Deepnude Alternative – Best 10 Deepnude AI Generator Apps

Precis: Our desires and imagination don’t have a specific end! Well, the same is the case with AI technology. When it comes to AI we may start wondering what power it holds in the current era. On this account, we will make you familiar with the most hyped Deepnude alternative apps.

AI technology has always proved supreme in the field of image generation, modifications, and enhancing it effectively! You can try and explore such creativity with the deepnude online for free in the best manner. 

Some of the best deepnude creators in 2023 are DeepSwap, DeepNudeNow,, and many more. 

Deepnude online can be a lot of help to you if you want to explore. However, one must be extra careful while using deepnude alternatives because AI has no limit but you need to be careful about where you have to stop. 

Here we have gathered the list of top AI deepnude of 2023 that you can try. All the details are covered that you need to be aware of. Keep reading to know more about deepnude AI free apps available in the market now. 

List of Best 3 Deepnude Alternatives to Explore

  • Nudify.Online
  • Onlywaifus
  • Face Swapper

Best Deepnude Alternative Apps of 2023

1. Nudify.Online

Among the top Deepnude alternative tools and apps available over the web, is one which you must not miss. You can simply undress and alter the clothes on unrealistic pictures with it in no time. On opening the official website, you will get a tab to “Launch” Nudify Online Deepnude AI. Get onto it, and explore how exciting it can be.

You can make the changes and modify the clothes according to your preferences. Plus, all the ethical measures are assured by this Deepnude alternative. Hence, it is not going to affect someone’s privacy and keep the ethical considerations in mind. This is completely free to use, and explore the tool to see how effective it is in comparison to the Deepnude application.

2. OnlyWaifus

One of the most popular DeepNude alternatives among artists and adults alike is OnlyWaifus. This tool offers capabilities that are exclusive and not available through the other tools described above. You may experiment with various settings and feature alternations on the image you wish to modify clothing in. You are free to make any adjustments, complete or partial.


You may choose from a variety of competitive plans at OnlyWaifus based on your tastes and needs. To start, use the free plan to learn more about how this product functions.

3. DeepSwap – Best Deepnude AI

This is among the best deepnude creators which you must try! The price of DeepSwap starts at $9.99/month only which is comparatively better than other deepfake apps available in the market. 

If you want to create AI pictures then DeepSwap is one of the best deepnudes alternative apps. It generally creates content with certain models. This includes refacing videos, photos, old movies, memes, and GIFs. You just put what you need and this will make the best photo you want! 

It produces high-quality images and videos. So now you don’t need to worry that you will not get quality with the specifications you need. However, there is one thing you need to note with DeepSwap. There is a limit to how many photos and videos you can have access to or you can modify/ make it. 

If you want to try, then you can also consider taking the $49.99 yearly plan of DeepSwap. You can also avail 60% discount as well on the yearly plan. It comes with multiple features. Go and try it out now. 

3. SoulGen – Deepnude Alternative

SoulGen is the best AI girl generator app of 2023. The subscription starts at $9.99/month only. If you have some dreams or some imagination that you actually want to see how it will look like, then this is the best deepnude for you! 

You just need to upload the photos that you want to experiment with! Now you can edit them along with some text prompts. Moreover, you can add, or modify the pictures as well. Manipulations and alterations in any way you want is possible with this deepnude alternative. 

You can alter clothes like you want with SoulGen. You can also start with the free trial but with the free trial, you can access the blur photos, not the quality ones. 

If you have never tried AI before with deepnude ios then SoulGen is perfect for you! Try it out and you will get amazing results. You can experience the creativity that real anime makers do. 

You can create your own characters like real anime characters with this deepnude alternative. SoulGen can access from any device. You can use a phone, desktop, or laptop – anything you have. You can also take the yearly subscription as well, it is $69.99/year. With an annual subscription, you can avail 41% discount as well. 

4. DeepNudeNow 

DeepNudeNow’s subscription starts at $4.99 for one day. This is best if you want to try it online first and then take the subscription. 

You can alter the photos if you want. It includes clothes, and features anything you want to modify in the full-fledged photo. The best part with DeepNudeNow is that a lot of subscription plans are available. It starts from the day to the yearly plan. 

However, there is one thing you need to note. You can only make the payment with the cryptocurrency. The best you can have is a premium daily plan. This is among the easiest apps where you can try what you want to explore. The complete UI is easy, just follow the easy steps and your work is done. 

With monthly plans of $19.99, you can also avail the 86% discount. 

5. Face Swapper

The monthly plan of Face Swapper starts at $19/month only. You can avail of the face swap features unlimited times with this deepnude alternative.

This deepnude alternative app provides a three-day free trial for you to explore what you can really have on this app. You can start with the free trial and then if you like then you can take the yearly plan as well. The yearly plan starts at $99/year.

You can swap as many faces as you want with the pictures you want to alter. You can store the altered photos for 60 days. 

6. SukebeZone

If you are a perfectionist the SukebeZone is made for you. The plan starts at $9.99 for 50 deepnudes. This is best if you want quality with unlimited quantity. For payment purposes, you don’t need to worry as well. You can make the payment with crypto and credit cards. 

You can earn free credits with this deepfake app. With this, you can play games and earn more features as well. There is a hot x-ray feature you can access with this deepnude ai free. 

You can access SukebeZone from any device. This works best with a small screen as well. The plan differs as per the deepnude images you want to alter. 

7. Undress App 

This deepnude photo app starts with 10 free trials. You can start by manually editing the photos. You can alter the pictures with full-dress up like you want to. 

A lot of manual editing options are available with the Undress app which let you work on the specifications you want. You can enter the body type, age, facial features, and weight-related features as well with this deepnude creator. 

8. AiNude

AiNude is among the top preferred deepnudes online alternatives available in the market. Multiple features are available with the AiNude platform. Different alterations, modifications, editing, or removal features are available that you can try on real photos. 

You can create the characters you want to make as per the list you have. You can access the free trial as well. Later if you like it then you can shift to the subscription available. 

9. clothOFF

If you are specifically looking for the best deepnude app for clothes alteration then clothOFF is an app that you must try! Different alternation features and accessibility are there with this AI deepnude app. 

This will give you a proper-quality picture with all the editing you want to do. You can command the AI bot if the output is not like you have commanded for. You just need to enter how you want to do the editing in the picture and specifically where in the picture. The rest of the work will be done by this deepnude alternative free on its own. 

10. Celebfake

Celebfake is for you if you are more into celebrities and have a crush on somebody! Let’s say you have a big crush on somebody, you will have some imagination for that person. 

With this app deepnude, you can actually make the edits accordingly. You can make your dream come true with Celebfake. You can access Celebfake with any device you have. It works best with the phones. All you need to do is just launch the app and enter what you want. Your work is done! 

11. Fakenude Bot

Who doesn’t like when someone else works on what they need? We all do! This is what this deepnude alternative specializes in. It will handle all your requirements and will provide quality output. In case you don’t like it, you can also command it back to work on that again. 

A lot of different plans are available on the Fakenude Bot. You can take the one as per your preference. Just see what you want to explore, and this AI bot will get it done for you. 


Deepnude AI is popular now because of the fact how well it caters to the needs of the mass audience. There are several deepnude alternative apps in the market as we have discussed above. Some of the top preferred by us are DeepSwap, SoulGen, DeepNudeNow, Face Swapper, SukebeZone, and Undress App. 

All of these deepnude alternatives come with different plans. It varies from monthly to annually. You can take the one that suits your requirements the most. In general, you can only make the payment for such plans with either a crypto or credit card. No other mode of payment is eligible for such applications.

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