Best AI Sales Script Generator [Selected Top 10]

Being in a sales profession or starting your own business/ startup is not an easy task to do. Selling a particular thing in the most effective manner is what makes the real difference. And just to be clear, I don’t mean “marketing” with selling here. Sales pitch/ script is what I mean. 

We craft a sales pitch considering different factors including market behaviour, on-site demand, consumer mood, pricing model, and many more. Sometimes we miss certain things as well. However, now you will not! Several AI sales script generators on the web can help you with this. The top ones are Writesonic, Rytr, Copy AI, and Scriptbook. 

These tools are like smart helpers that use the best of Machine Learning algorithms to make writing sales scripts comparatively easier for businesses and freelancers. The real difference in sales pitch will come when you choose the right free AI sales script generator. 

Here we have prepared a complete guide to help you with choosing the best AI sales script generator for yourself. A detailed explanation is available about the top tools you can explore. Whether you’re a writer, someone who writes scripts for movies, a marketer, or a blogger, these tools can make your writing much better and easier, you will see when you will try it. 

Best AI Sales Script Generator List

Here is the list of the top 10 AI Sales Script Generator to crack your first sale

  1. Writesonic
  2. Rytr
  3. Copy AI
  4. Scriptbook
  5. Shortly AI
  6. Scalenut
  7. Article Forge
  8. Copysmith
  9. Contentyze
  10. Jasper

What Is a Sales Script Generator? 

Sales Script Generator is an AI tool which is trained on Deep Learning algorithms. This helps out in understanding human behavior in the best manner. AI cold call script generators will help you out with writing the best sales pitch for your business or freelancing pitching. 

The tools will consider the market pattern, and consumer behaviour according to the idea that you will put in the prompt section. You just need to make sure to be clear with what you are putting forth. Rest, algorithms will prepare a “perfect” pitch or sales script for you. 

Top 10 AI Sales Script Generator

1. Writesonic -Best AI Sales Script Generator

The best AI Sales Generator tool is Writesonic. This tool is best to help businesses in creating great scripts. These scripts can be used for different purposes. Use it for video advertising, sales pitches, and other things. It allows you to produce original and captivating content for your sales pitch. 

It’s like having a helpful adviser who makes recommendations based on the industry and target market of the company. This service offers a location where everyone in a team may share the same project and thoughts.

Although Writesonic offers a free trial, there are also premium membership plans accessible for business usage. It ranges from $19 to $666 per month in price. More exciting features, like more tools and the capacity to write lengthier scripts, are available. 

2. Rytr – AI Sales Script Generator

Rytr is a very capable AI writing tool for scripts and sales pitches. This tool creates exceptional content for a variety of applications using cutting-edge technology, which is advantageous to content producers and company owners.

The exceptional speed of Rytr is one of its distinguishing qualities. You can save time and direct your attention to other crucial activities of your business. Freely choose the tone and style you want for their work (serious or humorous), and may even customize how it looks.

Starting at $29 per month, Rytr provides a variety of subscription packages. These plans are made to meet consumers’ usage patterns and preferred features, providing flexibility and value for money. Users can choose a plan based on their needs and financial constraints.

3. Copy AI

Copy AI is third in our list but still, it is the number one preferred tool by businesses. It will make your sales script engaging which increases the probability of successive sales. 

Simply put forward about the writing you want for social media, and emails! The tool will generate as it is you wanted it to be. It creates the words. You are in charge. Say which words you want and how your work here is done. Formal or fun, it’s up to you!

It just does not speak English but also other languages like Spanish, French, and German.

It has tools to fix things up and even checks if someone else has used those words before.

A free trial! If people like it, there are plans they can pick. The premium plan starts at $49 per month. More plans are also available, you can choose according to you. 

4. Scriptbook

ScriptBook is a unique AI for sales scripts tool. This is generally best for screenwriters and storytellers. Businesses can use it for formal purposes as well though. 

The best part of this AI sales script generator is that it understands what you want and runs algorithms according to the idea you will feed in the prompt. It will make a proper analysis of the same and then give you the response. Plus, the script it will prepare is going to be super engaging ~ your sales script is going to work if you are using Scriptbook. 

You need to try this out to see what I am saying. If you truly enjoy it after trying it out for free, you may upgrade to the full version, which starts at $199 per year.

