Top Ar Vr Development Company in Singapore in 2023

AR/VR development has created a niche of its own with newfound technologies. So, a number of firms are starting to rely on it and are searching for a well-suited AR VR development company. 

Developing apps that use augmented or virtual reality is a way to stand out from the competition. This can also increase customer engagement and brand value. These technologies span the computerized and actual universes. They enable you to visually see content and information in the same way that you see the world.

So, AR and VR is something that would definitely enhance your business. And if you happen to be located in Singapore, we know the best VR development companies and augmented reality app companies!

List of Top Singapore Companies For Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality App Development Services

  • NextNow
  • Techddy Solutions
  • HOL Experiences 
  • Silver Wings
  • YORD Studio
  • Vostok VR
  • Hiverlab
  • VizioFly
  • Lets Nurture
  • FUSE
  • 51VR
  • Infinity Core 
  • Netsis
  • Virtual Electronics PTE LTD
  • From Labs
  • My Web Expert
  • Webpuppies
  • Hoodies
  • NXT Interactive 

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Verified Top Ar Vr Development Companies in Singapore

1. Next Now

NEXTNOW is a partner for interactive experience-based marketing solutions. To get as many people involved as possible, the team has created VR and 3D face mapping installations. 

Their key clients incorporate Intel, Under Armour, Samsung, Adidas, NBA, Smithsonian and LG. The AR VR development company has a team of skilled professionals who work in various fields. 

2. Techddy Solutions

The AR app development company builds AR and AI-based systems. Tensorflow and Python are used for AI, and Unity and Vuforia are used for augmented reality. Techddy Solution Pvt Ltd creates apps for Android and iOS that allows members of a community to request and complete everyday tasks in addition to providing guidance.

3. HOL Experiences

HOL Experiences enjoy designing phygital experiences, delivering purposeful activities, and creating immersive environments. The augmented reality developers’ motto is to conduct in-depth user, market, and context research. And emerge with insights into the users’ actions, thoughts, and feelings. 

Their audience engagement brought at least 150,000 students and 200,000 families to various Singapore museums and galleries over a ten-year period.

4. Silver Wings

Silver Wings offers a wide range of solutions for 3D visualization. They work with  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and numerous sorts of Holographic Arrangements. 

Their content creation includes complex, fully interactive CGI creations and 360 VR movies. The AR VR app development company offers solutions for Real Estate, Medical, Tourism, Media, Manufacturing etc.

5. YORD Studio

Virtual and augmented reality services, 3D projects, visualization, virtual showrooms, and metaverses are all part of their creative global studio. 

Apple, Adidas, KODA, Raiffeisenbank, PwC, KBC bank, ZEWA, Mainware, BIBLOO, BeWooden, Jägermeister, TATRA Museum, SAZKA, Sportisimo, Bruntal Museum, Mixit, Deloitte, and Footshop are major clients of the virtual reality developer.

6. Vostok VR

VOSTOK VR is a leading virtual reality (VR) and 360 video production company based in Singapore. Company presentations, sales, product launches, market activation, and interactive training all benefit from their interactive experiences. 

They have developed their own 360 video player and distribution platform, built the best cinematic 360 rigs in Asia, and created more than 30 new virtual reality experiences, making them one of the best-augmented reality development services.

7. Hiverlab

Singapore-based Infocom media technology innovation and content production pioneer Hiverlab. They are a group of technologists, storytellers, artists, and researchers who all have the same passion for working at the intersection of art and technology to keep pushing the limits of storytelling and human cognitive abilities. 

Data analytics, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), cloud computing, and other cutting-edge technologies are all included in their offerings to assist educational institutions in constructing their future digital infrastructure. 

8. VizioFly

VizioFly is a production company for interactive media that specializes in producing high-quality 360° video, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality content. They do this for a variety of applications, including travel, education, and the film industry. 

They investigate a vast array of creative video and interactive media options, including animations, visual effects, desktop and mobile applications, and new media.

They have established themselves as Singapore’s top AR VR app development company.

9. Lets Nurture

Lets Nurture is an award-winning Augmented Reality development company that helps brands use custom AR solutions to create unique experiences.

