Web3 Blogging Platform To Decentralize Your Blogs & Earn Crypto

You can always find any topic on the web that you search for. And with the new advancements and promises of technology, we know that the future beholds an even better version or iteration of the present version of the web, which is the web3  platform. Availability of all different topics on the web is possible because of blogging on the internet. Currently, we have web2 blogging. But, now, we have web3 blogging also. The web3 publishing platform offers decentralized blogging.

The following discussion will be all about the idea of web3 blogging. If you’re a blogger or are looking for websites or platforms that will allow you to blog in a decentralized manner, we have the following discussion ideally put forth for you. We will discuss not just web3 blogging but also the top ten web3 blogging platforms. So, let us now begin the discussion without any further wait, starting with what is web3 blogging.

What is Web3 Blogging?

Web3 blogging refers to the profession or the activity of writing blogs on the internet but at the various web3 platforms that are decentralized and have their foundation on blockchain systems. It was the most straightforward way to explain the idea of web3 blogging. Through this, the bloggers or the creators can offer their audience and readers a better personalized and safe blogging experience.

The web3 platforms do not have to give ownership of your data to any other authoritative center. Instead, all the creators have the right to their data and content on the web3 platforms. Thus, web3 blogging refers to blogging at a Blockchain-based blogging platform that offers the creators more control over their content.

What Are Web3 Publishing Platforms?

Simply put, a web3 publishing platform is a decentralized place on the internet where bloggers can post and share their blogs with entire ownership of their content and enjoy maximum safety. So, the web3 platforms that run on a blockchain system and allow the bloggers to share their content, are web3 crypto blogging platforms.

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List of Best 10 Web3 Blogging Platforms

  1. Sigle.io
  2. Hackernoon
  3. BuildSpace
  4. Orbis
  5. Morlis
  6. Steemit
  7. LogRocket
  8. GM.xyz
  9. Mirror.xyz
  10. DappRadar

Top 10 Web3 Blogging Platforms For Earning

  1. Sigle.io

Single.io is a web3 publishing platform ideal for bloggers looking forward to online blogging as a source of earning. It is a decentralized and open-source platform that enables creators to make Bitcoin currency for their content. The users of this platform can readily access the infrastructure that the blockchain allows for. Through this, the platform ensures the best security and optimum privacy of the creatures on the forum.

You can lock and store your content on this website forever on the blockchain. It is because Single.io utilizes the decentralized protocol running on Stacks. When you are a blogger on this website, you can build and send newsletters, and subscription lists, follow other users, and comment on different posts.

  1. Hackernoon – Best Web3 Blogging Platform

Hackernoon is another well-known web3 blogging platform that includes more than 25 thousand writers already on its platform. It already has more than a hundred million visitors, which makes it one of the most popular crypto blogging platforms. The platform is the perfect place for any enthusiastic reader, writer, or learner of technology.

It includes publishing stories about the internet, the industry of the internet, its culture, and its programming. The niche also contains interviews, startup stories, coding tutorials, and decentralized debates. Lastly, the platform also offers life advice from more than thirty thousand contributors from all over the globe. Any blogger or writer interested can readily join the team of Hackernoon, as it spreads over multiple time zones and has its representation on almost all continents.

  1. BuildSpace

BuildSpace is a great web3 blogging platform ideal for both beginners and professionals. The platform already includes more than sixty thousand builders. After completing any project instruction, you will get a free distinctive and unique NFT. You will also receive a unique discord role in the leading Discord community of this platform. 

This platform helps you obtain the necessary skills that will help you secure a full-time job at the well-known firms of the web3 platform after you complete each project. Therefore, it is one of the most beneficial crypto blogging platforms that help the creators secure a future in the web3 platform. 