5. Shortly AI

Shortly AI is an innovative AI tool for startups and big companies. They can get help with their sales script and pitch writing demands. It’s like working with a writing expert.

It excels at writing scripts for things like sales pitches, social media postings, and video advertisements. You can do whatever you want with Shortly AI. There will be comparatively less effort engaged in writing sales scripts with it. The content will be ideal for your audience. And it can even help you if you want to stand out online. 

If you want a month-to-month agreement, you can pay $79 per month instead of $65 per month if you pick the annual plan. For anyone looking for excellent entertainment without the bother, it’s a fantastic value.

6. Scalenut

The best partner in writing a script can be Scalenut for you. You believe it or not. It’s an AI tool that works well for writing sales scripts. Although it is best for videos and podcasts. But sales scripts are engaging and insightful too. 

You tell it what the primary terms and factors should be, along with the length you want it in. Then it performs its magic and creates a script for you right away. It’s almost like you have a writing robot that follows your commands.

It just wants the people who will watch or listen to your script to find it fascinating. You are not forced to accept what it generates. You can alter the output according to you. It will go as per your precise specifications.

Scalenut has different plans to choose from. You can pay as low as $23 per month or go up to $149 per month, depending on what you need. So, if you want to make content without the stress of writing, this tool is perfect for you.

7. Article Forge

Article Forge serves as a special writing tool that benefits people aiming to enhance their online presence. It proves highly valuable for businesses and individuals dedicated to improving their websites.

Its ability to create excellent articles and blog posts. It knows how to make this content perform well in search engines like Google. It’s almost like having a secret formula to make your stuff more visible online.

Article Forge offers various plans, with the least expensive one starting at $13 per month when you commit to a whole year. It’s a smart choice for those who want to upgrade their website’s content.

8. Copysmith

Copysmith acts like a super-smart helper for marketers and advertisers. It’s a tool specially designed to create marketing stuff, like ads and web pages.

Users just tell Copysmith what product or service they want to promote, and then it does its AI wizardry to whip up a script. It’s almost like having a writing buddy who’s an expert in marketing. For various marketing objectives, it may create many script versions. Copysmith can write the ideal screenplay to increase sales, generate more leads, or publicize a business.

A free plan is available to users at first, although it contains few features. If they want the full deal, they can choose a premium plan starting at $19 per month. It’s a tool for marketers who want powerful content without a big price tag.

9. Contentyze

Contentyze is about a lot of writing services business needs in daily activities. However, the best feature comes in writing sales scripts. Contentyze generates a beautiful and engaging sales script for businesses by understanding their product, market behaviour, and many more. 

You will have the authority to specify exactly how you want your script to be. Select the complexity, tone, and style that best fits your taste. Teamwork is made simple since several members of the team can collaborate on the same script at once.

Contents provide a variety of programs at different price points. Choose from a variety of alternatives, including an enterprise plan with additional capabilities, after first attempting a free trial to determine whether it meets your needs. It is a flexible tool created to satisfy a variety of content development demands.

10. Jasper

Jasper AI is last on our list but not the least. It includes so many special features that you are going to love it. Best of writing engaging sales scripts and pitches for businesses and freelancers. All you have to do is provide the keywords, themes, and desired length of the script, and will swiftly create it. 

It values excellence. I must say. There will be a grammar check done, and the output you receive will be quite interesting. As a result, your readers will adore it and it increases the overall probability. Additionally, you may edit the final script created to make it flawless. Additionally, it works nicely with other content tools, making collaboration simple. 

Starting at $49 per month, there is a “boss mode” plan that costs more than $500 per month if you want really deluxe capabilities. It is a versatile option for any content requirements.


See how easy it is to make a sales script now with these aforementioned AI Sales Script Generators. The top ones are Writesonic, Rytr, Copy AI, Scriptbook, Shortly AI, and the rest you know! All of them are different with what they have to offer you. Whether you are a writer, marketer, or screenwriter ~ you are going to get a beautiful sales pitch with them.  

Get your writing assistants and can even create the best engaging sales script now. These AI tools are fantastic because they save time and effort when you’re writing. Moreover, get fresh ideas and different viewpoints on a topic. This will help you out when you are out of ideas of what you can include in the sales pitch.

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