AI Composite Video App – Guide & Top 10 Ai Video Apps

The act of combining distinct visual elements into a single video to give the impression that they are all parts of the same scene is called composting. The fact that an AI composite video app is capable of doing it, is proof that technology has reached new heights.

Video editing is the new way to market, express and create content. And while it takes a lot of effort, good software, time and skills, AI is making it even easier.

One such example is the AI Composite Video App!

What Is AI Composite Video App?

The AI composite video app lets Android and iOS users create stunning videos by using a variety of stickers, filters, transitions, and other special effects. It is becoming easier to earn money online, and these or such apps help creators/influencers earn money by sharing content on social media platforms. 

Besides, this AI-driven app also makes it easier for people who run YouTube channels and want to make visually stunning videos that catch people’s attention to make money online. It is free to use, and one must give it a try.

Guide To Download And Use The App:

  • Download the apk files of the video-making app from the direct download link on your smartphone or tablet.
  • In the security settings, enable unknown sources and grant all permissions during the installation of the mod or pro version.
  • After that, you will find the app’s main dashboard, where you will see a variety of templates organized by category. From the list, select the category you want, and you’ll see a lot of new effects and templates on your screen.
  • Now you can create a stunning video by selecting the template you want to use in your video. Also, try to add all of your device’s images and videos to it. 

There are, however, a number of other apps & software in the market.

List of Best AI Composite Video App

  • InVideo
  • Magisto
  • Filmora Wondershare 
  • Synthesia
  • Wideo
  • RawShorts
  • Toonly
  • FlexClip
  • VEED
  • Kamua

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Top AI-Driven Video Editing Apps

1. InVideo

This AI video platform offers a lot of features and is easy to use. The AI-generated video can be created in wide, square, or vertical formats. So, you can use this platform to make videos for personal use, Instagram stories, and YouTube, among other platforms. 

It also has a collection of stock videos and images that you can use to jazz up your video. InVideo also lets you add your team for working together, which means you can share the project with them and edit it together.

2. Magisto

Magisto presents itself as an AI composite video platform that is simple, quick, and effective. You can make videos for special occasions, social media and Vimeo with their platform. They also provide an analytics tool that assists in tracking the analytics of your video. 

Given these features, the platform presents itself as an end-to-end usage app. Further, Magisto is very easy to use, and they have templates for specific industries that make videos for marketing, strategizing and creative pursuits.

3. Filmora Wondershare 

This AI-powered video editor tool offers a powerful yet simple user interface. So, you can easily make videos that look like they came from professional software. With tools like noise reduction, motion tracking, and automated color correction. 

Filmora Wondershare makes it simple and fun to create stunning visuals. This is regardless of whether you are new to video editing or an experienced filmmaker. It also offers choices of various effects to liven up your scenes.

4. Synthesia

Using Synthesia, you can quickly transform any blog post or article into an engaging narrative. Additionally, AI technology enables the automatic addition of effects, music, and other elements, speeding up the production of high-quality videos.

You can use multi-track editing, you can combine multiple images into a single video. Other features like millions of free graphics, audio files, and templates make it a versatile app.

5. Wideo

Wideo can make a video where you can upload your branding materials and customize the colors and fonts to make it unique to your business. It has an interface that lets you make AI-generated videos for social media, educational, and promotional purposes that look good. 

You can personalize your videos by using branding and colour customization, obtaining video APIs, and using templates. The plus point is that you can also animate objects through the AI composite video app.

6. RawShorts

This AI-generated video editing app helps create videos at a fast pace. So, there’s very little time that it takes to render and export files. If you need to turn a blog post into an animated or sketched video or create explainer videos with stock footage, RawShorts is a great option. 

The in-built natural language processing (NLP) automatically corrects grammar, spelling, and formatting errors in voiceover scripts – which is one of its distinctive features.

7. Toonly

Toonly is a video tool made for AI composite video presentations that use animation. It makes entertaining animated videos rather than using a human-like avatar. Toonly turns your marketing, educational, or how-to script into a short, memorable video with AI-generated animations.

You can use their platform, which is similar to a drag-and-drop editor, to create animated AI-generated videos from scripts. However, it’s still being perfected to include a more user-friendly approach.

8. FlexClip

This AI-powered video editor is made to make professional-level video editing easier. Basically, you won’t have to spend a lot of time fine-tuning your footage if you use features that are easy to use and follow automated processes. Since FlexClip is a program that runs in the cloud, it doesn’t use a lot of your computer’s resources.


VEED Video Editor can be used for creating AI-generated videos or uploading a file and making AI-generated captions. It also lets you share, work together with other teammates, and make a brand kit for your video. 

Furthermore, VEED offers a variety of options, and its captioning software makes it simple to automatically create video captions and then go through and make any necessary adjustments.

10. Kamua

Kamua is an AI video editor that runs in the browser and promises to make basic edits like captioning, resizing, or reframing any project 50% to 90% faster. The editor’s pricing is based primarily on its ability to easily manage large project files, which is based on cloud computing. 

Any project can have subtitles automatically added in over 60 languages. It customizes the aspect ratio that you need for your choice of social media platform.


At this point, AI is spread across too many fields – one of which is video editing and creation. The AI Composite Video App is a free tool that offers just that. And the above-listed tools are more examples which you can explore! 

They offer presets, templates and even translation, without taking much space in your system. Given that most of it is pre-designed, these tools are also less time-consuming. So go on and find the best one for yourself!

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