Top 10 AI Research Paper Generator [Updated List]

In the world of academia, how you write and present your proposal/ ideas makes a huge difference. We all think very creatively but the problem comes in at the point of how we can present it so that the supervisor/ professor can understand it in the same way! This is where you need to use an AI research paper generator. 

There are several best AI for writing research papers available in 2024 over the web. Some of them are Semantic Scholar, ResearchBot, ToolBaz, ResearchMaster, and many more. With such powerful AI research paper writer tools, you can write your proposal and pursue writing your research paper in the best creative manner. 

We have covered the top 10 AI research paper generators in the article including the ones mentioned above in detail. Starting from what these tools have to offer you to why you must use it ~ everything. Continue reading to know each one of them in detail and choose the one for your research paper. 

What is an AI Research Paper Generator? 

AI to write research paper tools are simple software programs. They are based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms and NLP techniques. Such tools can generate the best creative and professionally formatted research paper in a minute for you. 

Writers can take the help of such AI research generators at different stages of writing the paper. It includes whether you want to brainstorm the ideas, or you want to organize the structure. With such research paper generator AI tools, you can create a well-written paper comparatively in less time. 

All you need to do is open any thesis writing AI tool, signup if needed. Now put your ideas or the query as text in the prompt. Select “WRITE”. Now the rest of the work will be handled by the NLP algorithms. 

Process AI Research Paper Generator Follow: 

AI research paper generators function by analyzing and studying different previously published research papers and other pertinent sources. This is done as per the interest, query or idea you have provided. 

They employ NLP methods like natural language creation and understanding to extract important data and provide fresh content. These AI write research paper tools can also take user input, enabling writers/ scholars to alter the produced content/ research paper in accordance with their particular demands.

Top 10 AI Research Paper Generator In 2023

1. Semantic Scholar 

Semantic Scholar is the No. 1 ranked AI research paper generator free as per the feedback. It is based on advanced NLP techniques which are used to generate the best-quality research papers in a short span of time. Writers and scholars can customize the output as per their requirements if they don’t like the output or if something is lacking. 

The best thing about the Semantic Scholar tool is that it provides you with recommendations and suggestions to improve the idea/add something to the outline/structure it in a good manner. 

You can also access the Scholar Hub of this tool to find different already published papers. With this, you can alter your idea and make it more impactful. 

2. ResearchBot

ResearchBot is just not the AI research paper generator you can use it for finding the key statistics/ findings from different already published papers. You can generate the well-structured paper with ResearchBot in just a 3-step procedure. 

It generates pertinent and correct content by using NLP algorithms to evaluate and comprehend the incoming data. Additionally, ResearchBot provides a variety of customization choices so that authors may modify the articles it generates to suit their needs.

There are three plans of ResearchBot you can take. The initial one is the BASIC plan. It will cost you £5 per month. Next one is MEDIUM plan, it will cost you £10 per month. The last one is a PROFESSIONAL plan, it will cost you £25 per month. You can take the one as per the requirement you have at the moment. 

3. Smodin

Smodin is another best AI writing research paper tool that you need to explore for writing the research paper. It has ranked as World’s #1 Research Paper Generator. Along with writing the research paper for you, it offers different other services as well which are not available with other tools. 

You can write your research paper by providing the inputs of just a 5-word text of your field. You can also alter the research paper length you want. The best part of this tool is that you can find the sources for any sentence you want plus you can easily cite the references. 

This AI research generator is free to use, you can explore it to know the services better. 

4. ToolBaz

ToolBaz is another tool which can help you with the case studies for your research paper. You can make your research paper more impactful by writing case studies and success stories. This will help you to have a greater and wider impact on the supervisor. 

This AI for writing research papers lets you alter the creativity level you want in the research paper. You can set it as per your need. Plus, it starts with a free trial. You need to sign up and then begin the further process. Moreover, this is an AI research paper generator free tool. Feel free to explore how significant it can be for your research paper. 

5. Jenni 

Jenni is the best AI research paper generator free tool with additional features and services. It has over 1 million academic traffic on a daily basis which clearly shows how significant it is for your research paper. Hence you shouldn’t miss it. 

The powerful features of writing, citing, and editing are free to use here. You can access the additional  services including AI Autocomplete, In-text Citations, Paraphrase & Rewrite, Generate From Your Files, Chat to your PDFs, Outline Builder, Custom Styles & Tones, and most important Research Library. 

This tool is completely free to use. You can access the tutorial as well in case if you need help how you can use Jenni tool. 

6. PaperPal 

This is the best AI write research paper tool for researchers and professionals. You can create manuscripts and follow with the fast-track journal submissions in a small span of time. 

You can access help at every level of writing the research paper with PaperPal. It speeds up the process of writing the paper, optimizes scientific editing, streamlines journal submissions, and makes a proper cross-check. Plus, you can use it offline and online ~ in both modes. 

You need to sign up at the beginning then you can take the plan accordingly as per your needs. 

7. Publishd

The best AI writes research paper tools for students and scholars. You can access help at different levels of your academic journey. You can access different features with it. This includes brainstorming, research grants, general essays, full-fledged research papers, lab reports, argumentative essays, and comparing the research papers. 

You can check the AI-level content too with Publishd. This focuses on bringing originality with your research paper. You can customize and modify the output as well in case you think something is not fitting well. You will get 100% accurate references with Publishd. 

Start with the free trial, further, you can take the plan as per your needs. 

8. Elicit 

To assist you in automating research procedures, such as sections of a literature review, Elicit leverages language models. You need to begin with the signup process to use the Elicit AI research paper writer tool. 

This AI research paper generator can locate pertinent publications even if there isn’t a perfect keyword match, highlight significant ideas from the paper that relate to your issue, and extract important data from the papers. While the primary goal of the tool is to answer questions with research, there are other research activities that support brainstorming, summarizing, and text categorization. 

9. will follow the thorough research for your research paper and then produce the output with proper citations. This tool enables you to find and preserve pertinent information, including multimedia-rich, interactive research. 

You can also access the simple real-time sharing of this output with other co-researchers as a cloud-based collaboration platform.

10. Scite

Scite is the last but one of the best AI research generators on our list. It isn’t always sufficient to conduct research and cite sources. The crucial factor in the mentioned research is its context. Scite can help in this situation. 

This useful tool helps you find further related research in addition to showing you how frequently and in what context an item has been mentioned.

Scite assists you in keeping track of whether a work has received support from other authors or criticism from other authors in the always-changing field of scientific research. It can even alert you to pertinent editorial notices or retractions.


You can turn the tables in the academic world with the best of the 10 AI research paper generator discussed above. Doesn’t matter where you need help, whether it is brainstorming on some idea, structuring the research, formatting the content, or adding the statistics/ case studies – these tools will help you out throughout the process of writing the research paper. 
All of the AI write research paper tools starting from Semantic Scholar, ResearchBot, Smodin, ToolBaz to Scite ~ each one has something unique to offer you and help you out with the research paper. Hence explore the options and choose the one for yourself.

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