Mobile Banking Application Development Companies in USA

The practice of utilizing a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to access, manage, and carry out a variety of financial transactions is referred to as mobile banking. Without having to go to an ATM or branch of a bank, using mobile banking apps to manage one’s finances while on the go is a quick, safe, and convenient option.

One can do a lot more from the convenience of their own device by using a mobile banking app – to check account balances, view transactions, transfer money, pay bills, and do much more. There are a number of advantages associated with mobile banking and hence FinTech firms now also look into mobile banking software developments.

Mobile Banking App Development Cost

The average cost of developing a mobile banking app ranges between $30,000 to as much as $1,50,000. The app’s design, the developers’ location and hourly rate, quality assurance costs, and other factors influence this cost. Certainly, a lot depends on the time frame for this development.

List of Top Mobile Banking Application Development Companies in USA

  • Alty
  • Miquido
  • Sidebench
  • Praxent
  • Hedgehog Lab
  • New Line Technologies
  • STX Next
  • Dogtown Media
  • Cleveroad
  • Yellow

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Best Mobile Banking Application Development Companies

They increase customers’ profits by providing banking software of superior quality and developing financial software. Alty is a reliable partner in financial software development and mobile banking application development. They look at products from a technical, business, and customer experience point of view. The next big step is to devise a strategy to address the obstacles to success and identify the bottlenecks. After that, they move on to the concept stage and form a cross-functional team specifically to design and engineer the product all the way up to its launch.

As a software company that understands the industry’s challenges, Miquido does solid mobile banking app development. They have been in business for over a decade and have developed finance solutions that have increased company ROIs and ensured client convenience. They have the expertise to make it happen, whether you need a brand-new banking platform or a solution to improve business operations.

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Los Angeles-based Sidebench is a UX design, mobile app, and custom software development company that has won awards. Digital strategists, technologists, makers, and thought leaders make up our diverse group. The strategy takes its concept and develops a plan to bring it to life. In a series of fun activities and workshops, their mobile app developers collaborate to find strategic opportunities for starting a new business or expanding an existing one. The process for different sectors or types of apps remains the same.

Praxent provides the mobile app development services you need at every stage, from ideation to delivery of the finished product., including developing a mobile banking application. Together with you, they will create an application that addresses the core of what your customers want right now: a unified user experience across all of their devices. The mobile app, whether native, hybrid, or responsive, will be a distinctive feature worthy of your goals. Additionally, a group is dedicated to teaching kids how to stay active.

The global digital product consulting firm is ISO-certified and is one of the leading mobile banking application development companies. With more than 15 years of experience in web and mobile technology, design, and product development, they know how to provide solutions that have a real and tangible impact on business.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world have relied on their expertise in iOS, Android, Flutter, React for Web, AI, ML, and voice to challenge the status quo and deliver digital experiences that have transformed their businesses.

They offer managed products and projects as well as high-quality software development and additional technical support, allowing the clients to concentrate on their core business strategies while the team of skilled professionals handles the rest. Mobile banking app development is one of the many areas of FinTech that the company focuses on.

Using Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI, NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, and React Native, among other technologies, they are able to deliver cross-platform mobile app solutions as well as full-stack web development to customers from all business sectors. 

Backend developers, frontend developers, test automation engineers, product owners, UI/UX designers, and DevOps engineers are all included in the team that STX Next will put together for you. They have mobile banking app developers who, as a leading FinTech company, plan, design, build, deploy, and run your product without you having to worry about a thing.

Mobile banking, peer-to-peer payments, mobile commerce, data visualization, and market intelligence are the company’s primary areas of focus. As a trusted firm that has immense FinTech knowledge – NodeJS, the Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Devices (BLE), User Experience (UX), User Interface Design (UI), API Development, and Android App Development are all areas in which they have coding specialists.

Software development company Cleveroad focuses on innovation, activating transparency, and guaranteed product delivery when developing complex business-driven solutions. Cleveroad has an R&D center in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as skilled IT employees in five countries worldwide. They develop custom B2B and B2C apps for a wide range of business sectors and business domains, including FinTech and mobile banking application development.

As a FinTech software development company with seven years of experience, they assist global, medium-sized, and startup businesses in increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, improving security, and elevating customer service. Their skilled tech specialists ensure that you receive high-quality code and design at every stage of the development process, from straightforward website wireframing to the development of trading platforms or mobile banking apps.


Using a mobile device, customers can access their banking accounts and make financial transactions at any time and from any location thanks to mobile banking apps. One can easily keep track of your everyday transactions and activities like checking the bank passbook with a mobile banking app.

The mobile app lets people track the history of transactions, add beneficiaries, make payments, and transfer funds. As a result, more and more firms are leaning towards mobile banking app development because it further advances customer service.

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