Onlyfans Alternative: Best & Free 20 Sites Similar To Only Fans

OnlyFans is a well-known community and platform in the present world. However, sometimes, it becomes quite expensive for many users to opt for the website. Other than being experienced, there can be different reasons for which they might be searching for other sites like only fans. You can get a variety of options and content in such alternatives. It was quite a surprise when OnlyFans announced that the platform would ban explicit content, and it became one of the many reasons for people to look for alternatives. 

Is There an Alternative to Onlyfans App?

You might wonder, is there an alternative to the onlyfans app? Yes! There are a plethora of alternatives to the OnlyFans platform. And to your surprise, they offer almost the same features and content in the onlyFans platform. Moreover, other sites like only fans provide a better experience for the users, creators and viewers than OnlyFans. 

Best Onlyfans Alternatives

  1. xFans
  2. Fansly
  3. xModel
  4. Unlockd
  5. Fanvue
  6. ManyVids
  7. Fanso
  8. Patreon
  9. Scrile Connect
  10. Bandcamp
  11. Liberpay
  12. MYM
  13. BuyMeACoffee
  14. FanCentro
  15. AdmireMe
  16. Ko-Fi
  17. AdultNode
  18. JustForFans
  19. AVN Stars
  20. iFans

List Of Top 20 Best Onlyfans Alternatives Are

xFans is an onlyfans alternative that is by It is instead a turnkey script than a platform that you can use to build a website like onlyfans. It is a highly efficient site that is equally affordable. You need no previous experience or technical expertise to work with xFans. 

All the necessary features are present at the site. It is a Whitelabel solution that is self-hosted. The models can make their platform and recruit other creators as well. Lastly, there are numerous options for monetization, like tips, tokens, subscriptions, eCommerce stores and the like. 

Finally is an onlyfans alternative that offers the user experience most similar and the closest to that of the OnlyFans platform. A subscription website motivates content creators to create a paying network of subscribers. Its features, including pricing, general site layout and characteristics, are almost similar to OnlyFans. Also, this website advertises that the top creators of its website earn pretty substantially. Further, the creators can claim their layout as soon as they reach $100 in earnings on the platform. 

xModel is one of the websites similar to onlyfans that is well-known and has one of the best readymade scripts. It enables the users to build their website identical to OnlyFans. It is an ideal platform for the creators of the industry as it is simple to use, affordable, and has numerous monetization options. It includes live streaming, subscription, tips, eCommerce, and the like. 

Unlockd is an alternative to onlyfans that is comparatively new, as it came up in 2020. It has similar features that enable content creators to take subscribers in return for photos, videos and much more content. It emphasizes offering the best experience to the content creators, and thus, the makers of this website built it by consulting with the creators. Therefore, it is a streamlined and straightforward website offering excellent user experience. 

Fanvue is undoubtedly the best onlyfans alternative. It is a social subscription platform that prioritizes the creators. It enables them to earn, share and connect on their terms. The platform offers an 85% commission for a year to all the creators who sign up early. After the year, the commission reduces by only a little to 80%. The platform is more than just a mainstream platform for all the creators. 

ManyVids is an alternative to onlyfans that refers to itself as an online ecosystem where all content creators can earn through their content on the platform. It focuses on various types of content that are safe for work. Thus, allow all kinds of creators to make money from their content. The platform takes a certain percentage of the earnings of its creators. And it becomes its source of income, which depends on the creators on this platform. 

Fanso is one of the sites similar to onlyfans that helps create users’ brands and websites. It is instead a turnkey script than a platform that enables the users to create clones of well-known applications, especially OnlyFans and their platforms like Cameo, Patreon and the like. It uses cutting-edge technology and has integrations of multiple APIs that enable the users’ seamless functioning. It also offers a hundred per cent access to source code for effortless customization. 

Patreon is another best onlyfans alternative because it is the next most popular platform, after OnlyFans. It is a well-known subscription-based platform that provides substantial fees for all creators. It offers a monthly payout cycle, and the commission rate ranges from 5% to 12%. It includes all types of content, and the unique feature of this platform is that the creators can only cash out once every month. 

Scrile Connect is one of the many only fans alternatives that enables users to build their OnlyFans alternative. If you are looking forward to creating your platform where you can earn money through content, this platform is ideal for them. It is a B2B solution that is best when you want to quickly launch your business platform for monetizing the content of your creators. 

MYM is one of the best websites similar to onlyfans, which also uses a platform based on subscriptions. And it is a lot identical to OnlyFans. It stands for Meet Your Model and is a French-based social media platform which is quite popular. Their tagline states that “Be more than just a fan”. The MYM community is close-knit; fans receive exclusive content when they subscribe to the creators on the platform.

AdmireMe is one of the many alternatives to only fans that offer premium subscriptions to different content creators. Its founder is Chelsea Ferguson. The motive for creating this platform was to bridge the gap between the models and the platforms. The platform is relatively new but guarantees the best experience with considerable moneymaking opportunities. 

AdultNode is one of the leading alternatives to onlyfans for creators that is simple and user-friendly. It is a social platform that utilizes the token system. Further, the users buy token packages that they utilize on this platform. The platform seems more like a hybrid version of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, making it familiar to users.

AVN is one of the other apps like onlyfans. It is an incredible choice when you want to find other websites like only fans. It offers a better experience to live camming services, live staring and much more such content. The primary source of income for many creators on this platform is video store sales, and the layout involves monthly subscriptions and tips.

When you are searching for other websites like onlyfans that are precisely similar to it, then iFans is the best option to go for. The point of difference is the referral program, which is better in iFans than in OnlyFans because the commissions for referring new creators are more substantial here. 

BuyMeACoffee is one of the most popular and unique sites similar to onlyfans. Its uniqueness reflects in the name itself. The benefit that it offers is that the creators recurve their money instantly. On the other hand, the main difference is that it does not allow explicit content. 

Ko-Fi is one of the other sites like only fans. However, it has a distinctive feature: it does not take any commissions from the donations that the creators get on this platform. The people or the viewers of this platform can subscribe to the profiles by paying a monthly fee. Therefore, it makes the platform highly flexible and one of the most effective alternatives to onlyfans for creators.

  • Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a free onlyfans alternative that is compatible with Android and iPhone. It is a fantastic music streaming, discovery, merchandise integration and music download platform. It helps artists sell music on this platform, earn through their content, and sell merchandise to them directly. Fans get to discover new music and support the artists directly through this platform. 

  • Liberpay 

Liberpay is another free onlyfans alternative open-source platform for crowdfunding services, donations, GitHub integration, Free Speech and many more. 

The platform gives way for donating money to content creators, supports multiple currencies and offers recurring billing. 

Final Words

Now, you need not worry about not accessing OnlyFans. You currently have a list of alternatives to OnlyFans. Choose one among the various options we have offered and enjoy it better than you would have on the latter platform.

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