to help you out in your online meetings. It does things for free like it records, writes down what people say, adds time marks, and lets you edit. Find and share the important parts of your meetings with time marks. This way, you can show the important parts without making people watch everything.

It is good if you work online or from different places. If you need to check and talk about old meetings, like calls, and presentations, this is the best tool for it. It works really well with online meeting tools like Google Meet and Zoom.

tl;dv also provides free services. But if you want some extra options it’s best for you to go for a subscription $20 every month.

2. Discord

Discord is not just a video calling website but is designed for gamers for so many reasons.

With this video chat AI, you can join any channel or leave any channel whenever you want to leave. It has some features like push-to-talk, where you speak by pressing a button, and noise cancellation is also there to stop getting distracted.  

You can customize your discord according to yourself, the way you want. It also helps you with a pre-programmed feature to perform many tasks that you have to do.

3. Hibox

Hibox is a tool that makes your video calls on websites. It has an inbuilt AI feature which helps you with many things. This feature helps you with organization and task management, allowing you to spend less time planning.

You can easily search for any information you need for your work. Share files with the free online services available for you. Get access to the encrypted mode for your protection. This will help you to increase your overall work efficiency. 

4. Webex

Webex is a completely free AI video chat tool for video calls. You can collaborate with other people now from anywhere. It is one of the most used platforms which allows friends and family to connect, it even helps people when they have a job interview. It helps you to be more interactive which enhances your learning.

Webex has so much positive feedback because of the services that they provide to their users. You will see that once you will get on the web to see how it really works. 

5. GoTo

GoTo is the most popular tool for video calls. It offers its users flexibility, which allows their users to connect with or without webcams on their smartphones as well as laptops.             

The main reason why users use GoTo is that it lets them enjoy while they are working and also helps them collaborate with people around them. It helps you do your work simply. Get access to the remote work feature which just makes your work so easy. Now stay connected and productive with your work and the people you are connected with. 

6. BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans is also a free video-calling website with super enjoyable and impressive features. It allows you to customize logos, saves your conversations from the rest of the world around you, and doesn’t have any time limits for your meeting to get over. Get a screen-sharing feature with its new update.

Now you can have access to secure meetings, all-time customer support features, good audio quality, and unlimited time for meetings with no restriction. Moreover, you can talk about anything that includes your NSFW content as well. 

7. Dialpad AI Meetings – AI Video Call App

Dialpad is a free video calling app making easy to join calls without any PIN. It has great screen-sharing features which help you to present things nicely with a presentation you have made on your device. 

Dialpad also has a voice translation feature which helps you to interact with anyone around the world because you can easily understand them. You can do up to 100 calls at one time without any disturbance or error in their server,

With this AI video call app, you will have access to high-definition (HD) video, screen sharing, speech translations, and customized wait audio. This is the most interesting part. 

8. Vowel – Best AI Video Call App

Vowel is a superb free video calling website which is best for those who hate any disturbance it even provides you with AI-powered meetings. It has been said that even Zoom users are very impressed with its features.

Remote work tools are used in this which makes our work super easy. It has even won an award for this feature because no other video calling apps and websites provide a feature like this.

You can get more features but you’ve to take the subscription which will just make it easier.

9. Whereby

Whereby is a great free AI video calling tool known for its innovative co-location groups feature, which helps you to create the feeling of being in the same room during virtual meetings. 

This is trusted with many platforms like Netflix, Spotify and many more.  Even though it is not as popular as Microsoft Team and Zoom, it is still well known for its increasing team collaboration feature. It is slightly getting popular among people because of its features. 

10. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a straightforward and user-friendly tool for anyone who wants to host video call meetings and webinars. It is best for those who are new at video conferencing stuff because it is very easy to use and offers all the necessary features without putting in any extra effort which is just difficult for a beginner to do.  

The people who use this meeting app give it mainly 5-star ratings and good reviews no matter who uses it. They just love the experience of using it.


See how these AI Video Call apps and websites are different from each other! Moreover, the features each of them provides will help you out as well as businessmen who have to FaceTime for their virtual meetings and lessons. No restrictions, and no region input requirement, and with the availability of all such features ~ these top 10 AI video call apps make it easier for you to have a video call chat with anyone you want in a few minutes. 

Moreover, the tools will help you to make your work easy without putting in any extra effort. Just start working with any of these video chat AI. Go with the one which is best for you. 

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