What Does a General Manager do in a Restaurant

Restaurants require a lot more sync and hospitality than we can comprehend. Food is mostly an emotion for people, so many of us take it very seriously. Understandably, that leads to high expectations, for when we eat out. We like our meals to be more than just a way to fill up, they have to be an experience – which we share with others. This is why restaurants require a constant eye that keeps a check on the quality of this experience. And that’s where the restaurant general managers duties come into play. 

The Role of a General Manager in a Restaurant

Before getting into the field, one might wonder what does a general manager do in a restaurant. A restaurant general managers duties are integral to the functioning of the place. Starting from keeping a record of the inventory, to overseeing the quality of food, a general manager is held accountable for most of the functions that take place at a fine dining or even a simple eatery. No matter who is responsible for a particular task, customers expect the manager to show up. This requires them to be hands-on and constantly available. 

Restaurant General Managers Duties Checklist

  • Managing staff members’ shifts.
  • Recording constant feedback. 
  • Keeping a check on expenses and income.
  • Ensuring smooth flow from the kitchen to the dining area. 
  • Constantly updating the menu. 
  • Quality control of food and service.
  • Resolving any issues that staff members might encounter. 

All of this not only requires one to have specific skills in order to run a place, but also a very specific attitude. A general manager of a restaurant is always expected to be a smooth conversationalist. They should know how to solve problems without panicking or affecting the staff. Other than that, they need to be good leaders who not only know how to command but are just as empathetic. At a restaurant, the manager has to help the staff smoothly function and also be there for the customers. In many ways, they are the spokesperson of two very different groups in the same place. Restaurant general managers duties and responsibilities require them to maintain a balance, and still hold ground. 

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Salary of a General Manager

We all take up jobs for different reasons, but the common foundation is the ability to gain monetary freedom. We all want to earn a certain amount to maintain our lifestyles, which vary from person to person. The general manager of a restaurants salary ranges from place to place, it pays an average annual amount of ₹5.1 Lakhs in India. On the other hand, in the US, the annual average wage can be up to $52,000. Clearly, there are a number of factors that impact this number. It largely depends on the type of restaurant, the pattern of hierarchy, and certainly the location, given that incomes depend on the economy. 

However, there’s a constant scope of growth in the hospitality sector – this growth can be in terms of one’s hierarchy or monetary situation. So the general manager of a restaurants salary will not always stay stagnant. The said growth can be attained through skills and experience, which come from doing the work. Sectors like these need one to learn from a practical approach, and there’s no better way to examine the field. 

The Job Requirement

The job of a general manager of a restaurant is not a piece of cake. It comes with juggling between different tasks, that might not even be related. A manager could be strategizing for expenses, and a customer could come up with a quality issue. At such a moment, they cannot put the customer on hold, and at the same time, other tasks are just as important. So it comes down to multi-tasking without letting others know about the bump in the road. They even have to train staff members and see that there’s complete transparency. 

This role requires a lot of patience, which is not always very easy. Even if you’re having a bad day, or a customer or a staff member is being unreasonable, the general manager has to keep an unbiased approach. They cannot let their emotions or opinion hinder the experience for someone else. Again, it’s a lot about leadership and putting others’ needs above oneself. 

Keeping a healthy Environment

As we mentioned before, the general manager of a restaurant needs to maintain proper balance. They are also responsible for keeping the environment healthy and safe, for their customers and staff members. One has to keep updating feedback so that the restaurant doesn’t deal with dysfunction. While doing that, they also have to be good listeners who understand the needs of their staff. For example, the shift timings should be such that work is done without any issues and the employees feel just as comfortable with it. Managers need to treat their people with respect. Time management and good communication skills are very integral to this role. 

How to Stay Interested in The Job?

Following similar routines and doing the same tasks can get mundane at times, and it’s very important to keep the interest alive, to do good work. While a restaurant general manager doesn’t exactly require to cook, it’s well-perceived if they have a culinary background. To help the staff with the menu and food quality or to report feedback from customers, it’s helpful if the restaurant’s general manager understands the food. They need to know what makes their food stand out, and how to constantly improve it. And this is only possible if there’s a certain experience with cooking. 

The Role of a General Manager in the Food Industry

A general managers role in the food industry is just as vital, given that they have to oversee daily activities, much like the restaurant. They have to maintain company standards in all operations, which start from buying inventory to getting products delivered. They also have to keep a constant check on the finances and achieve the assigned goals. A manager also has to survey repairs and management required in different spaces –  in the case of restaurants, this also means maintaining and updating the ambience. 

A good restaurant manager will also be conscious of some different analytics in their restaurant. For more information on how data can help guide your restaurant decisions, please see the infographic below.

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Final Words

The general manager of a restaurant is like an anchor, who runs the place. They have to stay professional while also keeping a sense of empathy for everyone around them. Their job is important for a happy experience in a restaurant environment, which all comes down to good hospitality.

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