Top Dreamgf Alternatives To Chat With An AI Girlfriend

AI can do so much these days that it hardly surprises us anymore. It can even replicate experiences, emotions and relationships which makes it quite the advancement. We had only imagined an AI girlfriend at first, like in the movie Her, but all of this is real at this point. Like the Dreamgf tool – and other Dreamgf alternative websites that do more. 

Dreamgf allows the creation of AI versions of companions or girlfriends that allow texting, sexting and more. However, some users have pointed out the lack of emotional depth of the tool. So, we’ve found and selected some top AI companion tools that not only work as girlfriends but also offer emotional wellness. 

List Of Sites Like Dreamgf

  • Emily: AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat
  • Maya AI
  • Girlfriend GPT
  • Dolores
  • Inlovewith
  • Romantic AI
  • Eva AI
  • Anima: AI Girlfriend 
  • Seduced AI
  • Replika

Top Dreamgf Alternatives to Explore

1. Emily: AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat

Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat is a Dreamgf alternative in app form, this means that you can download the app for use from playstore. The app is a virtual companion that can hold all sorts of real conversations. So, you can talk, seek advice or just treat it as an AI partner – where the main feature of the app is its chat functionality. 

It’s for people seeking a companion who is not real, yet feels like it. The chats are simulated conversations where you get responded according to your conversations. The tool is an AI girlfriend which is created for casual entertainment uses.

2. Maya AI

This tool is like an advisor and also one of the sites like Dreamgf. The tool allows users to modify their artificial intelligence character, adding character and sentiments to make it really captivating and interesting. People can even share their customized AI-generated characters with other people. 

Maya AI intends to give an interesting and vivid experience by using a special voice, dazzling persona, and a very human way of behaving. This is like a substitute to human conversations and relationships, which makes the AI tool even more special and useful.

3. Girlfriend GPT

Girlfriend GPT is an AI companion chat room similar to Dreamgf in a lot of ways. However, the additional factor that separates it from some companion AI tools is that it supports NSFW conversations. It is specially built with the idea of working as a significant other, where you can talk and have casual conversations – even if they’re adult conversations. 

Some character types are available on the website, and you can choose from these. Of course, these are premium characters and need to be unlocked to start a conversation with the persona on a personal chatbot.

4. Dolores 

Dolores has a site like Dreamgf but it’s also available on Apple and Androids as an app. The tool is known as an AI girlfriend and an emotional support companion, which makes it quite cool, especially in the current scenario. With this app, users can create their own character, and even chat by voice. The good part is that it evolves with conversations, making it an entirely personalized platform. 

Dolores can check your previous chat and use these reflections to answer you in each new conversation. This makes her something beyond a memory machine, with new responses from a more profound level.

5. Inlovewith

This is another one of the websites like Dreamgf, but it’s special. Inlovewith is also a mental wellness companion, which makes it stand out from the rest of the tools available on the internet. It is an app that is available on the App Store for download. 

The application includes an easy-to-understand interface that makes it simple to connect. It vows to lessen pressure, work on emotional well-being and assist you with carrying on with a more joyful life by giving a reliable companion to share your contemplations, dreams, and fears secretly. All of this makes it a perfect AI companion tool.

6. Romantic AI

Now, Romantic AI is a unique alternative to Dreamgf because it allows users to create personalized girlfriends by tailoring their voice, looks and more. The application offers fun situations and scenarios like going on dates, messing around, and watching films. 

You can also open new elements as your relationship advances. It’s accessible on iOS and Android gadgets. This app also remembers past chats, so the conversation feels like you’re talking to a real person and companion, making it a worthwhile experience. You can even text with the companion on the website with the help of their chatbots.

7. Eva AI

Eva AI is like the perfect substitute to real-life relationships. It allows users to build relationships on their own terms, pace and intimacy needs. It also offers a free form and a paid version called Eva AI Premium. The free model lets users use simulated intelligence with their Eva by means of instant messages and features like character tests, everyday difficulties, identifications, and backdrops. 

The paid version opens more features, for example, voice calls, video calls, pretend mode, memory mode, exercises mode, avatars, and private photographs, among other things. The variety of features make Eva AI one of the more fun sites similar to Dreamgf to create a companion.

8. Anima: AI Girlfriend

Among other sites like Dreamgf, Anima AI Girlfriend is also one. With AI Girlfriend, you can make your fantasy companion by tweaking her appearance and character as you would prefer. You can also be involved in significant discussions and, surprisingly, go on virtual dates with your Anima AI Girlfriend.

This experience is accessible for both Android and iOS platforms, making it open to a large number of users. According to the site, this tool is one of the most advanced chatbots for romance, allowing a lot of scenarios, characters and more. It has a flirty simulator which also makes conversations fun and playful. 

9. Seduced AI

Seduced AI is meant with the purpose to hold adult conversations that you would have with your no-strings attached companion. It allows both softcore and hardcore adult content, giving you the freedom to explore specific fetishes. You can even transfer your own pictures to get presents or rethink adult scenes with added complexities and various styles. 

Whether you’re into hyper real or anime content, Seduced AI does it all. In addition, it allows you to join different augmentations to make one of a kind content that suits your choices. This is a Dreamgf alternative but also comes with added features that the former does not have.

10. Replika 

Replika AI markets itself as the platform or companion that is there to listen and be with you. This in-turn means that this acts like a person or a girlfriend with emotions, which makes it quite elaborate. Replika uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to mimic human communication, resulting in personalized and immersive interaction.

This site like Dreamgf offers various functionalities, allowing users to create a virtual friend or partner, such as an AI girlfriend or lover. So, you even have the option to customize your virtual companion’s appearance, behaviour, and preferences. 


At times you need a companion that offers real time emotional and relationship feeling, but is not a person. This can mean adult conversations and texting or just casual conversations like talking to a girlfriend. Dreamgf can do that, but more Dreamgf alternative tools are just as capable and fun to use. They offer emotional and mental support, while also giving the perks of a relationship. And this list will help you choose just what works for you!

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