Best AI Arabic Voice Generator [Selected Top 10]

The Arabic language has placed its foot on almost every corner of the world. Around 375.4 million people worldwide speak Arabic as their mother tongue itself. Many language enthusiasts are interested in Arabic, which has led to a further increase in the number of speakers. In case if you are one of those Arabic linguaphile, then AI Arabic Voice Generator is for you. 

AI Arabic Generator can convert any particular text into Arabic speech in a few seconds. All you need to do is put the text and click “Generate”. There are several AI Arabic Voice Generators available on the web. Some of the top ones are Parakeet and, Murf AI, VEED.IO, MicMonstar and Speekatoo. 

Are you keen to know more about these AI Arabic Voice Generators? If yes, then we’ve collected the top 10 Arabic Voice Generators for you. Keep reading to know more in detail.  

What Is AI Arabic Voice Generator? 

AI Arabic Voice Generator converts your text (in any language) to Arabic voice in just a few seconds. People are now making use of AI Arabic Voice Generators for various reasons. It includes making language lessons, e-learning presentations, YouTube videos, marketing videos, social media ads or learning the Arabic language more simply.

The best feature of the AI Arabic Voice Generator is that you get to select the voice and accent. You can do so in a way you would like to hear, this makes the generator user-friendly. In addition to this, you can also add effects, adjust the speed, correct pronunciations and modulate the voice according to your preference.

Top 10 AI Arabic Voice Generators

  • Narakeet
  • MurfAI
  • MicMonster
  • Speakatoo
  • Synthesia
  • Fliki
  • Notevibes

Detailed Explanation Of AI Arabic Voice Generators

1. Narakeet

Narakeet is a text to AI Voice Generator Arabic. You can also use it to make the video out of the text. It supports more than 70 languages and 400 voices, among which Arabic is the one. It employs AI to provide real-life-like narration. With Narakeet you don’t have to waste your time on synchronizing pictures with sound and adding subtitles. 

You can use it to convert PPT to video in the Arabic language easily, create a slideshow with music or turn lecture slides into videos. In case in future, you want to change the script in Arabic then just update the text a bit and it does not require you to rewrite the entire script.

  • Supports HD resolution
  • High quality Arabic audio tools
  • Great media library 
  • Attractive option for Freelancers, Medium Business and Small business

2. can instantly convert any text into natural human-like Arabic sounds. It is free to use with limited features and requires a subscription to unlock all the features. It helps some of the largest companies on the globe create high-quality text-to-speech for their applications.

Whether you are a marketer seeking to enhance your brand’s value or simply a lover of audio, provides solutions for many such cases.

  • Audio format flexibility
  • Natural-sounding Arabic voices
  • Voices are attached with an emotional component
  • Allows modification of pitch of voice

3. MurfAI

MurfAI provides a voice for every need, be it corporate or entertainment use. Take a look at their feature-packed studio and start creating voiceovers in minutes. It is an all-in-one AI voice generator Arabic which allows its users to play with punctuations and pitch. It offers over 120 real text-to-speech (TTS) voices in more than 20 languages(including Arabic).

  • Diverse AI voices
  • Voice cloning 
  • Collaboration
  • Multimedia integration

4. Micmonster

Micmonster offers multiple voice styles (general, cheerful, excited, sad, shouting, angry)

ranging over 500 voices and 140 languages with multiple accents. It eliminates the need for time-consuming voice recording or hiring expensive voiceover artists. 

It allows you to preview in full before you download the application. You can also transform 12000 characters into voice-over at once and get merged to combine audio files. Moreover, it has revolutionized the way voiceovers are created, making the process cheaper than before.

  • Commercial license
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Pitch and speed adjustment
  • High-quality Arabic voiceovers


It is another AI voice generator Arabic which translates texts into Arabic speech. The speech to Arabic subtitles description is the most accurate in VEED, it enables you to edit videos in just minutes taking your content to another level.

It enables subtitling, encoding, editing and more advanced features which other editors can’t compete with. It allows you to add emojis, photos, stickers, and AI avatar to your videos.

  • Video stabilization
  • Split video
  • Social sharing
  • Brand overlay

6. Speakatoo

Speakatoo is one of the leading and popular AI-based TTS applications. It is engaged in neural development to imitate accurate human-like voices through the help of AI. It offers multiple male and female voices in Arabic and also helps users generate audio in mp3, mp4, wav, ogg and FLAC formats. It offers free trials but no free version. The starting price to operate on Speakatoo is $29.50 a month.

  • Version
  • Operating system, webware
  • Excellent interpretation

7. Synthesia

It offers voiceovers in over 120 languages, with about 140 AI avatars. You can also create your own AI avatar(your digital twin). Its promo is “people first, always”, they seek to prioritize the secure and ethical use of AI. Synthesia uses a combination of human and AI moderation processes to safeguard the community from bad people.

  • 60+ video templates
  • Custom avatars
  • Services – text-to-video, text-to-speech and script to video
  • Free AI video generator


Bigspeak is a free app that generates realistic-sounding audio from texts. They make use of machine learning algorithms to bring the best voice out. Moreover, it can automatically convert voice inputs into text files, supporting multiple languages with the help of AI tools.

With you can generate voice from text and clone your own voice for outstanding results.

  • Progress tracker availability
  • Superclear voice
  •  Accurate speech-to-text results supported in Arabic

9. Fliki

Fliki offers realistic text-to-speech (TTS) voices across 75+ languages. It also provides a seamless and cost-effective solution to convert text into natural and professional quality speech.

With Fliki you can also convert an ebook to an audiobook.

It also provides a public page to showcase and share the podcast creations. You can also add custom pauses in your scripts and emphasize words to better control your audio results.

  • Blog to video conversion
  • Easy to use
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

10. Notevibes

It uses only premium voices for voice generation and is available in 225+ high-quality voices in 25 languages. Notevibes is used by approximately 25,000+ customers from 150 countries around the globe. 

It can be used to make a variety of videos – sales videos, Training videos, Educational videos etc. Notevibes makes use of modern secure approaches in their AI text-to-speech software, hence there is no leak of data. Furthermore, you can add members and manage them with a master account.

  • Voicemail greetings
  • The advanced editor saves audio as mp3 or WAV
  • IVR voice maker
  • DJ voice creation 


AI voice generator Arabic offers a modern solution to the traditional problems of businesses. From high-quality voice generation in multiple languages to the use of personalized avatars in videos, AI Arabic voice generators cater to all your needs. 

You don’t need to worry about syncing your texts with voice, AI voice generator Arabic got you!

With a single touch customize your video, texts and voices instantly. The above-mentioned AI voice generator has something unique to offer you, so for whom to wait? Get in touch with any of the AI voice generators and explore various options available to you at minimum costs. 

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