How To Get Towing Contracts With Insurance Companies in 2023

A professional in roadside assistance who provides third-party towing services is known as a towing contractor. To meet their towing requirements, organizations, agencies, and businesses hire towing contractors. Insurance companies are an important sector in this space. So if you’re wondering how to get towing contracts with insurance companies, read on!

Owners of businesses are put in a position to deal with a wide range of situations and challenges in this job, such as changing tires in heavy traffic, rescuing a vehicle that has capsized, and dealing with dissatisfied clients. There are a few options available to you if you want to get government towing contracts:

  • Fill in as a worker of a towing organization, which will pay for your time and mastery and sell your administrations at a more exorbitant cost.
  • Hire employees and start your own towing business, then sell their time and expertise to customers.

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How To Get Towing Contracts With Insurance Companies?

Customers of numerous insurance companies can take advantage of roadside assistance services. They additionally need tow trucks to offer these types of assistance, so you could consider towing for an insurance agency.

Towing companies can obtain tow contracts to generate a consistent flow of business. Depending on the kind of work you want to do, you can look at contracts in many different places. Insurance companies are a great space to expand your towing business, but there are legalities and contracts.

People Often Question How to Get Towing Contracts With Insurance Companies. And The Steps Are Quite Simple 

1. Getting Permits

Numerous states require towing companies to possess the necessary permits. Permits for consent towing, indictment management, and private property are the most fundamental ones. The state in which you live will determine whether or not additional permits are required.

Conducting the necessary inquiry is one method for determining this. You should get all the information you need from the office of the county or city clerk.

2. Driver’s License

A class B commercial driver’s license from your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is required to legally operate a tow truck. Each state has various prerequisites for getting one, through a composed test and a driving assessment. Depending on the state, you should get your license renewed every five to eight years.

3. Find Insurance Companies

Find the local insurance companies that include towing coverage in their policies. You can also look for local branches of national insurance companies.

Contact the insurance companies to find out how they select partners for towing companies. You can also inquire about the criteria and requirements they need to meet to become a preferred towing vendor.

4. Provide Services They Require

It’s critical to keep in mind that every insurance company has its own specific requirements regarding the towing companies they prefer. It is essential to conduct research and learn about the particular requirements of insurance companies in order to increase your chances of securing towing contracts with them. Offering service round-the-clock, providing trucks with GPS tracking, and adhering to certain industry standards are all common requirements.

There are a number of insurance companies that require towing contractors like Geico and Allstate. If you’re wondering how to get a towing contract with Geico, we’ve got you covered!

How To Get A Towing Contract With Geico?

Whether you have a punctured tire or simply need a kick off, Geico’s Emergency aides can help rapidly and effectively through the Geico mobile application. In the Geico mobile app, all of their roadside assistance services can be requested with just a few taps. So, clearly, Geico has a constant requirement for towing businesses. 

To get a towing contract with Geico, you can check for vacancies in their job section on the website. Or you can directly reach out to discuss quotations. The requirements that they need can be added or enhanced in order to fit in the company regulations. 

Similarly, if you’re wondering how to get a towing contract with Allstate, it’s almost similar.

How To Get A Towing Contract With Allstate?

For services like light, medium, and heavy-duty towing, as well as non-tow roadside assistance, Allstate is always looking for partnerships with providers that consistently deliver excellent results.

You can apply to be a contractor by filling out a form online, sending in paperwork via email or mail, or getting in touch with Allstate directly. Allstate might require towing project workers to go to a gathering or interview prior to being endorsed to join their organization. 

This is a chance for Allstate agents to get to know your company and make sure it meets their quality and professionalism standards. To remain a part of the Allstate network, towing companies will need to meet ongoing requirements and standards once they are approved.

Finally, the most common query is regarding how to get a towing contract with AAA. And this is how!

How To Get A Towing Contract With AAA?

Towing companies can increase their business by partnering with AAA’s roadside assistance program. Many roadside assistance professionals working with AAA are local businesses contracted by the organization. 

To become a contractor, towing companies must visit the nearest AAA office and submit an application along with the required documents. Once approved, they can start receiving calls for roadside assistance. It is important to note that there may be additional requirements and standards that towing companies will need to meet.


If you have a towing business and constantly wonder how to get towing contracts with insurance companies or government towing contracts, this is your answer. In order to get towing contracts, it’s important to understand their needs and constantly upgrade yourself. 

The other important step is to be informed and get all legalities and paperwork on point. Finally, you can get in touch with different insurance companies like Geico or Allstate.

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