  1. Orbis: Web3 Publishing Platform — Alternative Of Discord and Twitter

Orbis is a web3 blogging platform with a layout similar to that of Twitter. Also, Orbis is well-known as the perfect alternative decentralized option for Twitter and Discord. The technologies on which the platform has its foundation are Ceramic and Arweave. It allows you to join using Ethereum wallet credentials, and users can effortlessly build their communities with their pen names on this platform.

Orbis promises to secure all the data of the users and readers by never storing them. All the members’ posts and details about the community store on the Arweave and Ceramic technologies. The bloggers do not have to pay any transaction fee for this platform. Additionally, if, at any moment, any creator wants to leave the platform, they can readily do so with their content.

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  1. Moralis

Moralis is not just a web3 blogging platform but also a great learning platform. All tech enthusiasts looking forward to learning about web3 and its components can readily use this platform to learn about this new and promising web iteration. It includes information about the technology of blockchains, and such information is not generally easily accessible by everyone, which makes this platform an incredible place for learning about web3.

This blockchain blogging platform aims at empowering individuals worldwide via programming and blockchain education. And thus, it is undoubtedly one of the best web3 blogging platforms for learning about web3 technology.

  1. Steemit: Web3 Blogging Platform To Earn Money

Steemit is an organized and decentralized blogging platform that rewards contributors for posting content on this platform. It offers you the opportunity to earn in different cryptocurrencies while you build a community of followers on this platform.

You can post original content, such as blog posts, on Steemit. Alternatively, you can become a freelancer and offer your skills to another Steam member. Users can also buy Steem or tokens from different crypto exchanges on the platform and rent or lease Steem power, which is reputation. Additionally, this platform makes it interesting and exciting for the creators by enabling the users to take part in challenges.

Therefore, Steemit offers a radiant community and is one of the leading blogging platforms on the web3 forum. It ensures optimum security and privacy and allows the users to flexibly build and curate their audience in the most meaningful manner.

  1. LogRocket

LogRocket is a decentralized blogging platform that performs product analytics for the web3 platform and blockchain technology. It is functional in delivering the ideal mobile and web product expenses. Besides that, it is one of the most fascinating web platforms on web3 for guest posting.

Users can readily find almost all aspects relating to technology on this platform. Therefore, it also becomes an incredible learning platform.

  1. GM.xyz

GM.xyz is an upcoming blockchain based blogging platform. It aims and promises to become a decentralized social network. The website is the perfect decentralized alternative for Twitter and Reddit. At times, through certain features, it can also be an ideal decentralized alternative for Discord. 

The exciting part about this website is its name. The name comes from the everyday greeting- good morning. And it is a common aspect that the people in the NFT and crypto source use. This platform enables the users to create and manage their communities that form and function based on a particular cryptocurrency or a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

This blockchain based blogging platform allows the followers of a community to discuss the content that the bloggers publish. The platform also includes built-in monetization features, which are crypto-based. It promises that the creators of this platform will be able to earn from their audience through their content.

  1. Mirror.xyz – Blockchain Blogging Platform

Mirror.xyz is the most renowned blockchain blogging platform ideal for writers who want to earn through publishing their blogs. The platform is like Medium, based on simple functionality. But for other features, it is different from the former. Further, the platform offers absolute ownership to the bloggers and control over their content. This blockchain blogging platform is one of the first decentralized platforms that offered the benefits of the web3 platform.

  1. DappRadar

DappRadar is the best Web3 technology blog website for people who want to contribute and learn about the world of decentralized platforms. The users can readily access information and knowledge about blockchain. It is the ideal platform that helps one explore more apps and manage NFTs and Defi portfolios.

Final Words

When you are a blogger, a Web3 technology blog website can readily help you grow in every aspect. It can help you get a better reach to the audience, build better communication, and, most importantly, earn through your contributions to the website. If you are looking forward to contributing and being a part of a web3 blogging platform and making your creations, you can choose one of the platforms we have mentioned above.
The ten web3 publishing platforms mentioned above are the best ones in the web3 world. So, note your needs and preferences and choose the best web3 blogging platform.

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