How Much Does It Cost To Start A Food Delivery Service

Every region of the country has a distinct flavor of cuisine that differs significantly from one area to the next. In recent years, there has been a meaningful increase in demand for world cuisines and, most importantly, for home delivery. This tradition was first followed by telephone delivery, as people made orders with surrounding eateries. Because delivering quick was difficult and costly, only a few upscale restaurants provided this service. Therefore, nobody had thought to start a food delivery service. 

However, meal tech start-ups like Ubereats and Doordash entered the picture over time and permanently changed the food delivery game. So, whether you’re a seller who doesn’t want to partner with food tech companies or are just starting out with your food-tech firm, you’re probably wondering how much does it cost to start a food delivery service.

A food delivery business requires a minimum startup cost of $62.

The maximum cost to start a food delivery business can go up to $35,923.

The average price of starting a food delivery business is $19,267.

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry since we’ve broken out the costs below.

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Food Delivery Business?

Cost is directly dependent on a variety of elements. First, we’ll glance at what they are, and then we’ll look at how the various cost variables play a role in starting a food delivery business. 

Tech Solutions you should have if you want to start a food delivery business with the potential to become prominent in the future:

Start a Food Delivery
Source – Freelancergroups
  • Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Website

It is a professional mobile responsive website where your customers can visit, identify neighboring restaurants, and place orders through their desk systems. Yes, some consumers still choose to spend most of their time online on a desktop device and prefer to utilize websites rather than mobile apps.

  • Web Backends For Merchants

A separate backend for merchants should exist to maintain their daily deals, food menu simply, and listing data. This online backend also displays their financial information, time-bound sales report, and so forth. Consequently makes it vital to have if you want to start a food delivery service. 

  • Web Backend For Platform Owner

There is a master online backend system that manages all merchants, their accounts, orders, and offers on the platform, as well as the functionality of the website and food ordering mobile app. Master admins can provide permission-based access to their employees in order to control the business’s operations. Without this, you’ll be unable to start a food delivery business. 

  • Web-based Distribution Web Portal

You should have a web console to control and track the delivery team’s online and offline status, order delivery status, activity, current position, and so on.

  • Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Applications

Similar to a website, there will be iPhone and Android apps where customers can find local restaurants, make orders, view their food menus, and place orders. Besides, having mobile apps has an extra benefit. You may deliver push notifications to app users directly as part of a marketing campaign.

  • Restaurant Order Management Applications

Your restaurant owner should use mobile apps or mobile devices to manage orders on the fly. Because it might be cumbersome to continually be seated in front of a computer while utilizing a web-based order management tool. In addition, your restaurant employees will find it simple to manage orders via apps with just a few clicks.

  • Driver Apps

This mobile application is for riders of your food delivery service. With these apps, drivers can discover the delivery task on their mobile. Additionally, clients can monitor order delivery on a map in real-time, and so on.

The IT solutions listed above are required to launch a food delivery marketplace business.

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Factors Influencing The Various Costs Of Food Delivery Business Applications

  • Custom Vs. Ready-To-Use Solutions

To get ready with your tech solutions, you can go with custom development, where all apps will be coded according to your instructions and list of needs. This is often costly and takes 4 – 5 months to design, followed by a few weeks for testing, etc. However, currently, numerous organizations offer ready-to-use meal delivery marketplace software. Ready-to-use food delivery marketplace solutions are already tested solutions since they have already served clients and are often far less expensive than bespoke application development. So, if you are finding an answer to how much does it cost to start a food delivery service and want to find something cheaper, then go for ready-to-use solutions. 

  • Developer’s Location

There are two options for acquiring a solution in the digital sector: contact a local food app development firm or hunt for food app development companies in offshore nations. Further, there are significant pricing disparities depending on how you proceed. Therefore, we can say that location will definitely affect the answer of how much does it cost to start a food delivery service.  

Further, if you live in a western country, your local business will price you between $50000 and $100,000 for the entire solution development.

  • Characteristics

What features you want to see in food delivery marketplace applications also have a role in how much does it cost to start a food delivery service. More intricate features are expensive, whilst common food marketplace features are less expensive. However, all of this occurs when you choose the route of bespoke application development. Whereas in ready-to-use food delivery marketplace applications, you may save money by simply deciding whether to start with or without a website or with or without apps.

Some Supplementary Information On How Much Does It Cost To Start A Food Delivery Service

If you intend to have a physical site for your food delivery service, you must consider the rent price since this may be the most expensive aspect of running your business.

Rent for your food delivery service is highly dependent on your location. This cost will vary depending on the region and location. For example, a lease in the center of Manhattan might cost more than $80,000 per month in rent. In the meanwhile, a storefront lease in Florida or Tennessee may cost less than $1,000 per month. Thus, consider the location if you want a brick-and-mortar store to start a food delivery business. 

Expenses For Software

Your food delivery business needs software to function properly!

Why would you invest money in software? Because it may help you save time and automate some aspects of your business, allowing you to focus on what is most essential. Software and technology may help you build your business while saving you money on labor costs. Yes, it may affect the reply to how much does it cost to start a food delivery service, but it comes with a plethora of benefits. 

CostMin CostMax Cost
CRM Software $12$300
Accounting & Invoicing Software$0$50
Internal Communication Tool$0$20
IT Support $150$2,000

Website Fees

Every business should own a website, and it’s worth the investment if you want to start a food delivery service.

CostMin CostMax Cost
Domain Name$12$200
Website Hosting Costs$0$300
Website Builder$10$500
Business Email Hosting Service$1$15


What Is the Business of Food Delivery?

Food delivery refers to the pickup and delivery of cooked meals from bars, diners, restaurants, caterers, kitchens, and other meal prep businesses to consumers.

Is Food Delivery a Profitable Business?

YES! It most emphatically is. And this has become much more enunciated in recent years. In reality, in 2020, 1,231.9 million consumers used meal delivery services. And in 2025, the number of platform-to-consumer and restaurant-to-consumer deliveries is expected to reach 2,114.3 million each.

Is It Simple to Start a Food Delivery Service?

Both yes and no. The ease with which you may start a food delivery service is determined by your ability to create and manage it in accordance with your budget and business plan.
Most people believe that delivery needs you to generate funds in order to hire employees, purchase cars, and invest in tools and equipment. This is not true. Internal vs. external delivery fleets are used for the majority of food deliveries. You can outsource those services if you don’t have the funds to develop a fleet.

How Do Food Delivery Companies Profit?

Food delivery is a profitable business. This is specifically true if you run an online meal delivery service. Further, the amount of money you’ll make from delivery is determined by a variety of things. For example, urban areas pay more for delivery than rural areas. Additionally, targeting businesses in residential areas will yield more profit.

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