Top 9 AI Photo Extender Of 2023

Photos store our memories which are very close to our heart. However, sometimes pictures come hazy or unclear or not like what we have expected it to be. Sometimes small in size then in length we tried to capture it. This irritates us a lot. Well, this problem can be solved with the AI image extender nowadays. There are several AI photo extender tools available like HitPaw Photo Enhancer, AVC Labs, and Icons8. 

Each and every AI extend image online comes with different features and plans. When you start with it, you need to go through the features of each one of them to see which one suits your needs the most. You can explore every AI increase image size tool and choose one for you at the end. 

You can easily enhance the size of the picture by improving the low-resolution image with these tools. Further, you can produce an output that is a lot more professional and effective like top quality. 

Here we have covered the top 9 AI image extenders in this article. Everything you need to be aware about is covered here, starting from the features to the plan available. Keep reading to know more about the best AI Image Extender of 2023. 

List of Top 9 AI Image Extender

  • HitPaw Photo Enhancer
  • AVC Labs
  • Icons8
  • Deep Image AI 
  • VanceAI Image Upscaler
  • Let’s Enhance
  • Waifu2x
  • Cre8tiveAI
  • DALL.E

Let’s Discuss in Detail About Best 9 AI Photo Extender Of 2023 

1. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

The top-ranked No.1 AI image extend image tool is this one, believe us or not! HitPaw Online AI Photo Enhancer is also available, which can greatly enhance photos online and upscale up to 8X without losing any quality.

You can correct the pictures that are blurry. Further, you can enlarge images and no loss will be done to the quality.

This is the best of the next pro-level AI image extenders available over the web. This professional-grade AI tool resolves blurry pictures flawlessly. Further, the software’s AI models can be used to improve picture quality in any situation. This is when you don’t like the quality.

You can revive your outdated photos as well with HitPaw Photo Enhancer. In case of such a situation, this AI image size increase tool can increase the size by creating the face model to make your face faultless and colourizing monochrome images to instantly revive outdated photographs.

This tool works on a denoise model. With the help of this technology, noise is removed from high-ISO and low-light photographs, and cartoon images become sharper as a result. You can increase the size of the picture at the end as well.

  • Available on Mac and Windows 
  • With one click, increase the size of the image 
  • Remove noise and blur 
  • Extend and upscale the photos

2. AVC Labs

AVC Labs is the best online image upscaling tool available over the web. The platform uses Deep Learning algorithms to enhance and upscale the picture resolution level. It is improved by 400% and you can edit the detailing as well. 

By extending the size of the image, you can remove the defects if there are any and compression. The algorithm is trained on multiple images which proves it to be the best image extender. This allows users to extend and upscale the image resolution in ways possible. An intelligent noise reduction option is available. With this, you can automatically remove noise from blurry photographs and improve quality. 

This works on the AI Face Refinement model. It proved to be the best model to edit and extend the photos, portraits, and many more images. The editing procedure is also easy to understand. By boosting features like the eyes and lips, blemishes can be removed, and skin tone can be improved, you can quickly create gorgeous pictures.

  • Extend and upscale images with super-resolution 
  • Grain and sharpen out the images 
  • AI Face Retouching tool available 
  • Edit B&W photos into colors
  • Get a transparent background with AI BG Removal

3. Icons8

Icons8 is the III best AI extend image online powered by AI algorithms. Online image upscaler Icons8 is completely free to use. You can begin as a beginner here on the platform as well. You can extend and upscale any image 4 times. Moreover, no quality of the original image will be compromised in the process. 

There is a completely automated procedure for noise reduction, integrating sharpening, and upscaling the image with this AI photo extender. There is more to the features here. 

You can browse your history and redownload the larger photographs without consuming a lot of GPU processing power and the upsized images. This can be done very smoothly and safely. Your upscaled/ extended images are not shared or shown anywhere without your permission. 

