Top 10 Websites Like Quillbot To Paraphrase Your Content in 2023

If you usually write articles, content or social media posts, you might require assistance with rephrasing your work or writing things differently. But there are usually deadlines with writing work, and writers often choose tools to deal with a time crunch. And in such cases, a number of paraphrasing websites like Quillbot can help!

QuillBot is one of the top summarizing apparatuses that is broadly utilized by students, writers and other professionals. This is because the software is user-friendly and paraphrases content in a humane tone. But there are some disadvantages to it, like character restriction. And there are a number of other sites like Quillbot that have no such restrictions. 

Some of these are even free websites like Quillbot, that come with more features. And in this article, we’ve listed all types of Quillbot alternatives that you might need!

Top 10 Websites Like Quillbot to Increase Your Productivity

  • SpinBot
  • Project Topics
  • Spin Writer
  • Jasper AI
  • Paraphrase Online 
  • WordAi
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Chimp Rewriter
  • Spinner Chief
  • Duplichecker

Read More About the Best Quillbot alternatives

1. SpinBot 

SpinBot is an efficient Quillbot alternative free which offers similar features as the paraphrasing tool. It allows users to choose between text spinning and paraphrasing. You can use the tool for free five times per day, which is sufficient for an occasional user, and the quality of the text spin is excellent. Additionally, its ‘Translate and Spin’ feature is a first of its kind among all paraphrasing tools.

Other than the fact that there is article spinning and paraphrasing options available, you can also do that with upto a thousand characters at once. The best part about this Quillbot-like website is that the content that the tool generates is like a natural language version of the article, so it isn’t plagiarized. 

2. Project Topics

Project Topic has both a paraphrasing feature and a text spinning tool. This alternative to Quillbot is not only free, but also comes without a character limit restriction. You can also rephrase in almost any language because Project Topics supports over 100 languages.

Also when you might want to keep using certain words rather than rephrasing them from time to time, simply enter them in the exclusion field, and the tool will not substitute synonyms for them. Project Points likewise has a sentence structure checker coordinated into the tool, so many grammatical errors will also be proof-read by the tool.

3. SpinWriter

SpinRewriter is an alternative for Quillbot that supports both bulk upload and bulk export. To put it another way, not only are you able to upload a large number of articles for rewriting, but you can also instantly generate up to 1,000 variants of each article you upload and export. A built-in grammar and spelling checker is also available in this tool. It will check the article for errors in grammar and spelling before rewriting it for you, ensuring that the final product is also error-free. 

SpinRewriter also ensures that the articles it spins sound like they were written by a human. This is one of the sites similar to Quillbot that isn’t free, yet it gives you a five-day free preliminary if you pursue the yearly arrangement, which presently costs $77/year. 

4. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one more ideal choice for creating extraordinary content. This is more than an alternative of Quillbot because it does more than just simply paraphrase. So, all you need to do is enter keywords, and Jasper AI will rewrite your content from scratch for you. And you can quickly rewrite an entire article with minimal effort.

Additionally, you can produce content by simply giving an outline. Finally, it creates basic content as well as SEO-optimized content. When compared to Quillbot, Jasper AI has a number of significant advantages, one of which is that Jasper can produce content with a natural tone by simply entering keywords and topics.

5. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is one of the most outstanding options as one of the sites like Quillbot. It is a free online paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to restructure sentences and substitute appropriate words with synonyms without altering the text’s meaning. Like Quillbot, it has various modes like Word Transformer, Sentence Rephraser, and more. So, it also allows users to change the tone of the content.

You can upload documents like doc or pdf or paste or type text into the input box with Paraphrase Online. And all you need to do is to simply tap on the summary button and your text will be changed.

6. WordAi

WordAi is one of the Quillbot alternatives based on artificial intelligence that uses cutting-edge algorithms to assist you in creating content of high quality. With the assistance of NLP (Natural Language Processing) tech, it comprehends the setting of your text and modifies the article that sounds like it is delivered by a human. 

It goes through every one of the sentences and rebuilds your sentences from scratch. Additionally, it shares a user-friendly interface with Quilbot. You should simply paste the text, pick the number of modifications and WordAi will show you results in no time. All these features make it one of the best websites like Quillbot.

7. Paraphrasing Tool 

Paraphrasing Tool can reword up to 10,000 words without signing up on this free Quillbot alternative. And there are two ways to paraphrase it: basic and advanced. Basic rewording includes basically repeating the text you entered in different words. On the other hand, the advanced option will offer you a greater jargon with a more profound comprehension of the construction of the text you entered.

When you pick the basic choice, the device will rephrase the text inside a similar window. And if you choose advanced, it will guide you to Quillbot, where the text will be expertly reworded with a more complex tone. So, it is one of the simple yet efficient Quillbot similar sites.

8. Chimp Rewriter 

Chimp Rewriter is a downloadable free alternative to Quillbot. And, the tool is very proficient to deal with your summarizing needs. In addition to this, it offers an article reworking feature too. The software has an intuitive user interface and you can paraphrase the content quickly and in large quantities. 

Chimp Rewriter, like a few other alternatives to QuillBot, lets you rewrite in 12 different languages. To paraphrase and rewrite your articles, Chimp Rewriter makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology. So these guarantee that the nature of the created content is top-notch.

9. Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief is one of the other websites like Quillbot that uses AI and Natural Language Processing to rephrase your text. And you can paraphrase 10,000 characters at a time with the free version. Additional features like article scraper, paragraph and sentence swap spin,  and batch spinning multiple articles are included in its various paid plans.

The application allows you to type or paste the text. Plus, the appropriate spin quality can be selected by the user from the options of slight, normal, or heavy. And with just one click, you can also copy the entire paraphrased text. This makes it another one of the websites similar to Quillbot that is easy to use.

10. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is known for its plagiarism and grammar tools, but it also offers to paraphrase. You can either reorder your text or transfer a document straightforwardly in this Quillbot free alternative. It uses AI, so the rewriting is done rapidly and productively so you can get the result quickly.

The good part is that you can do everything with this one site, which also includes a large library of words and their synonyms, a grammar check option, and a plagiarism tool. But, as one of the Quillbot like sites, Duplichecker restricts you to rewording up to 2,000 characters.


Quillbot is one of the most impressive summarizing and paraphrasing tools that uses artificial intelligence. The tool has a number of other features like grammar checks. In any case, Quillbot may not be the most ideal choice for everybody. 

And so, we’ve listed some other websites like Quillbot. You can now clearly determine which paraphrasing tool is best for you, and choose the best alternative to Quillbot!

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