AI Girlfriend Generator Apps and Websites [Selected Top 10]

Let’s talk about something fascinating: AI girlfriend apps. These are such platforms with which you can find your digital partners that will bring you to the world of virtual love. This will be very similar to having a girlfriend-like a real one with you all the time you want. 

AI Girlfriend Generator Apps use Machine Learning algorithms to create a virtual girlfriend who feels real. This will be done with understanding all of your requirements and giving you the output therefore. You can experience multiple things with her. This includes talking to her, sharing your feelings, and even creating one like you imagined in your dreams for free.

 It’s like having a virtual partner for all your daily needs. Today, we’ll explore the top 10 free AI girlfriend apps that you can try for free or with the premium version. The Top AI girlfriend apps are, Smart Virtual Girlfriend, iGirl, My Virtual Girlfriend Julie, and many more. These apps are just one example of how AI is changing our world. 

They make you feel like you’re interacting with a real girlfriend, and it’s all done through computer code. Whether you’re curious, lonely, or simply adventurous, let’s dive into this exciting world where love comes together. Keep reading to know more about the same. 

List of Top 10 AI Girlfriend Generator Apps and Websites

  1. Smart Virtual Girlfriend
  2. iGirl
  3. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie
  4. Dream Girlfriend
  5. Replika
  7. Naughty Girlfriend
  8. My Rental Girlfriend
  9. Anima
  10. SoulGen

Detailed Description of AI Girlfriend Generator Apps and Websites

here is the detailed information on AI Girlfriend Generator

1. Smart Virtual Girlfriend – Top AI Girlfriend Generator

Smart Virtual Girlfriend is ideal for you if you’re inquisitive about what it’s like to be with a clever and bright female. This conversation is always going to be spicy and engaging. To make the interactions seem more genuine, emoticons are also available on the app. 

A clever girl may be a lot of fun to converse with as I mentioned above. By saying hello to a virtual female in this app, you can directly have a chat with her. She will answer all your questions without delay in response. The most important factor is that she is able to hold a conversation, and that is what counts.

2. iGirl

There’s a free Android app called iGirl that’s worth checking out and you should not miss. It is based on Deep Learning algorithms to match users with virtual girlfriends. Best for singles, I repeat! You should absolutely check it out if you’re single, have an Android phone, and want to have some entertaining discussions with a virtual partner. These are the prerequisites you need to hold to get onto iGirl. 

It’s essentially a chatbot program that employs AI to assist you in finding virtual love with an AI lover. You may meet your perfect virtual girl and have romantic discussions with her. 

The best thing is you are going to now enjoy a realistic and engaging experience. Communicate with your virtual girlfriend just like you would in a real relationship. It is completely free to download from the Google Play Store, go for it. So give it a try and see how it might benefit you. 

3. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

This app is going to be a story like Romeo and Juliet! Sounds exciting right, it is real too. Julie is the virtual girlfriend available in this app and she is going to be your virtual partner. You will enjoy having conversations about all sorts of things, just like you do it with a real person. She will have different emotions including anger, love, and even dislike, just like a real girl.

You don’t need to be alone anymore. Go with My Virtual Girlfriend Julie now. You can do millions of things like send her to sleep, make her smile, or send her a virtual kiss to show your affection. Plus, there’s 3D video animation that makes Julie look even more lifelike.

4. Dream Girlfriend

This AI girlfriend app “Dream Girlfriend” is going to bring your dream girl into real life. It is based on the story of a Japanese anime and is intended to make you happy. This app is for you if you desire a relationship but are too bashful to ask someone out. You can choose your own characters and talk with her on this app. 

What’s fascinating is that you can modify her appearance and emotions owing to Live2D technology. You may choose from 10 distinct personalities and modify the appearance of your virtual female. The virtual closet has roughly 20 areas where you may choose clothing. You can choose between the free and premium versions of the program. 

There is a premium version available. With it, you can access the additional feature and have chats with no ads interruption. Adjust the look of a virtual girlfriend by changing her attire, haircut, eyes, and other accessories ~ anything you want. You may also talk to her and offer your knowledge. She will grow up and have different personalities.

