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Earlier when we used to try to make the custom voices, it was totally impossible. However, this is not the case nowadays. With the innovation of AI, Uberduck makes this process much simpler. This is based on Machine Learning. Uberduck AI alternatives are the text-to-speech sources (open). Sites like Uberduck AI come with more than 5,000 voices. 

All you need to do is choose a particular Uberduck free alternative, add the text in the prompt then choose the voice you want a speech in. The rest will be handled by the algorithm. 

Moreover, just not text to speech, you can access other features as well. You can add good and expressive narration to the video clip. You can create an avatar as well which will speak ditto like you. Modify the pitch and rhythm according to how you want it to be. You can create multiple songs with websites like Uberduck AI. 

There are several Uberduck AI alternatives available in 2023 which are available on the web for free. Some of the top Uberduck alternatives are Woord, Voice RSS, Flixier,, Fake.You, VoiceGenerator, and many more. We have explained the top ones here in the article. Starting from the features to the things to consider ~ everything is covered! 

Uberduck AI Alternative List You Can Explore Today

  • Woord
  • Voice RSS
  • Flixier
  • FakeYou
  • VoiceGenerator
  • Melobytes
  • Speechify

Detail Description of Best 8 Uberduck AI Alternatives 

1. Woord 

Woord is the No.1 ranked Uberduck AI alternative. This is developed by Woord Ltd. You can access multiple speech solutions for different applications. This includes your web, mobile, and software. It will easily convert your text into the speech you want it to be. 

This Uberduck free alternative comes with approx 50 customized voices in 20 different languages. You can also access the regional variations in the voice with the Woord. The most important feature is that the voice you will get will be so similar to the human’s actual voice. 

You can modify the voice as per your requirements. This includes gender, language, and accent. Add the specifications in the prompt and choose to submit. Now you can download the speech. 

The platform allows for multiple audio conversions, making it simple to use for news, blogs, research papers, and novels. Use the files for different purposes like commercial videos,  YouTube videos, and e-learning modules since they have audio hosting, MP3 download, and HTML audio player characteristics.

You can start with the free subscription plan. With it, you can access 2 audios with 20,000 characters in a month. Further, there is a basic plan which will cost you $24.99 per month and a pro plan costing $99.99 per month. You can access further extra features with it. 

2. Voice RSS 

Voice RSS is the II best text-to-speech (TTS) API available over the web. It can easily make the voice with the text in a few minutes. You can access it in 49 languages with 100 voices which sound exactly like a human. You don’t even need to install this app in case you just want to listen to the textual content. 

Among the Uberduck AI like sites, Voice RSS is best for beginners. With the free version, you can go with 350 requests daily; for more, you might want a paid membership. 

There is an Advanced plan which will cost you $5 ~ best for the experts. In case, if you are using it for professional use then you can go with the Premium/ Premium +/ Business/ Enterprise Plan. The cost will vary from $15 to $300 as per your requirement. 

You can also customize your plan with websites like uberduck AI. You need to contact customer support for the same. However, it is easy to do. 

3. Flixier

The III best Uberduck free alternative is Flixier. You need to create an account with the Flixier first to convert the text to the speech. Further, the process of doing the same is easy. 

You can add the voice in the video with it in 20 different languages. Moreover, with this, you can reach out to different audiences easily. You can change your voice from one language to another for the same. This is why it is majorly used by the influencers. 

All you need to do is take the data and drop it into the video. Once the voice data is generated, it will be automatically saved in the Flixier Library. In case you do not like the output then you can edit the voiceover as well with the mobile application. Change the volume, slow it or raise it, cut it ~ whatever you want to do. 


This is an open-source web application which generates natural plus emotive voices with your text. It is based on the speech synthesis of deep neural networks, and “Deep eMoji ” sentiment analysis models which generally other Uberduck AI alternatives don’t use. You can choose the voices from different fictional characters as well even from the different sources. 

You will get a new output for pitch, mood, pace, and background noise each time you press the “Generate” button. The feature seeks to mimic the way a human actor does several voices in various takes. Further, this Uberduck free alternative will not cost you anything. You can use it and explore it well. 

There are certain things you need to consider with You can access it within a certain limit. Plus, the content it will generate will be subject to copyright issues. 

5. FakeYou

One of the easiest websites like Uberduck AI is FakeYou. If you are a beginner and want to explore the text-to-speech process then FakeYou is for you. You can easily generate the voice with the text in a few minutes. 

Moreover, you can upload the voice model like you want with this platform. FakeYou is a community-supported open-source website that is not protected by a paywall. You can also clone your voice which is not available with other alternatives available. Uberduck in itself costs $25 if you want to clone your voice with it. 

To have your text spoken aloud on the website, you need to register initially. You then enter your content in the textbox and may either choose from the 2,346 voice options or clone your own voice.

6. VoiceGenerator

VoiceGenerator is based on the built-in voice synthesis of the browser. This means the voices you will be generating with it, it will depend on the browser you’ll be using. The important thing to note is that this is an uberduck AI alternative free. You don’t even need to sign up and register to use it for the text-to-speech process. 

All you need to do is visit the official website of the VoiceGenerator. Now put the text in the prompt, now select the voice you want to use. Choose “Convert”. Further, you can also adjust the pitch and sound as per the requirement. 

7. Melobytes

Melobytes is a multi-purpose tool. It gives you complete access to explore the AI music and voice world. You can access the best text-to-speech process with this Uberduck AI alternative. 

Using the simple-to-use tools from Melobytes, you can produce original and entertaining material for yourself and your friends to enjoy. Choose the language and voice before your text is converted to speech. Additionally, you get to choose the pitch and the tempo. It will be fun because the output of Melobyte is very unpredictable and differs with time. 

All of Melobytes’ apps are available to users who join up for free. You are allowed up to 5 executions every day. Further, you can also sign up for Melobytes for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription for limitless access.  

There is one thing to consider. You need to sign up first and select your package. Now you can access the free package by selecting the 7-day plan of $6.90 or any other plan you want to go with. You can cancel anytime. 

8. Speechify

This Uberdeck AI alternative is developed by Cliff Weitzman. This developed platform is out of his needs to the reading and he found out the solution; he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. 

A screen reader is a tool on Speechify with which you can read aloud any content from books, emails, papers, PDFs, messages, or files on your device. Further, you can access more than 30 AI-generated voices in more than 20 languages. This includes English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, and Portuguese. You can select the one in which you want your text to be in.

You can upload PDF files, further copy and paste any text, and scan any printed text as well. Simply turn the text into speech and listen to it on your smartphone. Compared to Uberduck alternatives, it offers additional data entry choices.


When a solution comes out of some problem, it is always prominent and best in use. Some of the best Uberdeck AI alternatives like Speechify is developed by the one who is diagnosed with Dyslexia. All-in-one reading solutions for the text can be resolved with such sites like uberduck AI. 

The best of the 8 Uberdeck alternatives discussed above are different from each other. All of them have something unique to offer you. It depends on your requirements. Hence, it is important for you to explore the alternatives and then choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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