ShareDrop Alternatives To Share Large Files [Top 10 Websites]

You must be aware of what this ShareDrop is all about! In case this is new to you, then ShareDrop is a file-sharing platform which is completely secure. It lets you transfer files and attachments from one device to another in a few minutes. This is one of the best options if you want to share the files securely and as-it-is within the local networks. However, now there are different ShareDrop alternatives available to which you can try for the same. 

There are several ShareDrop io alternatives available in 2024 over the web. Some of them are Shareit, NitroShare, Portal by Pushbullet,,, and many more. To make your work easy, we did thorough research and covered the top 10 such sites like ShareDrop here in this article. Keep reading to know about them in detail here. 

How Does ShareDrop io Work? 

To transmit and share the attachments or a single file via the local network, access the URL on each device. Now choose the recipient’s profile, and drag and drop the file there, or touch on their image. Now choose the file to send. 

As soon as the recipient approves, the file transfer will begin. Open the website and click the “+” button to exchange files across networks; instructions will then appear to guide you further. This is all you need to do to share the files with ShareDrop easily. 

Top 10 ShareDrop Alternatives To Share Large Files

You can try other websites like ShareDrop in case you want to share the file differently or not with ShareDrop. Some of the top ShareDrop alternatives are as follows: 

1. Shareit – Best ShareDrop Alternative

Shareit is the No. 1 ranked ShareDrop alternative which you must need to try! This is a Transfer and Share platform with instant cross-platform transfer speed. This is completely free to use. 

You can share different files including movies, videos, wallpapers, music, images, and GIFs. And no quality will be compromised during the process. Moreover, you may use it at any time, anywhere in the globe. Plus the best part is its accessibility in >39 different languages.

You can use Shareit on Android, iOS, or Windows. You can access file transfers that are 200 times quicker than Bluetooth, unlimited online video playback, a top-notch video player, the ability to find trending music, attractive music players, and more.

2. NitroShare

NitroShare is another among the best Sharedrop like sites where you can try to share files. You can quickly share and receive files/ attachments from anywhere in the world in seconds. This is a strong, quick, and cross-platform network file transfer program.

The interface is so easy to use. Hence if you are a beginner in this game then don’t worry because you are gonna rock it. There are certain things that you need to take care of beforehand with NitroShare. This includes all portable devices that must have this application installed in order to send and receive; in case it is not then you wouldn’t be able to do it on both sides. 

You can use any device including Windows, Linux, and macOS for sharing with NitroShare. The Qt framework and C++ were used in the development of the open-source application.

3. Portal by Pushbullet

Portal by Pushbullet is very popular on websites like ShareDrop. It is quite different from the other two ShareDrop IO alternatives discussed above. You can easily transfer any kind of file with the Portal application basically from your Computer to mobile devices (iOS/ AOS). 

All you need to do is first install the Portal app on your computer and mobile phones. Now scan the code that is coming on the screen. Now upload as many files as are required to the website, and they will be sent to the mobile device. 

Portal uses WiFi to transfer data/ files, however, the speed is totally dependent on the internet connection. There is something unique with Portal as we have mentioned ~ you can save the files shared in an SD Card. 

4. is the powerful ShareDrop alternative. It is based on Torrent. You can download media files without downloading or installing any additional software on your device. You need to follow the simple procedure to share the files with 

First, copy the magnet link. Now paste it into the download box. Now the file will begin to download. There is a Log area at the top of the screen, with this you can keep track of sharing progress. Once it is finished, click the download button. By uploading the files to the site and providing the receiver a link to them, you may also share files with others. 


One of the easy and simple sharing and transfer platforms is With sites like ShareDrop, you can easily share files with anyone you want or any device you like. There is no registration on the application required for the same. 

The device will receive an exclusive animal name and avatar when you access the website for the first time with a dedicated private FileRoom. You can start with finding the recipient’s animal by searching for it on the local or WiFi network. 

By tapping on it (add it to the recipient’s profile), you can begin the file transfer procedure. The file will be sent to the recipient along with your information. Now there is a difference here, it is on the recipient whether they want to accept it or reject it. This is one of the secured ShareDrop alternatives that you can try if you want to be anonymous too. 

6. ToffeeShare

The name “ToffeeShare” sounds funny but it is very different from other ShareDrop IO alternatives. This is a private and completely secure platform for you to share media files with others. You can send videos, pictures, music, GIFs, and many more privately. 

There is no limit in terms of media size, registration of users or anything similar. You just install the app and share the file you want to. Here one thing is important, do remember to read the terms and conditions. 

It is extremely sophisticated and seeks out the quickest route for file transfers to maximize sending and receiving speed. By keeping the browsing and device updated, you may deliver numerous files of any size and boost speed by three times.

7. WebWormhole

WebWormhole is the best for beginners as per the user’s feedback. This is an open-source free media file transfer platform. The working of this website like ShareDrop is slightly different. It starts with creating a one-time code on one computer, entering it on another, and then putting the files on any of them to begin the file transfer procedure. 

Additionally, you can access browser add-ons for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can download them by simply clicking the link. With this, you can choose one particular browser. This is based on multiple technologies (Go, CSS, Javascript, HTML5, and more.)

8. is a simple and easy file transfer platform with which you can share the media with any device. This is a proper open-source platform which you can freely access. Your files will be shared instantly at high speed.

You don’t need to follow and register with Blymp. You can simply share the files. With this, your privacy will be protected.  There is a set of instructions which will appear as the pop-up and you are all set to share the files now. 

9. is the user’s most popular choice when it comes to the ShareDrop alternative. You simply need to follow the simple process to share the files with it with no extra difficulty. 

Start with opening the domain on any device (specifically a computer). Now choose the file and place it on the screen. You will get the unique code that you need to share with the people. With this code, they can simply download the file that you have placed on the screen. 

You need to make sure that the browser window is open the whole time a file is being sent since if it closes, the procedure will fail during the sending of the file. 

10. AirDrop

It sounds exciting, right? Well, the name AirDrop is exciting but very useful as well. It is simply like you can drop the file to anyone with the air medium. 

You can use AirDrop to send and receive any sort of document. This includes audio, photos, and video between specifically two Apple devices. This is accessible (by default) with all the iOS devices ~ iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. 

You need to make sure the other person (recipient) is nearby and that WiFi or Bluetooth is switched on for both devices. Next, turn off the hotspot on each device. Finally, check that the recipient has the correct settings enabled to receive the document by asking them to see it.


Apart from ShareDrop, you can now access other ShareDrop alternatives easily with the help of the web and your devices. Well, all of such alternatives follow the simple procedure to share the media files securely. The top ShareDrop alternatives discussed here are from the user’s feedback which you must try. 

Well, each one of them is different from each other and have something unique to offer. Hence, explore and choose one for your requirements.

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