Best AI Math Solver Tools [Free & Paid]

We all have struggled at our school/college times to find a solution to a tricky Mathematics problem. From reaching out to tuition teachers to leaving the problem unsolved until the examination arrives, we all were and some even are now part of the same story. But this way the problem only accumulates and the solution remains to be solved and in the end, we are overwhelmed with the burden of problems left to be solved.

We had all wished at such times for an instant problem solver for our Mathematics sums. Luckily, now our wish can come true with the help of AI that solves Math problems.

There are many AI Math Solver online tools available over the web which offer free AI Math Solver services. This will help you to refer to the problem and solve it in just a few seconds.

With an AI Math problem solver, you just require to type or paste your Math-related query, and then the AI solves Math problem automatically on your behalf.  So if you are stuck in a Math problem and finding your way out then let the AI Math solver online do it for you. 

The best AI Math solvers are Wolfram Alpha, SymPy, Microsoft Math Solver, and many more. Here the top AI to solve Math problems is discussed in detail. 

Who Should Use AI Math Solver Tools?

One important group of users of AI Math solvers is students. These resources help them with correctly solving Math problems by providing step-by-step workings and explanations along with the solutions. Students might spot confusion and strengthen their understanding by viewing the full derivations. 

Aside from students, professionals like engineers, researchers, and even those involved in artificial intelligence (AI) frequently need to double-check difficult mathematical work. A faster way to check the quality of their models and calculations is with an AI helper.

Additionally, AI Math solvers make it simple for anyone to seek assistance with routine arithmetic problems and tasks by providing clear explanations.

Here, in this article, we have gathered for you the best AI Math Solver tools, but before that have a quick look at how to know which is the best AI Math Solver Tool.

Numerous factors can influence which AI Math Solver to use which include:


Does the solver provide all the features you require? Your needs should be met by the software, from elementary algebra to calculus.


How trustworthy and precise are the solutions offered? Naturally, selecting a study assistant requires careful consideration of accuracy.


Is the user interface simple to use? Purchasing a tool that is challenging or frustrating to use is pointless and will only increase your problem instead of solving it.


Does the solver provide detailed instructions? You can learn the ideas you’re studying better by using interactive features such as 3D images and graphs.


Being a student means you definitely aren’t enriched with cash, so finding a balance between affordability and quality is important.  The Math AI solver discussed here is affordable. 

We have gathered some of the best AI Math Solver Tools which are available online for free,

have a look at it and choose the one which suits your requirements the best.

10 Best AI Online Math Solver Tools

1. Wolfram Alpha

A well-known best AI Math solver is Wolfram Alpha. It is exceptional at carrying out a wide range of mathematical operations, from simple arithmetic to difficult calculus and linear algebra. You can enter equations, integrals, derivatives, and even word problems to get step-by-step answers. 

This is a complete AI Maths problem solver for displaying mathematical functions and data because it also has graphing features.

2. SymPy

SymPy is one of the best AI Math solver tools, it functions as a symbolic mathematics toolkit. It is the best tool for solving equations, generating formulas and carrying out symbolic computations since it enables you to interact with symbols and algebraic expressions. 

As it promotes a deeper comprehension of mathematical subjects through symbolic manipulation, SymPy is a crucial free AI Math solver for mathematicians and researchers.

3. Microsoft Math Solver

This user-friendly AI-based program Microsoft Math Solver makes difficult mathematical problems simple. You can create equations and get step-by-step solutions because of its user-friendly interface, which accepts handwritten input. 

Its outstanding identification abilities enable the tool to correctly detect symbols that are not written correctly. In addition to all these, this AI that solves Math problems provides interactive graphs and training exercises for both professionals and students.

4. GeoGebra

GeoGebra is an AI-powered platform that involves Maths AI solver which combines geometry, algebra, and calculus to improve mathematical exploration. It gives you the ability to build geometrical objects, work with equations, and explore dynamic mathematical relationships. 

This AI Math solver free helps students to learn mathematics in a more effective manner. Motivates them to engage in mathematical research since it can produce graphs, animations, and interactive simulations. 

5. SymbMath

Similar to SymPy, SymbMath is another AI Maths problem solver which is a potent AI tool that conducts symbolic mathematics. It is a great option for both simple and complex mathematical computations. 

This is because it allows you to evaluate, simplify and solve algebraic expressions and equations. SymbMath’s utility for a variety of mathematical activities is increased further by its ability to handle matrices, calculus, and other mathematical fields.

6. Desmos

Desmos is a graphing calculator and AI solves Math problems focusing on successfully visualizing mathematical ideas. It provides a user-friendly interface, making it available to both educators and students. 

You can easily investigate mathematical relationships, edit graphs, and plot functions. Get access to the option to make shareable graphs and even incorporate them into documents or webpages, making it a fantastic tool for teaching.

7. Interactive Mathematics

It is a Math AI solver which provides instant step by step solutions to all your Mathematics-related doubts. To deliver precise results, it blends a mathematical computational engine with an Artificial Intelligence(AI) language model. 

To help students enhance their arithmetic abilities, it also offers free math tutorials. The AI math problem solver is capable of encoding mathematical word problems and figuring out the appropriate mathematical operations to solve them.

8. Photomath

You can quickly and easily scan printed or handwritten math problems with Photomath’s free AI Math solver. This will happen with camera features and the software. It will immediately display step-by-step solutions. 

You can benefit from understanding the problem-solving process as well as the opportunity to sharpen your arithmetic skills by getting immediate feedback.

Photomath is a great resource for students and teachers because it covers a variety of Math subjects (arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and more). With its simple design and practical functionality, this is swiftly turning into a well-known site for Math students by the use of AI.

9. Mathway

Mathway is an online platform for solving math problems using AI to solve Math problems at all levels. This includes different Mathematics topics, including algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and graphing. 

Due to its AI-powered features, Mathway is a fantastic resource for students looking for extra help with their arithmetic assignments. Students can input arithmetic questions to get step-by-step solutions that help them understand and learn how to solve difficulties.

10. Maple Calculator

Maple Calculator is a free AI Math solver that uses artificial intelligence to help students answer challenging arithmetic problems rapidly. Powered by the math software program Maple, this is heavily used by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians all around the world. 

Maple Calculator has a number of features to help children learn arithmetic, such as sophisticated functions, graphing tools, and step-by-step answers to challenging problems. Calculus, trigonometry and algebraic equations are all supported by Maple Calculator.


Unquestionably, AI has changed the face of Mathematics by delivering potent tools that make computations simpler, advance problem-solving skills, and boost educational opportunities. These AI tools, which range from GeoGebra’s dynamic visuals to Wolfram Alpha’s extraordinary computations are the best helpers when it comes about Mathematics problems. 

These best AI Math solvers enable mathematicians, educators, and students to explore, comprehend, and flourish in the field of Mathematics like never before. We should expect even more cutting-edge tools to change how we approach mathematical problems in the future as AI continues to develop.

Moreover, the way that students learn and interact with mathematical ideas has been completely transformed by the integration of AI-powered technologies into Mathematics instruction. Students now have access to real-time feedback, step-by-step answers, and visual aids with the aforementioned tools. This will help them build critical thinking skills and solve arithmetic problems with ease.

With the development of technology, the potential for even more potent and inventive AI tools in Mathematics instruction is endless. With AI’s continuing development, the future of Math education is bright, guaranteeing that students have the knowledge and abilities they need to solve challenges in the real world.

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