Tools like Wikitude, Vuforia, Catchoom, ViewAR, and Augment are utilized by the AR app development company. Additionally, they have a strong focus on creating AR solutions for businesses that make use of augmented reality glasses like ODG, Vuzix, and others.

10. FUSE

Websites, mobile applications, and standalone applications that make use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and real-time 3D animation are all examples of digital development in that FUSE specializes in. 

Web, mobile, 3D and virtual reality development, artificial intelligence, and even hardware, such as 3D printing, are all areas in which they place a strong emphasis.

11. 51VR

51VR created a programmed driving reenactment stage and a virtual driving reproduction stage and gives computerized city/auto applications for B-side undertakings. It aims to encourage the integration of new technologies into established industries. 

And is focused on driving VR-based PC designs and coordinating man-made reasoning (simulated intelligence) to accomplish cross-disciplinary innovative forward leaps.

12. Infinity Core

Infinity Core focuses on experiential marketing, digital visuals, interactive content, and innovative brand and business solutions. They work with the world’s leading offices, brands, media, and innovation organizations. The AR VR developer also specializes in human-focused plan and gamification.

They work in a variety of niches, including conferences, talk shows, product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, marathon runs, concerts, and permanent installations.

13. Netsis

Netsis is a group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic ICT professionals who are skilled at professional technology delivery. Some of their expertise includes technologies like Core Infrastructure, Threat Management, Caching, DNS and Email Systems, OSS/BSS, Wired and WiMax Access, and Data Center build-out. 

Netsis offers custom software and AR VR app development services to meet the specific needs of customers in addition to its market-leading technology.

14. Virtual Electronics PTE LTD

Virtual Electronics is a Singapore-based IT company. They have established themselves in cloud services, digital marketing, mobile app development, custom software development, and technology outsourcing. 

They offer digital marketing services, migration, requirements and system analysis, architecture, design, testing, deployment, and other assistance to firms.

15. FromLabs

FromLabs first established itself as a research and development group. Since then, they have developed a number of custom and cloud-based applications that have assisted their partners in developing values and achieving their objectives.

Their efficient processes and solutions are founded on cutting-edge technologies, whether they are used by small businesses or large corporations. In addition, they incorporate innovative technology like augmented reality and virtual reality into the fundamental communication, learning, and activity-based processes.

16. My Web Expert

The virtual reality app development company offers services like web development, which uses cutting-edge technologies to create responsive and optimized websites. 

They make use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, as well as a project management approach that focuses on adding new types of content while also making the user experience better.


MAGES Institute is a private educational establishment that offers high-quality instruction at the tertiary level in the fields of technology and art. MAGES offers Creative Technologies Diploma & Advanced Diploma programs, Professional Certificate programs, and SSG-funded programs. 

MAGES students develop niche skill sets through employability-focused instruction from industry experts, paving the way for a variety of AR VR app development services.

18. Webpuppies

Webpuppies works for Web Design, Website Development, System Integration, Enterprise Software Systems, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

Trusted by government offices and driving global brands, Webpuppies has an unmatched history in conveying multiple thousand tasks. They have collaborated with businesses in 21 nations on four continents as one of the leading virtual reality development companies.

19. Hoodies

Hoodies is a group of web engineers that works with startups and agencies in their early stages to quickly create remarkable technology. From rich front-end websites and applications to high-load back-end platforms with machine learning, they use agile development. 

Republic, Plantvillage, Solana, Metaplex, Clarity Value, Neebo, and Partshub are among some of their clients.

  1. NXT Interactive 

NXT Interactive is a digital design company that makes interactive applications. To create immersive solutions, they make use of emerging technologies like the Metaverse, augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

They work for events, health, lifestyle, and other industry tangents. Their solutions range from developing custom mobile/web applications, developing AR/VR games, training using metaverse platforms, NFT Retail websites, etc.


Introducing AR and VR into your solutions is definitely the way to go with the current enhancements in tech. And this can be done by trusted and skilled augmented & virtual reality development companies.

So, if your firm is situated in Singapore, we’ve listed the best ones! Now you can choose a well-suited AR VR development company for your business!

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