7 Best AI Baby Generator You Need to Try Now

AI baby generators work with very simple procedures. You need to upload your photo and your partner’s photo. The rest of the work will be handled by the algorithms. Moreover, you will be amazed at the results you will get with such baby generator applications online. 

Hence the question of “what my babies will look like” is no more a question. You both can see what our babies will look like with the best baby generator we are going to discuss here in the article. 

We have covered everything you need to be aware of before using the baby look predictor so that you can use them easily. If this is something you are looking for then keep reading to know more about the same in detail here. 

What is an AI Baby Generator?

AI Baby Generator is a very simple software application to use. It is developed considering the high demand of baby face apps. The application uses AI algorithms to produce a baby face. For this, you need to give certain inputs in the prompt. This includes facial characteristics, eye and hair colour, and skin tone. 

All best baby AI apps use the same procedure to produce an output matching all your inputs. Output seems so relevant that you can also add that photo in your family picture as well. Well, just kidding! But it will be realistic even if it is produced with AI. 

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Best 3 AI Baby Generator

  • OurBabyAI 
  • MakeMeBabies
  • Baby Maker Face Generator

Top 7 AI Baby Generator To Explore

1. OurBabyAI 

OurBabyAI is among the top-ranked No. 1 best baby AI apps. This is because of the simple to use user interface it has. This is ranked as a #1 Baby Generator With 90% Match Rate. 

You just need to follow a simple procedure to see what my baby will look like in future. Upload your and your partner’s photograph; now the AI algorithm will handle the further process. The output will be there in front of you in a few minutes. 

The algorithms will consider the most essential qualities handed down from generation to generation. This includes eyes and nose shape, hair texture and colour, body proportions, and skin tone. Further, this baby generator uses an AI-powered algorithm with ground-breaking facial recognition technology.

However, there is one thing you need to note with OurBabyAI. The output takes little time to generate the output. But once it produces an output, it will be too real to believe. So feel free to use this best baby generator and see how well it gives you a loving experience. 

2. Baby AC

Baby AC is the II best baby look, predictor. This is because of how well it understands your inputs and gives you the equivalent output for the same. The process will produce a realistic image of how your baby is going to look in real life. Just upload the two photos of your parents, that you want to consider. 

This tool uses the AI algorithm “StyleGAN” which makes a real difference. With uploading the photos, you can also add the inputs if there are some additional characteristics you and your partner have. However, you can use this baby image generator for free only on a PC or laptop. Mobile application is not available at the moment. 

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3. Future Baby Generator 

This future kid generator is the Future Baby Generator. It is an iOS application allowing you to see how your baby will look in future. You can obtain a realistic picture of what your kid could look like years from now with only a few clicks on your phone.

You can generate 3D pictures of predicted babies that will look more real than ever. Every minor detail will be noted and considered and then a picture is produced. Moreover, families will find it simpler than ever because this software works on iPhones and iPads.

4. FaceApp 

FaceApp is among the best AI baby generators as per the user’s feedback. People use it back to back. With this, you can see the complete growth process very easily. Moreover, you can access it on mobile, laptop, or PC ~ anywhere you wish to use it. The process is simple like others. 

However, there is one thing to note with FaceApp’s future baby predictor. Compared to others, the mobile application is quite slow. When you use it, you will know it. And you can just upload the JPG image format. Not any other format will be supported by the application. 

5. MakeMeBabies

It is very obvious that one output for what our babies will look like will not be up to the mark. We would obviously want to see multiple photos of our future baby. With this application, you can have access to upload multiple photos of your baby. Moreover, this baby image generator free website is very simple and basic to use. 

Here you can experiment as well. Upload your photo and a celebrity photo and see the magic. Similarly, the couple can upload their photo and can see how their baby will look in future. 

MakeMeBabies is more than just a lighthearted method to imagine what your future babies could look like; in fact, the technology that powers this website is very unique. 

It is a four step procedure. First, you need to sign in with the email. Now, you need to take a selfie or upload a photo to get started. You need to make sure that the front of the face should be visible, without eyewear. This is for making all the features clearly visible. At least 70% of the image should be taken up by the face.

Developers have used sophisticated algorithms that employ neural networks to identify a variety of tiny aspects of a person’s facial features. This helps in producing a highly accurate forecast about the progeny of a kid born to two parents.

6. BabyGenerator 

This is among the top preferred iOS best AI baby face generators. BabyGenerator is easy to use. The process is the same as others to see how your baby is going to look. You just need to upload the photo of the couple. You can experiment as well. Upload multiple pictures and you can see the difference. 

It will produce the output by considering the minor to major features of your face and will give you a realistic output. 

7. Baby Maker Face Generator

Baby Maker Face Generator is another future kid generator tool that will understand your interest. With it, you can see how your future child’s face is going to be using AI. Through a unique blend of face feature detection technology, this anticipates your child’s look.

There is one thing to note; here sometimes the output images can be hyper-realistic. So don’t take it too seriously, remember it is AI-based output not real. 

How To Choose The Best AI Baby Generators For Me? 

Yes, it is a tough question. Since there are multiple AI baby generators available and some of the best we discussed too. All of them are quite unique in the quality, availability, and interface it uses and offers. 

Well, you need to see which one suits your requirements the best. You can experiment with these baby image generators for free and then choose one for yourself. The topmost are OurBabyAI, BabyAC, Future Baby Generator. Some of the applications that we discussed above are not available on the mobile. So consider which one you can access and where. 


The best AI Baby Generator is not one, they are multiple. From OurBabyAI to Baby Maker Face Generator ~ all of them are quite unique with what they have to offer. Just upload the photo of yours and your partner, and the rest of the work will be done on its own. 

Make sure to read the terms and conditions before directly using it. Once you are okay with them, you are good to go! Now experiment and see how your future baby is going to look like in real life and make a lovable memory with your partner. 

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