How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Uber

Suppose you want to return from a mall to your home. What is the first source of help that will strike you if you do not have your car and are not availing the public transport? It is- taking an Uber! Uber has been a phenomenal source that has made traveling effortless, no matter the distance, location, and when we need the Uber. Would you like to build an app like uber? Let’s make you familiar with the process.

You need to know its different aspects, especially the cost of building the application. Thus, we have put forth the following discussion about how much charge you will need to create an application like Uber. And in the course of discussing this topic, we will also cover all the other related and necessary points about it. So, let us begin our discussion and learn how to build an app like uber.

What Is The Uber App And The Cost To Build An App Like Uber?

Although Uber speaks for itself, let us have a quick and brief introduction about this platform or application. Uber is a mobility service provider that includes ride-hailing, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation. It has its base in San Francisco and is one of the most well-known sources for travelling the shortest and the longest distance. If we round off the cost to build an app like Uber, we can say that it will cost you around $65,000 to $70,000. In the below sections, we will talk about all the important aspects that the Uber app consists of

How Does Uber Function?

When you want to build an app like Uber, you must know how the application works. And to understand its operational procedure, we have to look into the different crucial features which enable this application to run smoothly.

1. Features from the customer’s side

When we talk about the features that involve how to build an app like Uber, you must consider features from different perspectives. Each perspective is necessary to evaluate as it will help you better understand and analyze the investment for building the app. So, we will begin with the features from the customer’s side.

  • Payment

The most important part of how much it costs to build an app like Uber is to know about the application’s payment procedure. The fundamental factor is to decide and create an effective payment rate strategy for your mobile app like Uber. There are different sub-factors on which the aspect of payment or choosing the fare rate depends. You can also refer to them as the criteria that help determine your app’s most effective fare rates. We can estimate a range of $2000 to $6000 for this aspect when you are building an app like Uber.

These criteria include the base fare, cost per minute, sales ride free, and cost per mile. Another essential factor about payments that is crucial in the present world is the option of contactless payment or, as we can better call it, online payment methods. Also, when learning how to build an app like Uber, you must ensure that your customers’ financial data are entirely safe and secure. Therefore, ensure PCI compliance and make it your top necessity.

  • Interactive User Interface

When you want to build an app like uber, you must also focus on making the user interface simple yet attractive. The users must find it engaging but effortless to handle, as it is the most effective way to impress your audience. Therefore, when you are building an application like Uber, ensure to create an incredible UI/UX that is easy to use but at the same time visually appealing.

You can readily take help from well-known software designers available. Further, you will find different companies offering software development services at different prices. The prices depend on whether you are designing for iOS, Android, or both. Also, the time you give the software development for making the application influences the cost to build an app like uber. Therefore your demands and requirements also determine the cost of building the app.

  • Booking A Ride For Someone Else 

When you are trying to learn about how much it costs to build an app like Uber, you must focus on the unique features that make Uber stand out. Like the feature of booking a ride for someone else, it is not just a unique feature but equally beneficial.

It helps in emergencies and other situations. Thus, you must consider integrating this feature into your application as well. Including this feature also adds up to the cost necessary for building an app like Uber.

  • Booking in Advance

Here is another unique yet effective feature you must include in your app if you want to be as efficient and attractive as Uber. It is the feature of booking rides in advance, and it helps in citations where you must catch a flight, attend an important meeting, and the like. It takes the efficiency level of your application to an optimum level. And integrating the feature of booking a ride in advance also affects and raises the cost to build an app like uber. You can consider an approximate amount of $6000 for this factor.

  • Routing and Geolocation

Without GPS technology and its utility in mobility service apps, they would ultimately lose their effectiveness and reliability. Further, without the ability to track your location, track the location of your ride and assess the time you would need to reach the destination, it will make the app lose its value. Therefore, including the features and functions of geolocation and routing is crucial. And when you include this irreplaceable and necessary feature, it raises the cost to build an app like uber. This feature might require as much as $6000 for you to integrate in your app. 

  • Feature of splitting charges

Affordability is one of the most attractive features of an app. And when you can include the feature of splitting fares, it makes your app highly appealing. Therefore, try to have the element of fare splitting in your app, however, it will add to the costs of building an app like uber. This feature, too, might require a sum of $6000.

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2. Features For The Driver’s Side

Now we move on with our discussion to the features from the driver’s side. It helps you understand more features and will help you know how much does it cost to build an app like uber more precisely.

  • Driver Report

When you want to know how much to build an app like uber, you must ensure to incorporate the factor of driver report in the app. It influences the cost. The function of this feature is to ensure that the driver and the passenger are safe during their rides. The report helps track the driver’s driving style and behaviors. Including the Driver’s Report feature can cost you an approximation of $2000.

  • Driver’s Destination

The driver’s destination is an essential feature as it enables the drivers to pick the location they offer. They find the passengers who require a ride in that direction. Further, it makes it easier for the drivers. Besides, including it in your app will influence its costs. You can consider about $3000 for including this feature in your app.

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How Does An Uber Work?

The following aspect in our discussion of “how much to build an app like uber” is the steps of how Uber works, and they are as follows.

  • The customer can book the ride on the spot or can book a ride in advance.
  • The drivers near their location of pick-up will be racing the request.
  • The drivers have the choice of opting to accept or decline the request. Further, the driver who is willing to take the ride agrees with the recommendation. If one driver refuses, the message moves to the next driver.
  • After a driver accepts the request, the customer can track the driver’s location and estimated arrival time.
  • The app also shows the charges that will be applicable.
  • The customer can choose any payment method.
  • After the trip is complete, the customer can rate the driver, which will ultimately help the driver to get better bonuses. And, at the end, use the rating to improve the app.

What Features Make Uber Popular?

There are certain critical features that you must note down and try to include in your app. The Features are as follows.

  • Push notifications.
  • Estimation of ride charge beforehand.
  • Geolocation and routing.
  • All payment methods available.
  • Accessing the driver via call or message.
  • Customer service, driver rating.
  • Easy but attractive UI.

Final Words

Now that we know all the different and necessary aspects of how much to build an app like Uber, let us assess how they can influence the building of an app like Uber. We have mentioned different features above from two perspectives- the driver and the customer. So, the more features you include, the better your app becomes, and accordingly, the return on it also increases.

Also, we have mentioned the steps that help Uber become an easy-to-use and effective mobility service provider. Instilling those steps in your app will help your application become equally efficient and influence the cost of bustling the application.

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