  • Free extending/ upscaling is available 
  • Edit 4X 
  • Correct imperfections in minute 
  • Access history and download your edited extended images 

4. Deep Image AI 

Deep picture AI is a fantastic alternative for an AI increase image size. This works with both Windows and Mac OS very smoothly. You can very easily extend the image by editing the detailing with this Deep Image AI. This is very smooth on mobile devices specifically. 

There are certain things to consider with Deep Image AI. The platform only supports pictures and images up to 5000 × 5000 pixels in size, or 25 megapixels. Hence you can extend and edit the picture that comes under this dimension. This is the same for both ~ whether you are a registered or an unregistered user. 

All you need to do is upload the image you want to edit and submit it. Start extending/ upscaling now. For its upscaling features, it uses sophisticated AI algorithms, which produce photographs that seem natural. Developers might find the tool’s API interesting because it enables you to include the upscaling tool in your own coding projects. 

  • Restricted for the images to 25 megapixels
  • Edit multiple photos in minutes 

5. VanceAI Image Upscaler

VanceAI Image Upscaler understands where there is a need to focus on the image. This is why it is one of the best extended image tool you need to try. 

You may expand the low-resolution photographs by using the 8x AI image upscale. Keep in mind that during this procedure, no quality will be compromised. A specific AI anime upscaler for tiny anime photographs up to 16x is also included in the program. It also provides a few security features. 

To start upscaling, you need to follow a simple procedure. All you have to do is upload a photo, choose the appropriate AI model, and choose the magnification times. After that, you may download the high-resolution image that was upscaled. 

  • Extend the image to 8X
  • Remove the blur
  • Specify where you need detailing editing 
  • Access resize images > 2000 x 2000

6. Let’s Enhance

If you are a beginner then Let’s Enhance is a tool for you to upscale and extend the photo. You can scale up to 4X and no quality will be compromised. You can modify the textures which are not that clear, colours, and add more detailing to the image. You can go up to the 16X scaling as well. 

Submit the image before upscaling it. The algorithms will work on their own. You can reduce the noise and artifacts which are there in the image with this AI photo extender. 

  • 4K Extending/ Upscaling Available 
  • Simple interface 

7. Waifu2x

It is a free tool available over the web. If you want to specifically extend the anime-relevant image then Waifu2x is made for you. To upscale photographs and provide high-quality outputs, the tool works on neural networks. You can use this AI tool for different images even though it is targeted towards anime fans. 

It is an automatic algorithm. When you upscale/ extend the image ~ the algorithm will remove the noise from the image. Here with the tool, you need to put the image URL in the prompt. Moreover, it is not necessary to download the file and drag it into the tool. 

  • Upscale and extend anime-relevant images 
  • Extend with the image URL 
  • Easy user interface to use 

8. Cre8tiveAI

Last but not least AI image size increase tool is Cre8tiveAI which you need to try once. Your one-in-all problem’s solution is with this tool. 

Whether you want to upscale, extend, edit, add details, or anything else with the image – you can do this with this free AI tool. With Cre8tiveAI, you can extend the image 16 times in a few seconds. It is a fantastic option for upgrading tiny photographs before printing. In order to upscale the photographs without sacrificing quality, the program uses deep learning. 

  • Extend the image by 16
  • Based on Deep Learning 
  • Best for small images for printing purposes 


DALL.E is developed by Open AI. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or an artist then DALL.E is the tool you need to try. You are gonna love it. 

You can now extend and tell a larger story with an extended picture size. This dall e image extender comes with a lot of multiple features which are not available with aforementioned. 

All you need to do is login with your account on DALL.E. Upload the image now, now choose the size in which you need to extend it. Now you can select it and tool will do its work. You’ll get the output in some time. Explore Dalle extend image on its own and how it is done. 

  • Developed by Open AI 
  • Choose the customized size to extend 


Now there is no need to limit yourself with the actual size of the image. If you want to extend it, then try out the AI image extender tools discussed above in detail. Each one of them is precisely different with respect to what it has to offer to you. 

To choose the best for yourself, you must check and explore each and every tool discussed here and see which one suits your requirements the best and go with it!

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