AI Nude Generators To Create Fake Nudes [Selected Top 10]

Our fantasies and imagination don’t follow the literature rules! Hence there is no full stop in our world of imaginative realities. But to get them in real life is a challenging task. However, with the best AI nude generators, you can create unique and beautiful digital art. 

Give a touch-up to your blurred imagination and create the creatures with such AI generator nudes following ethical values where no one is getting impacted by your creativity. Such free nude AI generator tools are based on Deep Learning algorithms which will generate superb quality realistic fake nude pictures without disturbing anyone’s privacy and following ethics. 

There are so many tools over the web that you can use for the same. We have sorted the top 8 for you. These are Soulgen, DreamGF, Promptchan, Seduced AI, Undress AI, OnlyFakes, and more. We have covered every tool in detail. Keep reading to know more. 

List of Best AI Nude Generator To Generate Free Fake Nudes

  • Nudify.Online
  • Onlywaifus
  • Soulgen
  • DreamGF
  • Promptchan
  • Seduced AI
  • Undress AI
  • OnlyFakes
  • Getimg

AI Nude Generator: What It Is, What It Is For? 

AI Nude Generator is a Deep Learning algorithm-based program that can create realistic fake nudes for people. It is generated with the Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). 

This works in two ways: Discriminator and Generator. Discriminators make sure that the pictures generated are not matching with the real images available on the web. Rest “Generator” creates a final fake nude picture for you. 

This process makes sure that you will not feel any difference between the real images and the creative creatures as per your imagination following the output. Such AI art generator nudes create fake pictures that will be ditto like a reality. 

All you have to do is feed in what you have in your mind and just click “Generate”. Now the nude AI generator free tool will create a fake nude picture for you matching all your imaginative ideas. The generated pictures will be so real 🫠. 

This way you the “creator” will not invade anyone’s privacy plus you will get the results like you wanted it to be from your imagination. 

Top AI Nude Generator Of 2023

1. Nudify.Online 

Among the top 10 AI Nude Generators, comes on the top. It is because of the free access and ethical considerations as well. All you have to do is upload a photo of an unrealistic human which doesn’t exist in reality and enter your preferences. Now you simply need to click on Generate. It will be done on its own, you will see how real the output picture will look like.

You can begin with the free subscription, it is free to use. Yes, to have some advanced features, you need to take the subscription plan according to your needs.


Being with your imagination and playing with characters in mind is the tricky part. Now with OnlyWaifus, you can bring this in reality with your editing art. With this AI Nude Generator, you can use multiple features with parameters to be particular with your preference. Now you can use the same and modify any normal photo cloth-wise.


Multiple plans are available and with each plan, features and parameters differ. You need to be particular about the requirements and then take the plan accordingly. Rest you are good to go.

3. Soulgen – Best AI Nude Generator

  • Avail 70% off now 
  • Start with the free trial 
  • Available over the web, no app version is available 
  • Create a Portrait of Someone Lookalike
  • Generate a Real Soulmate with Imagination
  • Give the best touch to your anime creativity 
  • Best fake character images in a few minutes with one text prompt

Soulgen is the No. 1 AI Generator nudes tool for today’s young population! With your imagination, you can create fake nude pictures of animated people, anime characters, and even the characters of your imagination! You will not get restricted by the NSFW filter with it. 

It can generate up to 9 fake images in total, modify them if you do not like the output, and get the new one as per your suggestion. You need to provide your input once throughout the process. You can avail of two plans for Pro membership: 

  • 1-month plan with $9.99 
  • 12-month plan with $69.99 

4. DreamGF – Top AI Nude Generator

  • Turn your wildest fantasies into reality now 
  • Get access to multiple customization options 
  • Meet new characters on AI Tinder 
  • Create your fake dream girl and date an AI girl 

DreamGF is another best AI Image Generator Nude tools that you should not miss! There are so many features that you can not find with other AI Nude Generator tools. You can create a fake creature as you want your partner to be. This is going to be perfect 😁. 

You can create fake nudes of that fake creature too and save them. This is going to be real. Along with this, you can chat with her, she will click pictures for you on the AI Tinder. You can customize your fake partner photo with different elements. This includes ethnicity, face structure, body type, hairstyle, clothes, and age. 

The subscription plan is available for users above 18 years of age. 

