How To Start Food Business From Home With Zomato?

In current times, there are a number of fields and options. And with those options, there are a lot of ways to expand your work/business as well. Given the competition in the f&b industry, businesses constantly find ways to do that – one of which is Zomato. And if you’re wondering how to start food business from home with Zomato, we have the answers!

The app helps in both delivering orders to customers and increasing the number of orders generated by restaurants. So, partnering with Zomato has become critical in order to offer efficient service and convenience to customers. 

Restaurants that function from home can largely benefit from registering on Zomato. You not only get to reach a wider customer base but also get credibility by being on such a platform. And the good part is that it is quite easy. 

So, this is how it’s done!

Can I Start Zomato Business From Home?

When you think of how to start business with Zomato from home, the first question that stems from it is – can I start Zomato business from home? And there are some basic requirements for eligibility.  The legalities include:

  • The registration of the business as a limited liability company, or private limited liability entity.
  • You must have a registration or license from the food safety and standards authorities depending on your business’s turnover and nature.
  • You must have the legal documents and ID proofs required according to the country’s rules.
  • Keep in mind that you must submit each of these documents as part of the registration procedure. These documents must be true in order to partner with Zomato. 

How To Start Food Business From Home With Zomato?

1. Register Your Business With Zomato

This is the first step to answer queries on how to start food business from home with Zomato. The process starts with registering the business with Zomato. This requires basic details about you and your business. 

After the registration form is submitted, Zomato reviews your profile to verify the details. Before that, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website for Zomato business, then select the “Partner With Us” option.
  • When the new page opens up, you’ll see a registration form. Here, fill in your details with your name, email address, phone number, and restaurant’s name. 
  • Now, attach the required documents, such as a restaurant license, ID proof, and food safety and regulation certificate.
  • This is where the registration process ends. Finally, click the “Submit” option.

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2. Commission Charges For Partners

The registration process that we talked about is free of cost and there are no hidden charges for it. However, all of the eateries that are listed on Zomato are required to pay a commission. And the way you work affects this commission. 

The commission will be 8% if you are only listed on Zomato, and 12% if you choose to list on other apps for ordering food. The commission could be as high as 18% if Zomato also offers a delivery fleet. This does not include payment gateway charges.

3. Managing Restaurant Details On Zomato

After your restaurant is verified, you will have access to the Zomato Partner Portal to manage your restaurant’s menu, pricing, and other details. 

This is an integral part of presenting your food and business to the customers. And hence, there are certain guidelines and ethics that need to be followed. Here are some things that you must take care of:

Photos: A single frame can only contain a single photo. This is because photo collages do not give a clear picture of food or ambience. Additionally, no pictures must have people in them.

Images, where logos and social media handles take up significant space, are not used. This is to avoid the idea that these restaurants are being promoted. 

Menu: The pages of the menu are kept in a certain order, just like a user would read through a menu – like appetizers, main course and desserts.

The prices and names of the dishes on the menu must be included so that customers can estimate how much they will spend at the restaurant.

For anyone who has ever wondered how to start zomato business from home, uploading honest and presentable information is an important step.

4. Benefits Of Starting Zomato Business From Home

  • You can easily increase your restaurant’s revenue by as much as 60% by registering with Zomato.
  • You don’t need a separate website for your restaurant to establish an online presence for it without incurring any additional costs.
  • If you have a restaurant that provide high-quality services and are listed on Zomato, you will undoubtedly attract a large number of customers. Your business will also have a higher rate of customer retention as well.
  • When your restaurant is listed on Zomato, customers can order from anywhere, and you won’t have to worry about losing out on customers because you don’t have enough space or time. 
  • With Zomato as your restaurant partner, you can even shut down your physical location and run a cloud kitchen while making the same profits.


Registering food businesses on Zomato and similar apps is less of a choice, but more of a mandate these days. This is because these apps really help grow the food business, even from home. And if you’re constantly questioning how to start food business from home with Zomato, this simple guide is your holy grail. 

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