How to Make Money on Audible & Earn Passive Income

Audible is a well-known online audiobook and podcast service or platform that enables users to buy and stream audiobooks or other forms of content that involve spoken content. Apart from the platform for listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and the like, you can use it to make passive income on audible. There are numerous ways in which one can earn through this platform. When you are a listener, you must create an account with this platform. Similarly, when you want to make money through this platform, you need to have an account.

It is because the ways of earning here involve methods such as the audible affiliate program, becoming a narrator, selling services, and the like. We can refer to this platform as an excellent service for readers and those who like listening to stories and podcasts. It includes every genre of book, almost all the famous books. You can be a part of this platform either as a reader or an earner to earn money with audible

Can you make money on audible?

Audible is a platform for audiobooks, podcasts, and all spoken content. But, when you think about it, a team working behind this platform makes this possible. So, when you are a part of that team, directly or indirectly, and help this platform in its functioning, you can readily earn money audibly. Many ways exist that help you make money through this platform. You can get paid to read audiobooks when you have the necessary skills to be a good narrator. Or, when you are good at promoting things, you can earn by being a part of the audible affiliate program. Also, if you are good at persuading people to buy something, you can sell on Audible its products and services and earn through it. So, there are numerous ways to earn money from audible.

How to Make Money on Audible

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Audiobooks
  • Selling Products and Services of Audible
  • Becoming a Narrator 
  • Listen to Audiobooks 

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How to Make Money With Audible

  • Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has mainly become popular in recent years. We can refer to it as an advertising model where a company compensates with a third-party publisher. As a result, it helps them generate leads and traffic to the services and products of the company. And it is exactly how you, too, can make money audibly. The third-parties work as the affiliate, and the commission fees they receive act as incentives for the company’s promotion. 

Sometimes, when you listen to a podcast on audible, you must have heard the podcaster asking you to access subscription services through a specific link. It is precisely what affiliate marketing is and the perfect way to make money with audible. So, what will be your work when you want to use the affiliate marketing method for earning in the audible platform?

You will be an Audible affiliate. And being so, your responsibility will be to promote the platform’s services. How would you do so? You will be promoting the platform by sharing a specific link in your social media ola forms, podcasts, websites and the like. As and when people follow that link, it will enable them to sign up for a free trial of Audible. The free trial will be as long as 30 days. Your target will be to get as many people as possible to sign up via that link. The more people sign up through the link, the better it is for you. 

Your work becomes easier when you already have a following. With each person signing up through your link, you get $15. And when you do an excellent job promoting the platform, it becomes easy to make money from audible. Thus, you here have to promote in a way that compels users or people to sign up via your link. 

  • Creating Audiobooks 

The first point was about prompting the platform. It is challenging for everyone to promote something, requiring a separate set of skills and diligence. What If we try some other method to make money from audible? And what if that method involves creativity? Yes! You can readily make money on this platform when you have a creative mindset and love artistic aspects. 

So, with your creative eye, you can make your audiobook at Audible. And that can be a great source of income through this platform. However, it will require you to put in some more effort than the efforts that you would have required for producing books. It is because the book need not have any narration of themselves, but audiobooks require both writing and the narration of the content. At the same time, the return that you get, that is, when you make money using audible through your audiobooks, becomes worth all the effort. The return is substantial and fulfilling. 

Audible has a self-publishing platform, Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). There, the creators can easily make their count and upload their audiobooks. And with that, they get to make money using audible through their audiobooks. With every sale that you make on this platform of your audiobook, you get the payment. Your audiobooks appear not only on Audible but also on Amazon and iTunes. You can consider an estimated range of your earnings through your sale of audiobooks on Audible from $15 to $20. 

In a way, you can also use this method to get paid to record audiobooks. How? Well, you create your audiobook, record them for the platform yourself and get paid to record audiobooks. 

  • Selling Products and Services of Audible 

So, by now, we have discussed two methods, one involved promoting the platform, and the other involved selling on this platform. So, why not amalgamate the first two methods and make a new and third method to make money using audible? Sounds interesting! Well, the third method involves you selling the products and services of Audible. It is a straightforward task and involves simple duties, which is to make maximum sales of Audible products and services. Therefore, you will be helping Audible sell its products and services.

What will be selling? It will include selling audio versions of ebooks, books and other products and services you want.  You can make money selling audiobooks, podcasts, or other such audio content on this platform. How can you sell the products and services of Audible? It is simple. You must create your account, record the product or service in your voice, and then upload it on the platform. So, here, you simply make money selling audiobooks and other audio content. And as the sales start, you start earning with each sale. In this method, you need not make any promotions to make money through audible. 

  • Becoming a Narrator 

What is the most crucial feature or functional characteristic of the Audible platform? It is the work of the narrator. Without the narrators, the entire platform will be meaningless. So, why not become one and make money through audible? Yes, you can readily become an audiobook narrator on this platform and earn money through your narration work. Numerous, as many as hundreds of writers, are searching for someone who can perfectly narrate their audiobooks. If you think you have all the requirements for being a narrator for one of the writers, and their audiobooks, you must opt for this method to make passive income on audible. And, with that, become an audiobook narrator to make an excellent income. 

The AACX, or Audiobook Creation Exchange platform, also comes into play here. On the platform of ACX, the narrators can create their profiles and upload samples of their voice work. So, you must make an account on ACX and upload the best samples of your voice work. So, you can 

make money narrating audiobooks. It is best to use a good-quality microphone and ensure the best possible recording conditions while recording your voice content for sample or audiobook narrations. The work here is simple and straightforward, which is, to make money narrating audiobooks.

After setting your profile on ACX, you can begin searching for the books you are willing to narrate for or provide your voice. For each project you are eager to undertake, you must audition by recording yourself reading from the manuscript. And when the writers choose you, you will record or produce the entire audiobook and upload the same on the platform. And thus, you get paid to read audiobooks.

As a narrator, you can put for anyone the following three ways to make passive income on audible

  • Per-finished-hour (PFH)- Here, you receive a flat rate payment for the entire book. 
  • Royalty share- In this way, you have to split royalties in a half-n-half proportion with the author or the rights holder.
  • Royalty share plus- It involves a combination of PFH and royalty share. 

We can say that when you choose this audible make money method, you can expect an earning of about $500 to $5000 every month. It depends on the narration, the topic, the length of the audiobook and most importantly, your quality of narration and performance. Therefore, you get paid for reading audiobooks accordingly. 

  • Listen to Audiobooks 

Often many writers search for people who can listen to their audiobooks. It is more like proofreading an audiobook, or we can better call it proofreading the audiobooks. So, you get paid to listen to audiobooks. The work is simple, you listen to the audiobook of a certain writer, pace your constructive criticisms and thus, get paid to listen to audiobooks. 

Final Words 

Making money in this world now has different oaths. And each of them is unique, exciting and requires determination. Audible also offers you an excellent opportunity to earn money from its platform. You can get paid for reading audiobooks, selling services or making your audiobooks.

You have different ways to earn money from audible. And in this discussion, we have discussed how to make money on audible in all the possible ways. Look at your skills and choose the best way to make money on audible.

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