5. Promptchan

  • No. 1 Fastest NSFW Generator
  • Create NSFW fake nude of AI creatures 
  • Earn money with your creativity 
  • Get access to Clone AI NSFW Art feature 
  • Different fake NSFW AI Posing available 

Promptchan is the NSFW nude AI art generator with no restrictions. Uncensored fake AI photos are created, and clothing can be altered from fake images in a few minutes. You can get access to multiple features like “NSFW AI Posing”, “Clone AI NSFW Art Feature”, and many more. You can add an extra pinch of your creativity by making and generating fake nudes with this AI Nude Generator. 

When you open the “Explore” tab, you will get access to a wide library. Here you can explore the tool completely. Along with being the No. 1 Fastest NSFW Fake Nude Generator, it creates fake pictures and no real image of the actual person is used. 

However, there are certain things you need to take care of. Using AI algorithms alone to generate fake images might occasionally provide inconsistent and unfavourable outcomes. Without human supervision, AI models are susceptible to data poisoning, which can result in data breaches and identity theft. Hence, use it carefully. 

6. Seduced AI

  • Leading AI Erotica Generator
  • Start with no tech experience ~ no hustle 

Seduced AI starts with the quote “No.1 Leading AI Erotica Generator”. This is one of the best nude generator AI with which beginners can start; User interface is very simple to understand. You will get access to multiple NSFW features to create and modify the fake images of imaginative creatures. You can tailor the output as per your idea. 

Moreover, all the legal and ethical implications are followed while it will create a fake picture for you. However, there is no app feature available that you can easily download and use. You can access it with the web very easily though. 

7. Undress AI

  • Undress fake images in One Tap
  • Proper AI analysis for creating a fake picture 
  • Access different Body Type Trait 
  • Get fake pictures with no watermark 
  • Available on iOS and AOS

The Undress AI art generator nude tool makes fake nude pictures of imaginative entities. No real picture is used during the process. Moreover, the algorithm is trained on enough datasets that create such a realistic picture for you. 

For people who want to use its capabilities while on the go, the Undress AI application provides a smooth experience. You can download the app on iOS and AOS. 

There are three premium plans you can take for using the Undress AI tool: 

  • Basic: $5.49/mo, get 15 credits for lifetime
  • Standard: $16.99/mo, get 90 credits for lifetime
  • Pro: $37.99/mo, get 600 credits for a lifetime 

8. OnlyFakes 

  • Get unrealistic ideas real with this No. 1 NSFW fake image generator 
  • Different ideas to create a fake AI girl for you 

OnlyFakes is the other best tool, it does have something different to offer you. This tool creates realistic fake nude pictures in the form of NSFW fake photos. This is done using cutting-edge AI Deep Learning technology. 

The tool will create a fake nude image of a non-realistic person after analyzing the idea you will feed in the prompt. You need to make sure what you want, you write it. You can save the fake images that you have created with this AI art nude tool in a few minutes with no watermark. 


  • 100 different customizable tags and multiple features available 
  • Create your AI fake girl nudes or choose from the available is one of the best nude AI art tools that you need to try. The realm of fake picture synthesis has advanced significantly with outstanding NSFW AI art generators. Its exceptional capacity to produce lifelike fake photos is its key characteristic. The pictures created will be incredibly hyperrealistic and show superb attention to detail. 

Moreover, it distinguishes itself as the best NSFW AI art generator with a variety of customizable choices. You can select from 100 distinct tags and over 20 categories to customize the image to their needs and tastes. See how much you can get with just one tool. 

10. Getimg

  • Based on Stable Diffusion models technology
  • No restriction with ControlNet capability

Getting is based on the Stable Diffusion models technology. You will not be restricted by the NSFW content controls here. It is capable of producing AI fake nude images at scale.

Getimg.AI stands out for its ControlNet capability, which makes it possible to generate fake images from other unrealistic images. With its customized AI models feature, you can produce art and fake images that match your tastes and styles.


See how much variety is available for the AI Nude Generator tools which you can use now to create fake images of unrealistic people. The best tools are covered here which respect privacy and legal ethics implications. 

Tools like Soulgen, DreamGF, Promptchan, Seduced AI, and many others understand your needs and produce a fake image like a real one in minutes. Use and explore them to see which one is best for you and get started with your creativity. 

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