Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games [Top 10]

There are a number of apps these days for messaging and sharing media and they make conversations quite interactive. But people also look for apps with hidden chat feature that can be disguised as something else and used to chat or even call. Some may even use them as cheating secret messaging apps that look like games. 

And if you’re wondering how to spot them or what these apps do, this article will help you!

How To Find Hidden Messaging Apps?

If you’re wondering how to find hidden messaging apps on a phone, it’s not very difficult. To do this, check the phone’s main app menu and look for any apps marked hidden or disguised. Typically, these are apps that pretend to be something else but are actually used to hide messages or other information.

On the off chance that you find hidden applications, it’s reasonable the individual is utilizing them to keep SMS messages from you. However, you may need to install a third-party app to get around the security features of these apps so you can see what’s inside.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to install such apps with hidden chat feature iPhone or Android, we’ve curated a list!

Verified 10 Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games
4.Calculator Pro+
6.Stealth Chat
7.Cover Me
8.Hide My Text
9.Signal Private Messenger

1. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is one of the trusted apps with a hidden chat feature where the icon doesn’t make it look like a messaging app. And the application offers a level of protection and security that can be difficult to get somewhere else. messages to vanish, you can set the timer. Wickr Me data deleted by this feature is overwritten 

One of the primary features of the application is that messages disappear. When you want your and cannot be recovered from your device, even by tech-savvy people.

Additionally, Wickr Me encrypts all messages with end-to-end encryption, meaning your messages are never retrievable from the Wickr Me servers.

2. Confide

Confide is a hidden chat messenger app that lets you talk to friends and other people with no one being able to read your messages or figure out what you’re doing. It helps that it doesn’t initially look like a messaging app.

Confide includes a number of safeguards for your messages. It also stops people on the receiving end to take screenshots on their phones. This way, you won’t have to worry about sharing your conversation with others or sharing it on social media when you send a message.

This is one of the cheating secret messaging apps that look like games for iPhone. The good part is that it also prevents others from taking a picture of your conversation with a second phone or camera.

3. TextU

TextU is one of the secret apps that look like games Android. You can get it for free and use it to send SMS and text messages securely and keep other people from reading your messages. To ensure your safety, all of your messages are encrypted.

You can still have fun chatting with your friends with this application. This is because there are over 3,000 emojis and emoticons, making your conversations much more interactive.

There is a Guest ID highlight that permits you to recognize numbers progressively and you can also lock the app. 

4. Calculator Pro+

This is another one of the secret messaging apps for cheaters to conceal private conversations. You can also save the SMS and call logs of secret contacts behind the calculator app with Calculator Pro+. In this way, you can save secret messages and call explicit numbers and add them as confidential contacts.

This application has a calculator password screen for opening it, which is another feature. Additionally, there’s a filter for spam calls and an option to hide SMS and MMS. Its icon can be concealed in a way that other people don’t notice it. 

5. Threema

This is also one of the secret messaging apps that look like games that can shield your data from hackers, businesses, and governments. A unique Threema ID will be issued to each user of this app for identification purposes. Therefore, you can use this app without providing a phone number or email address.

Additionally, this app’s abundance of features makes it adaptable. This application, for instance, can be used on your desktop. Also, a special feature lets you create groups, create polls, and respond quickly and covertly.

6. Stealth Chat

The Stealth Chat app is a secret messaging app that removes the recipient’s name and the chat thread after the user initiates timed disappearance. This is also among the cheating secret messaging apps that look like games and leave no trace of previous conversations.

Also, the application works with the exchange of pictures no matter what the file type, effectively making it one of the most mind-blowing secret applications. In fact, many other private messaging apps lack this feature.

7. Cover Me

It is a one-of-a-kind software for private messaging with a hidden calling feature. You can use the program to make calls from a burner line so that nobody can find you. This makes this app one of the top secret messaging apps that look like games. Your information is also successfully safeguarded from outsiders by the application.

End-to-end encryption and top-notch security measures are among some of the features of the app. Plus, the point when you shake your portable, the application locks every one of the messages on it. So, this is one of the best cheating secret messaging apps that look like games Android.

8. Hide My Text

it serves the secret capability of encoding your instant messages with the goal that nobody can find what you’re sending. The program also quickly encodes anything that you paste into it. 

Encrypted texts that have been sent to you can also be decoded. In this way,  Hide My Text is one of the most known cheating secret messaging apps that look like games, for Android users. Plus, you will be able to conceal the call logs of five contacts and block unwanted phone calls, text messages, and MMS.

9. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is one of the most famous apps with hidden chat feature. With this, users can set up groups to chat with friends simultaneously in real-time and share media or attachments in complete privacy. This private messaging app’s server never has access to any communication channels and never stores data about users. 

An advanced end-to-end encryption protocol ensures privacy for each and every message sent through the private messaging app. It uses your existing mobile number and address book. There are no distinct logins, usernames, passwords, PINs, or passwords to forget or misplace. 

10. Dust

Dust is also one of the apps with a hidden chat feature in Android. With it, all of your chat history on Dust will naturally get erased in 24 hours, so you never need to stress over accidentally leaving messages on your phone. 

Dust is safe to use for texting sensitive information because it is encrypted. If you are concerned about leaving that information in the app, you can simply delete the message from both your and your friend’s apps after they have read it.

You will also not need to stress over someone screenshotting your confidential data. This is because you will receive immediate notification in real time if someone screenshots a message you sent.


There are a number of cheating secret messaging apps that look like games that people use these days. These are like normal apps but with features that help you hide messages that you do not want anybody else to find. This article has a list of some of such apps, and also explains the many features that they have to offer!

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