Websites Like Cargurus To Find Your Perfect Car [Verified 10]

Purchasing cars is no more a hassle with apps and websites that offer a marketplace with new and old listings. Cargurus is one such website, and there are a number of websites like Cargurus. A number of these apps offer significant experiences that you will not get from a showroom, similar to value examinations and showroom surveys. 

A large number of them also include convenient instruments like credit calculators and filters that show vehicles that fit into your financial plan. People are also increasingly considering buying used cars these days. 

And the boom of app-based car-buying services and the abundance of online resources have made it easier than ever to buy a used car. A lot of the more recent services make it easier to buy cars directly and have them delivered by serving as a one-stop shop.

What Is Cargurus?

CarGurus is a website for car research and shopping that helps users compare local listings for new and used cars and get in touch with sellers. It gives buyers a straightforward method for finding a huge number of new and utilized vehicle postings from online retailers. The site also introduced CarOffer, a service that makes owners who want to sell their cars online instant cash, in 2022.

However, there are a number of other sites like Cargurus that have way more listings and features! And in this article, we will list the top sites similar to Cargurus!

Verified List of Top 10 Websites Like Cargurus To Find Your Perfect Car


Best Cargurus Alternative To Explore

1. TrueCar

Cars for sale are offered by dealerships nationwide through partnerships with the platform. TrueCar offers an estimate when you sell your vehicle based on the information about it – such as the brand, make, and model. On this Cargurus alternative, additional data points like the colour of the vehicle or additional equipment can be added.

Additionally, customers can use the platform to buy a car right away. Since the company does not buy cars, operational costs and risk are significantly reduced. Instead, it makes money by charging dealerships a fee for each TrueCar-sold vehicle.

2. AutoNation

With over 300 locations across the nation, AutoNation is one of the largest automotive retailers in the United States. These actual dealerships not only sell cars but also take care of maintenance and repair work. Each year, more than 4.3 million vehicles are fixed by its service team.

AutoNation has a wide range of businesses today, including express buying, financing, new and used car sales, and more. This is one of the car websites like Cargurus that accounts for over 50% of its revenue. Near 30,000 individuals are presently utilized by the organization whose site is visited 1.3 multiple times every month.

3. Vroom

Vroom is one of the sites similar to Cargurus where customers can look through a wide range of used and certified pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. It provides financing through a network of third-party lenders, which gives clients greater adaptability to support their vehicle buys.

Vroom lets customers trade in their existing vehicles as part of the car-buying process, in addition to offering financing options. On Vroom’s platform, customers can get a trade-in value for their current vehicle, which can be used to buy a new one.

Additionally, like Cargurus similar sites, it provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing a used car by offering a seven-day return policy on its vehicles. Customers can return their purchases for a full refund within seven days if they are not satisfied.

4. is a website where you can buy and sell new and used automobiles. This is one of the websites like Cargurus that permits clients to peruse and buy vehicles from a great many merchants, including people and vendors. Additionally, offers financing and trade-in options to assist both buyers and sellers in the car-buying process.

It’s important to note that like any other internet-based commercial center, you’ll have to address any outstanding concerns prior to making a purchase. might not have a similar degree of command over the nature of its vehicles as Cargurus does. All things considered, however, is among the helpful and dependable car sites like Cargurus for vehicle purchasers.

5. CarsDirect

CarsDirect makes it simple for car buyers to compare listings from nearby dealerships. This is another one of the companies like Cargurus for the best basic used car website due to its straightforward search engine, and user-friendly car buyer guides.

However, CarsDirect does more than just display listings from local dealers. It also shows the best deals in a buyer’s area, upcoming seasonal deals, and prices on upcoming models to help car shoppers narrow down their search.

This is among the websites like Cargurus that also provide a trade-in valuation tool, reviews, car news, videos, reports, and a variety of other resources for car buyers. In addition, users can save their favourite searches and set up email alerts for specific deals or vehicles.

6. Autolist

Autolist is a one-of-a-kind website and one of the unique sites like Cargurus that aggregates listings from dozens of websites and apps for used cars into a single location. The CARFAX report, price changes, and other useful information can be found on the company’s user-friendly website and mobile app.

Users can also set up email alerts for vehicles based on specific search criteria by signing up for a free Autolist account. In 2020, Cargurus bought Autolist, which also lets owners sell their cars online with an intelligent tool that gives them a fair asking price based on what other cars in their area are selling for.

7. Carvana

Carvana is a vehicle purchasing site that allows you to pick the vehicle you need from its list of pre-owned cars. Depending on where you live, you can also use the website to apply for prequalification for a car loan and have the vehicle delivered. You can pick up your purchase from a very advanced car vending machine that is interesting to use.

You also get a limited warranty of 100 days or 4,189 miles, whichever comes first with apps like Cargurus, and all vehicles come with a 150-point inspection. Additionally, it also offers a seven-day return window.

8. Edmunds

When you’re looking for a car, Edmunds is one of the best places to find expert reviews and pricing information. This Cargurus alternative has a car comparison tool that ranks vehicles with measures like ratings, mileage and proprietorship costs.

You can also find new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles in your area on the website’s vehicle marketplace. To help you determine whether the price is reasonable, Edmunds uses a deal-rating score to rank vehicles on the website. Cars purchased from such websites like Cargurus may be eligible for a 12-month roadside assistance plan and a warranty of either 1,000 miles or 30 days for some models.

9. AutoTempest

AutoTempest is among the websites similar to Cargurus and works in a similar way, but it also has a way to save searches so that they can be visited again. It makes it easier to find the car of your dreams by providing up-to-date blogs, vehicle reviews, and buyer guides.

Buying a used car has many advantages, such as the ability to swap out the vehicle whenever necessary, exceptional features at comparatively low prices, and advanced technology options. AutoTempest offers assembled postings from the biggest vehicle sites to the purchaser and gives purchaser guides on savvy search pages.

10. CarFax 

CarFax is one of the car websites like Cargurus that offers postings for utilized vehicles from showrooms. And by far most of the vehicles recorded on the application incorporate a free CarFax report, which is the business standard for vehicle history reports. Each posting incorporates a CarFax rating, telling clients about their choice if it is of great value in view of the vehicle’s fairly estimated worth.

A loan payment calculator, which takes into account your down payment, interest rate, and loan term, is included in the listings. The application also gives each posting’s cost history since it was first recorded on the application.


Cargurus is an online car dealership platform that offers a space to find new and second-hand cars. This is one such website that is a one-stop-shop to car buying – and there are other websites like Cargurus.

Strong inventory, access to vehicle history information, and tools for competitive pricing are common features of many of the best apps for car shopping. Such applications offer surveys and client reviews for the overwhelming majority of vehicle models, which can give supportive information on whether a particular vehicle is ideal for you.

This list will help you find your perfect car!

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