AI Tattoo Generator To Create Unique Designs [Top Websites]

We all like to mix it up a little every once in a while, and tattoos are a great way to do that. But getting a tattoo is quite the decision, because it stays with you. Of course, anyone would want something meaningful and unique on their body. If you’ve searched everywhere and there’s nothing that excites you, it’s time to use an AI tattoo generator.

The tool can help you generate great designs from your own choices. These tools can generate ideas from text, and there is also an AI tattoo generator from images which can enhance your simple ideas. It’s a great way to experiment your creative juices and get a cool ink that nobody else has. An AI tattoo generator makes that possible and in very simple processes. 

In this article, we have listed some of the top tattoo AI generators! So you can choose the best one.

Explore The List of Top 10 AI Tattoo Generators 

  • BlackInk
  • TatoosAI
  • Tattoo Jenny
  • Fotor
  • Midjourney
  • Firefly
  • Photoleap
  • NightCafe
  • InkTune

Detail Description of AI Tattoo Generators 

1. BlackInk

You can utilize the BlackInk AI tattoo generator through an internet browser, and it’s planned specifically for creating customized tattoos. Its essential crowd is non-experts who need tattoos, as it doesn’t allow the transferring of custom artwork.

Rather than the old strategy of looking through the web, Instagram, or Pinterest for tattoo ideas, this tool makes the process simple. Clients basically have to portray their ideal tattoo and select a favoured tattoo style. Within a few minutes, the AI tool creates an extraordinary design. These style choices show different options and famous tattoo styles that are notable among tattoo enthusiasts.

2. TattoosAI 

TattoosAI gives great and creative tattoo ideas for everyone. It also has a super user-friendly experience which allows you to explore and search through its updated tattoo collections, with style filters. And you don’t even have to create an account. They have fun styles like colouring, with letters, and there’s even a 3D feature that lets you see how the tattoo would appear on the body.

You will only need to write down the keywords or words related to the tattoo. While the platform only accepts text prompts, this approach is highly effective for brainstorming tattoo concepts. The tattoo generator AI is cool and fun, but it’s not free to use so there are different ways for the kind of model you choose.

3. Tattoo Jenny

TattooJenny Labs has crafted an AI tool for tattoo artists, offering solutions for old and used tattoo concepts. The AI tattoo generator from text is great for unique tattoo ideas, with a focus on one or two given words related to tattoos. To access a wider range of diverse and distinct ideas, you can use the ‘advanced’ mode with credits which are the platform’s currency. 

Additionally, for users with long-term plans for the service, there’s the opportunity to upgrade their account. According to the creators, TattooJenny relies on cloud GPUs for fast idea creation which is a process that incurs expenses exceeding $100 on a daily basis. 

4. Fotor

With Fotor, you can easily turn your tattoo ideas into designs given that it is a leading AI tattoo design generator. The process is very simple and the tattoos are generated in as little as one minute. You can add your image and then choose styles to make the design your own. And the best part is that it’s free to use.

The interface of the website is interactive and user friendly which makes the process even more creative. On top of that, you can take inspiration from a number of types and styles available on the AI tool. This is great for both artists and people who want to explore designs that are fresh and not all over the internet.

5. Midjourney

Midjourney has a lot of options and experience with its algorithms so it’s also a considerable AI art generator tattoo. The tattoo design creation on Midjourney is something that requires some time to get used to, but the results are amazing which make the time worth it. Also, the tool can recognize well-known tattoo artists, allowing you to search by name to get the distinctive style associated with that artist. 

The AI tool is known for a lot of things and also adds to it by accommodating existing images or designs. This permits you to merge AI generated tattoo ideas with a prompt to refine them into a different style, color scheme, and more.

6. Firefly

Adobe is already a well-known name in the design industry, and its new AI-powered software is Firefly. Firefly serves as a creative AI tool with a diverse set of features. It can transform text into images, apply styles and textures to text, and even generate various color variations for AI generated tattoo designs.

One good feature, particularly beneficial for tattoo artists, is the generative recolor function. Additionally, Firefly allows users to generate images based on textual descriptions, which is helpful for seeing tattoo concepts or finding inspiration for new ones. Currently, the software is available for free through Adobe Express which makes it very accessible.


This is an AI art generator that is also used as an AI tattoo art generator. The website is free to use and easily accessible where individuals can easily search for or process tattoo images for their use. is also used for a number of other art purposes, but using its tattoo generator is something new. There are a number of other features that the tool has to offer that can help to edit images and designs that it creates. The colour enhancer is one example among the list of features. This tool is very versatile which can be used for multiple purposes, other than tattoo generating.

8. Photoleap 

This tool is compatible with iOS and Android, making it effectively available. It has an essential AI art generator that offers two different modes for producing cool and fun ideas. There is a mode called text-to-picture, where the user can explain in a text what they want and the tool makes that happen.

The second feature is the sketch-to-image, which is a particularly useful AI art generator for tattoos. In this process, users can use an in-app sketch or an existing image, and the AI properly changes the artwork to create a tattoo design. You can even mix the two and create a blend of text and sketch-generated ideas with the help of this tattoo AI generator.

9. NightCafe

When it comes to creating AI generated tattoos, NightCafe uses the top algorithms in the field. It has a  massive collection of ideas and designs which are perfect for creating something unique. The tool uses DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, Stable Diffusion, Neural Style Transfer, and VQGAN+CLIP. 

The site uses credits as a subscription model and it offers almost 5 credits on a daily basis which is usually enough to generate designs. The platform is very easy to use and work on, and it also gives a simple tour when you sign up. They have a creative interface as well, which makes the process quite fun.

10. InkTune

InkTune is one of the best AI tattoo generators that makes the entire process of selecting a tattoo, very realistic. They have a library that already offers a lot of design ideas for enthusiasts who like getting inked. But there’s more. Other than that, the site also gives an algorithm to understand your choices and preferences and then generates multiple ideas. 

The AI also connects people with some of the leading tattoo artists in the world and their creations. This way, you can generate some of the best designs and browse portfolios. The AI generated tattoos are literally a work of art on this site. And it starts from nominal prices like $9.70 for one day – given that it offers selected options that are customizable. 


If you’re someone who likes getting creative tattoos every now and then, you know it’s also important to find good designs. And while tattoo artists can mostly help there, or you can search online, most designs get too common. Everybody has them and you would want something new and fresh. The use of an AI tattoo generator starts from there. These tools offer designs and ideas that can be generated in different ways. So, this is where your search ends! Choose the suitable AI tool from this list and get that tattoo today!

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