How To Make An AI OnlyFans Website and Model (New Guide)

OnlyFans lets content creators, mostly in the adult entertainment industry, monetize their work by sharing exclusive content with subscribers for a fee. It became very popular because it gave creators a place to directly interact with their fans and give them personalized content, often with explicit photos, videos, live streams, and other adult content.

But now that technology is advancing there are changes to this subscription-based platform that we can witness. This comes with the use of AI in almost all sectors these days. So, a common question is – are people using AI for OnlyFans? And the simple answer is, yes. In this article, we will look at the different ways in which AI is being introduced in OnlyFans.

How To Make An AI OnlyFans Website?

  • An AI-powered OnlyFans website would be different in the sense that it doesn’t use real people in its exact sense. A number of chatbots have also emerged ever since AI has garnered more attention. So, an OnlyFans AI website could have chatbots that talk to people as they want to. This will make up for a more interactive experience. 
  • On the other hand, instead of a fee, there could be a use of NFT or cryptocurrencies to bring in the entire web3 experience. Users may also be able to gain access to exclusive content or experiences and contribute to the advancement of the AI ecosystem as a whole by engaging with an NFT collection.
  • Finally, the use of metaverse in streaming or other features can be involved in such a website. Wherein creators and users can use the virtual world for a more interactive experience. Playboy had created a similar space with its Centerfold platform. 

How To Make An AI OnlyFans Model?

An AI OnlyFans model can be made with the help of an AI avatar generator. This creates a realistic version of the model or creator, without having to share a real picture. On the other hand, these models can be programmed to be customized on the basis of commands, which can be a great experience for users. 

The AI avatar generator uses a deep learning algorithm to create a custom digital avatar that closely resembles the person in the picture. This is done after analyzing the input photos and recognizing facial features and expressions. A persona is created by using text or images in an AI-generated OnlyFans avatar. This not only looks creative but also saves time and effort in taking photos.

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Benefits Of AI OnlyFans

  • Better Experience:
    Chatbots powered by AI are able to respond to basic user inquiries, offer support to users, and provide automated requests, which speeds up response times. It also adds more excitement to conversations which do not have to be regulated by humans.
  • Content Censorship:
    Content that is inappropriate or in violation of rules, such as explicit images or videos that go against platform guidelines, can be automatically detected and flagged by AI OnlyFans. Creators benefit from this by maintaining a safer and more secure environment.
  • Choice Of Content:
    Personalized content recommendations can be made through the analysis of user preferences, viewing patterns, and interactions by AI. This enhances the platform’s user experience by allowing them to discover new creators and content that matches their interests.
  • Classifying Content:
    By automatically tagging and categorizing content based on its characteristics, AI can make it simpler for users to navigate the platform and locate specific types of content.

Features Of AI OnlyFans

  • Avatars:
    AI-generated avatars for OnlyFans is the first and basic change that we can witness in the AI version of OnlyFans. This will include realistic pictures and videos of creators, where they don’t have to share their actual photos. Virtual influencers can be included as one of the features, where they can interact more with users.
  • Automatic Generation Of Content:
    With AI in an OnlyFans website, users could generate content on their own – including specific types of pictures and videos. This would not require human creators at all. 
  • Use of NFT:
    Instead of actual money, users could access different features on the platform with the help of NFT or cryptocurrencies. This would take away the hassle of transactions and lack of safety associated with some platforms. 
  • Limited Restrictions:
    Given that most commands and generation of content can be automated by users, there would be very little restriction. They could get whatever they want, which would make the experience very interactive. 

Issues Of AI OnlyFans

A platform like OnlyFans, if powered by AI, can also encounter a number of issues. A common AI OnlyFans problem would be the takeover of jobs by some creators and models who earn a living through OnlyFans. While creators would still be an important part of such websites, some of the features will be shifted purely to AI. 

There would also be a lack of human expression that cannot come from AI or virtual models. On the other hand, use of NFTs might pose a monetary issue for these creators. They would not get actual money, and the process could be a problem for them. 

Finally, the lack of restriction would also mean more explicit or violating content will be distributed across channels. This can be regulated on the website, but how users use the content that they find on an AI version of OnlyFans would require proper measures. 

How To Make Revenue From AI OnlyFans Website?

Even if OnlyFans is powered by AI, it could continue with the subscription model which is already used. That is one way to generate revenue. Additionally, such a website could use premium content that can be kept payable for users, so that there’s a certain excitement to avail it. For instance, certain chatbots could be charged for wherein users would have to pay a fee to access them. 

Like other platforms, the creators and the website itself could collaborate and consider partnerships to get paid. This would also remain similar to the OnlyFans model that is currently used. Pay-Per-View (PPV) posts is another method to generate revenue, wherein virtual influencers could be introduced. 

Can You Make An AI OnlyFans?

An AI OnlyFans can be created with the help of companies who already work with AI technologies and metaverse. Their cutting-edge tech and team of skilled employees could easily introduce AI to an already existing OnlyFans format. 

Some of these companies include – Cohere, Cloudera, Unicsoft, and others. A website like OnlyFans, however, would require different licenses and permits which can be researched for. So, making an AI OnlyFans website is a viable idea. There are a number of already existing OnlyFans alternatives and firms that work on websites like OnlyFans. 

Content creators are also hiring out virtual influencers for users to interact with, which is a supplementary way to earn money. Clearly, a number of people are already using AI for OnlyFans – with avatars and virtual influencers. 

How Much Does It Cost To Make AI OnlyFans Website?

Finally, the cost associated with such a website is based on a number of factors. Firstly the basic interface of the OnlyFans alternative would be similar. However, there will be added costs of AI and subsequent features. 

The total cost to make the AI OnlyFans website would total around $30,000 – $50,000. 

The cost of creating a website also depends on the kind of team involved. Freelancers and firms cost differently, on the other hand, the per-hour costs of different firms vary. So, the total cost could fluctuate, but this is the ballpark figure.


An AI OnlyFans website is a unique idea, which could have great outputs. Using AI for explicit content and making use of virtual models is a new addition that could be introduced in sites like OnlyFans. So, you may also consider creating an OnlyFans alternative that is powered by AI. Such a website could use metaverse, NFT and a number of fresh features that cannot be found in OnlyFans. 

But this includes moral considerations, consent, client security, and responsible censorship. It is essential to address these issues openly and with a focus on user and creator satisfaction. 

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