What Are Subscriptions on Snapchat Premium App & Its Features

Do you like updating the world about the different events of your life? You are not alone! The present world is about sharing themselves and all the happenings in their life with the globe. And social media platforms are the reason for the same. The most functional social media platform ideal for sharing every detail and minute update of one’s life is Snapchat. We are all aware of Snapchat, aren’t we?

Well, Snapchat is a messaging and image-sharing platform where users send images. Videos, messages, stickers, and the like to each other are called “snaps” on the platform. It has been one of the most used and functional social media platforms in the present times. 

What if we say there is a premium version of this application? Yes! You can use snap chat premium daily and enjoy more enhanced and better platform features. And for that, you must know about the different aspects of snap chat premium. So, the following discussion offers you all the information you need about the premium version of Snapchat. It includes what the premium version of Snapchat is about, its features, its benefits, and the best premium Snapchat. So, follow the discussion below to learn about the Snapchat plus version. 

What is Snapchat Premium?

Snapchat premium or Snapchat+ is the premium version of the Snapchat application. It is a premium subscription that any user can take to enjoy the enhanced features of the premium version. The Snapchat premium accounts receive additional benefits and features from the subscribed or premium version of Snapchat. The premium version enables users to access a great collection of experimental, exclusive, and pre-release app features. 

Therefore, when you are one of the Snapchat premium accounts, you receive the new features, filters and news about the app before anybody else. Also, you have access to features that the standard users do not. Therefore, it offers many benefits, including pinning a friend on Snapchat as a BFF. Additional features from being a part of the Snapchat plus subscription include receiving an exclusive badge, story rewatch count, and many more beneficial features. 

But at the same time, the Snapchat plus subscription does not evacuate the advertisements from the app. So, you will still have to deal with the platforms’ ads, even when you take the premium version of Snapchat. Among the many messaging platforms and apps available presently, only Snapchat is the one that has introduced a subscription or premium version of itself. It offers beneficial features for the users who subscribe and avail themselves of the premium or the plus version of Snapchat.

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What All Does Snapchat Plus Do?

Now, let us know what Snapchat premium does. Or in other words, we will discuss what aspects are different in the Snapchat premium version from the standard non-subscribed version of Snapchat. Firstly, the new features are abundant in number, but a unique feature among the many on the list is the Ghost trails on the map, which shows the history of the places where the users’ friends have been recently. The other features include a special pin, enabling users to mark someone or more than one friend on Snapchat as their BFFs. 

The users can also see who rewatched their story and how many times someone has rewatched it. They also get customized app themes and icons. The snapchat+ badge also comes with Snapchat subscriptions. When one subscribes to the premium version of this application, they also get the ‘Friend Solar System’ feature; you can have property story replies and post-view emojis. 

Premium users can also have bitmoji backgrounds, story timers, and priority story replies. They have the liberty and option of customizing their notification sounds and setting custom story excoriation. Lastly, they can have a camera colour bidder, and the feature of friend snap score changes when they choose to take Snapchat subscriptions. 

What Does Subscription Mean on Snapchat?

Subscription at snapchat is similar to taking a subscription or availing of the premium version of any other platform. You get the benefits of additional features that offer a better user experience. It ensures that the users receive more enhanced options in the app and additional benefits. 

Some of the additional benefits include viewing how many times someone has seen your story on Snapchat, setting specific ad custom timers for stories on Snapchat, setting custom camera borders, Snapchat icons, and the like. Thus, subscribing to Snapchat means opting for a better and more beneficial version of Snapchat. 

Snapchat Premium Features

Why should you choose the premium version of Snapchat? The Snapchat + features are an explanation for themselves, as they offer a better and the most optimal user experience when the users choose the premium version of Snapchat. So, the following are the Snapchat + features.

  • Story expiration customized 

Generally, the Snapchat story expires after every 24 hours of its posting. But, one of the Snapchat + features is that you can set a custom time for the story on Snapchat to remain intact. Therefore, when you are a part of the premium version of Snapchat, you can readily set a specific time for the story on your Snapchat to be present. So, your story on Snapchat does not disappear after 24 hours, by default, when you are a part of the premium version. Instead, you set a particular time, which extends from 1 day to a maximum of 1 week, and that is the time for your Snapchat story to be present. Therefore, the premium users of this platform can have their sources up on their profile for as long as one week. 

  • Customize the notification sounds 

All of us know the notation sound for Snapchat notifications. But, premium snap users can cut the sound for their Snapchat notifications. Yes! When you choose the premium version of Snapchat, you need not have the same monotonous and standard sound for the notifications. The premium version offers you a wider variety of options, and among those options, you can choose a notification sound for your Snapchat notifications. 

You can even set different pounds for chat and snap. So, you can readily know when someone sends you a chat and a snap. The options that the premium version of the app offers are seven. So, customizing is fun, exciting and beneficial on this platform when you choose to be a part of the premium version. 

  • Coloured camera borders 

Make your Snapchat look more colourful than ever with the premium version of the application. You can do so by painting or customizing the colour of the camera colour borders that the users can get only from the premium version of the application. So, one of the most exciting features of Snapchat plus is the ability of users to change the camera colour borders around the app’s camera view. 

The users can choose from a considerably large variety of options of colours. And the colour that the users select as their camera border appears around their camera when they record videos and click tires with the application’s camera. It is a fun way of making the app more colourful, exciting and intriguing—the more customization opportunities, the better the user experience. 

  • View count of a repeat of your story 

Another of the most exciting features of Snapchat plus is that the users can view how many times friends replayed their stories. Previously, you could see when your story got replayed. But, now, when you have the premium version of the application, you can see how many times your friends replayed your story. Therefore, with the plus version of Snapchat, you can count the times your friends have reviewed your Snapchat story. 

  • Ghost trails 

One of the Snapchat plus features of Snapchat also includes ghost trails. The ghost trails feature of the premium version of Snapchat allows you to see where your friends have been recently. In other words, we can say that it offers you the history of the places or the location where your Snapchat friends have recently visited. It is one of the most advanced and beneficial features that premium users can enjoy with their subrogation to the plus version of the app. 

  • Snapchat icons 

One of the many colourful Snapchat plus features includes exclusive Snapchat icons. You no longer have to use the same old and standard icon of Snapchat. When you have the premium version, you can choose from various options and get an exclusive Snapchat icon. The number of choices is as high as 30. So, you can select from thirty different Snapchat icon types for yourself. 

  • Priority story replies 

Premium Snapchat enables the users to reply to the stories that the Snap Stars, and when they do so since they are premium users, their replies will get priority in the art of the stars. It is an exciting feature, as subscribing to the premium version of Snapchat allows users to have preferences when they reply to the story of any star on Snapchat. Therefore they can get better and faster recognition from the stars if they want. 

Top 10 Best Premium Snapchat

Here is the list of the best premium Snapchat users. 

  1. Ashley Amor (ashleyamormain)
  2. Andie Adams (andiebabyxo)
  3. Heather Emslander (vlbecheck)
  4. TheSmokeShow Empire (Smokeshow Empire)
  5. Samantha Brooke (Samantha7_angel)
  6. Shyheim Ross (come.nut)
  7. John E (john Philippe)
  8. o o (omes870)
  9. Melinda Harmony (Melly harmonyx)
  10. Queen Slits (openheadd)

Final Words

Premium Snapchats is an interesting version of Snapchat, and it offers numerous benefits, and the features are enhanced. It guarantees the best experience for the users and from the above discussion, you now are well aware of all the different aspects of the premium or the plus version of Snapchat.

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