Top Quantum App Development Companies - June 2023

The latest techniques for app development in the current market trends come around as quickly as the latest smartphone model. Cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and many others power mobile applications. 

Quantum computing is also one of them. Quantum computers can process more data faster than traditional computers because they base calculations and operations on the state of an object, which is why many quantum app development companies have opened. 

Some of the benefits of quantum application development may also include; Productivity, Knowledge of algorithms, Speed. This helps the internal team members develop the system and adds a user experience that satisfies customer demands.

Quantum App Development Companies

What is Quantum Application Development?

The building of quantum computing into the core processing and mobile app database of a platform is called Quantum app development. Quantum computing can process complex datasets as it relies on qubits and quantum mechanics, unlike traditional computers that use the binary values “0” and “1”. Thus, we can say that, when in comparison with traditional and classic computers, quantum apps have the potential to perform complex computations more rapidly. Consequently, companies are becoming interested in incorporating quantum computing capabilities into their applications. Further, experts contend, based on current research, that this technology will have long-term effects on AI, banking, and cybersecurity applications.

Trusted Quantum App Development Companies In USA

From the market to industries, exploring how companies from different industries use practical quantum app development computing technology to their benefit. These companies are either collaborating in joint research or using a quantum computer to do core research in the technology. 
In this part, we have covered the companies that have indulged in the core research of making a quantum computer as Quantum computing research trends, Leading businesses and well-known startups, top nations for conducting research and the effects of quantum computing on various sectors of the economy.

Our Criteria For Choosing The Best Quantum App Developers

Size of the Company

Client Reviews


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Verified Top 10 Quantum App Development Companies List

Quantum IT Innovation logo
Founded In: 2010
Employees: 50 - 200

Quantum IT Innovation

One of the best American quantum app development companies in New York is Quantum IT Innovation, and the productivity with which they deliver their work in the form of developing an app makes them the best of all.

Their business makes sure to provide a project development estimate to customers after they have a clear understanding of the product they are developing. Some of the services they may include are; Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Digital branding, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Digital marketing, etc.

Atom Computing logo
Founded In: 2018
Employees: 11 - 50

Atom Computing

Atom Computing is another recently established American company that creates quantum app development applications. Being the best on the market is its main priority. They focus on ensuring customers receive error-free and scalable quantum computing. 

They are attempting to accelerate and simplify the quantum computing world. Additionally, they hope to assemble a team that includes people with a keen interest in quantum computing. The main service they are focusing on is creating and operating quantum computers.

IBM logo
Founded In: 1911
Employees: 10K+


IBM is an American hardware development company and also one of the best quantum app development companies. They describe themselves as quantum developers and help to solve the problems faced by the quantum computing sector. 

IBM also offers a course in quantum development, which also offers certification. The company is huge, and its primary focus is not quantum computing. They provide services like; cloud-based quantum app development, Consulting and Technology Support, Financing and IT infrastructure, etc.

Founded In: 2016
Employees: 51 - 200


One of the best Canadian-based quantum app development companies is XANADU Service Providers, which helps in providing quantum app development services. The introduction of photonic hardware is what makes it extraordinary. Any of the enterprises can now use the XANADU Photonic Harare, the XANADU Quantum Cloud, and the Strawberry Fields Application Library.

With the creation of PennyLane, the company is also attempting to advance the field of quantum machine learning. Quantum computing, deep learning, quantum simulations, quantum algorithms, etc., are a few of the services they can provide. 

Microsoft logo
Founded In: 1975
Employees: 10K+


Based in Washington, DC, Microsoft is a company that develops hardware and software. They primarily aim to create Azure-compatible, hardware-accelerated computing resources for Microsoft’s quantum computing development kit.

The business has also developed Q#, a brand-new quantum programming language. This programming language aids in the efficient creation of sophisticated applications. They can also provide the following services which includes teaching quantum computing, running complex quantum operations with Q#, and developing quantum applications to run in various environments which leads a great impact in market.

ColdQuanta logo
Founded In: 2007
Employees: 51 - 200


ColdQuanta is a cloud-based quantum application development platform that aims to overcome the world’s most challenging quantum computing problems. The ColdQuanta cold atom method makes it flexible for various applications throughout the quantum universe.

They will soon possess many different quantum machines and gadgets. They will therefore be able to release high-precision clocks on the market as well. The company may release a variety of items at this rate of development, including radiofrequency receivers and navigation and positioning systems. They can offer various main services, including quantum computing, quantum sensors, quantum machines, and UHV glass cells.

D-Wave logo
Founded In: 2019
Employees: 51 - 200


D-Wave is a business specializing in creating practical quantum app development applications for use in daily life. The company makes sure that their applications are easier for users to use and also is easy to understand which attracts the most traffic towards it. 

This community can assist other business customers with any questions they may have about quantum computing or other relevant problems consumers have with the app, so that the questionnaire section is conducted which also develops the interest of the user.

Nokia Bells logo
Founded In: 1925
Employees: 10K+

Nokia Bells

The research division of the company Nokia is called Nokia Bells Labs. Their creative engine aids in quickening the pace of technological advancement for quantum application development systems, primary businesses, and primary services.

Future standards are being established by the foundational technologies that the company is currently using. Beyond the current 5G, they are attempting to look into the future. They can offer various core services, including telecommunications, cloud computing, augmented intelligence, and 5G, 4G, and 6G networks.

Strange Works logo
Founded In: 2018
Employees: 11 - 51

Strange Works

Many researchers, businesses, and developers use Strangeworks, an American software and quantum app development company, on a regular basis. Their app aims to demystify the mysterious world of quantum computing for the general public who can also explore the best technology among all. 

This business works with a software-inclusive environment for creating quantum software and quantum applications. It supports all of the main quantum frameworks and requires no installation which also helps us be easy to use.

Google logo
Founded In: 1998
Employees: 10K+


As we know, Google is a multinational corporation that deals with various issues, from operating system development to being a search engine. The organization has unveiled a section titled Quantum AI. Six key milestones have been set for Google’s quantum-computing roadmap. The quantum advantage was used in the first case, and in the second case, the latest result was used.

They want to expand upon and broaden the already enormous field of quantum app development applications. The world’s leading quantum processor and stimulator result from research and development on the subject.

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Conclusion: Quantum App Development Companies

The quantum app development sector may change the future of many industries. The use of quantum computing by well-known companies is increasing as a means of increasing productivity. It can also help reduce manpower and help them become unique to competitors. To prepare for the future, companies and organizations need to consider the advantages of quantum computing strategically.

This article lists and thoroughly examines the world’s best quantum app development companies. You must consider several factors before choosing the ideal developer for you who can use quantum app development tools very technically to provide the best services. Finally, each of these applications effectively utilizes quantum computing in general.

FAQ About Quantum App Development Companies

The most interactive and challenging problems can be solved using quantum computing, which can potentially revolutionize the level of computation.

Strong encryption keys made by quantum computers using the random number generation method are difficult to decrypt by traditional computers.