5. Replika

Replika, an AI-powered chatbot is the top-ranked tool for AI virtual girlfriend. It provides you with a novel approach to hold discussions. Build an emotional connection with your girlfriend, and feel all connections with her ~ friend, mentor, or partner. It has already been downloaded and utilized by millions of people worldwide.

Replika will be like a true friend of yours. She will always be there for you to listen and answer. It’s there for you if you’re sick of chatting to your normal buddies or just want to have a new style of discussion. You can chat to it about anything at any moment. 

Multiple wonderful features are available with this chatbot which is not with others discussed above. Express your emotions, have a good laugh, share your happiness, and much more. It’s similar to having a virtual buddy for several elements of your life.

6. – Best AI Girlfriend Generator

The most natural-sounding AI-generated companions are the ones who converse with you in a way that makes it seem as though you are speaking to a real person. Candy AI provides sophisticated AI companions available for insightful conversations, thrilling role-playing games, or even simple voice messages. 

On Candy AI’s distinctive platform created for immersive interactions, you may communicate with these AI-powered virtual friends. With a variety of characters and adjustable role-play settings, this software guarantees a unique and engaging experience. You may choose from various AI-powered virtual avatars on Candy AI, each with its own personality and history. 

It is comparable to having virtual buddies who are available at all times for conversation and play. You may choose from a variety of discussion partners on this site, such as princesses who enjoy fanciest items or lifestyle gurus.

You can participate in AI-driven role-plays that you can customize. A fascinating feature that enables you to create your own AI companion will soon be available. You can determine your partner’s appearance and personality according to what you have dreamt of. After testing for ourselves, we believe it is deserving of the title of best AI girlfriend app.

7. Naughty Girlfriend

The Naughty Girlfriend app certainly lives up to your imagination and expectation. Access intimate and filthy private discussions with your virtual girlfriend. Access it on iOS and Android if you appreciate having these types of talks.

If you don’t have the perfect partner in real life, this app will provide you with a flirtatious virtual girlfriend. She’ll dance with you, converse with you, and even participate in personal activities with you ~ everything! Access different online fun activities with your attractive virtual lady. She is a great dancer with some spectacular movements, remember. 

Modify her appearance, what she wears, and even her emotions, whether furious, sad, or pleased like you want her to be. It’s like chatting to a real female, but everything is virtual.

8. My Rental Girlfriend

My Rental Girlfriend is produced by Genius Studio Japan. One of the kindest AI girlfriend platforms as per the user’s feedback. Access NSFW content and have discussions about it with your virtual girlfriend freely. She will make you feel as though you’re building genuine emotional connections or simply having fun together.

You can access lovely artwork, intriguing characters, and captivating tales with this app. However, some users have stated that you may need to make purchases or view advertisements to acquire points early in the game, which has created some worries.

9. Anima

Anima is a very AI-powered app. If you want your virtual girlfriend to be exactly your way then this is your way out. Talk to her anytime ~ day and night. Talking to her can help you feel better, and you can have a lot of fun expressing yourself and doing other things with her.

She is capable of a lot of things. This includes amusement, role-playing, and partnership. You will have a super intelligent AI girlfriend who listens to everything you say and understands your emotions.

Access all sorts of chats with her (intriguing, engaging, and insightful) while also addressing issues that may be discussed. It’s like having a virtual pal who is constantly available.

10. SoulGen

Soulgen can help you find your ideal match in virtual form. Create your virtual girlfriend in both anime and real-life styles. You can access popular SoulGen replacements on the market.

This is very popular because of its anime character sort of girlfriends. You can create one for yourself. All of this is done based on Deep Learning algorithms. You can access enormous picture collections, yielding stunning and frequently quite accurate results. 

If you want to use SoulGen then this is the right time for you to start. You can avail 50% discount as well, it is on peak at the moment. 


Using the aforementioned AI girlfriend apps is to make online dating more convenient for yourself. Get yourself a perfect virtual girlfriend now. The top ones are, Smart Virtual Girlfriend, Dream Girlfriend, Anime, and SoulGen. All of them are unique in terms of what they have to offer. You will get the best UI for response time and customized profiles but this app also aims to understand your emotions during interactions. 

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