How To Convert Sweatcoins To Real Money?

Finding ways to monetize our everyday activities has become increasingly popular in today’s digital era. Sweatcoin, a fitness app that rewards users with Sweatcoins for physical activity, has received much attention. It may be difficult to engage in physical activity such as walking or running outside. Exercise frequency is influenced by various factors such as fatigue, a lack of motivation, weather conditions, and other similar factors. 

While sweatcoins cannot be converted directly into traditional currencies, there are several methods for doing so. 

This comprehensive guide will look at several methods for converting your hard-earned Sweatcoins into cash.

What is a Sweatcoin App?

Sweatcoin is a mobile application that allows users to earn Sweatcoins (SWEAT) by walking or running outside. It is a popular fitness application that allows users to earn Sweatcoin in exchange for participating in various physical activities such as walking, cycling, and other similar exercises. 

Discounts, free items, monetary value, electronic devices, equipment, music, fitness sessions, and other benefits can be obtained by exchanging coins. Sweatcoin, a rewards program launched in the United Kingdom in 2014, has tracked over 5 billion steps.

How to Convert Sweatcoins to Real Money? 

Sweatcoins currently does not support the withdrawal of Sweatcoins as cash. 

Sweatcoin, a gamified fitness app, rewards users with cryptocurrency for their exercise and activity levels. Sweatcoin cannot be exchanged for currency, but your rewards can be used as payment. On the other hand, companies rarely offer monetary rewards, such as those offered by PayPal or Amazon.

You can only convert your Sweatcoin balance to cash by purchasing one of the PayPal or Amazon gift cards frequently appearing in the app’s auctions. If you feel generous, you can donate sweatcoins to worthy causes using the Sweatcoins For Good feature.  

Accumulating And Exploring Sweatcoins Marketplace

Sweatcoins must first be accumulated before they can be converted into real money. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your steps and converts them into sweatcoins. Sweat coins are earned by walking, running, or participating in outdoor activities.

Sweatcoin features an in-app marketplace where users can spend their Sweatcoins on various products, services, and experiences. While this does not directly convert sweatcoins into cash, it does provide the opportunity to obtain valuable items that can later be sold for money.

How to Start Earning

  • Sweatcoin and the Sweat Wallet app are available for free download on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Sweat Wallet can be launched by registering for Sweatcoin and selecting Log In with Sweatcoin from the menu. 
  • After you select this, the Sweatcoin app will prompt you to opt into cryptocurrency. After following the on-screen instructions, click Get Your Wallet.
  • Your confirmed email address will receive a six-digit code. 
  • Please keep this email safe; you will need the six-digit code to regain access to your account if you lose it.
  • Launch Sweat Wallet and click the “Approve Login” button.
  • When prompted, after approving the login, click “Open Your Wallet.” Your SWEAT tokens should now be visible in the system. You can send and receive rewards, exchange, trade, send, and earn them from this location.
  • You can use the Sweatcoin Help Center to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

How to Transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal?

PayPal is a popular way to exchange Sweatcoins for real money. Users can transfer their Sweatcoins directly to their PayPal accounts using certain conversion apps. Connecting your PayPal account to the conversion app allows you to sell your Sweatcoins and receive the equivalent value in PayPal funds.

  • Go to the market and click the “PayPal Reward” button to purchase this. Unfortunately, the app does not display a PayPal incentive if it is currently unavailable. Continue to look for it every day. To withdraw through PayPal, you must have a balance of 20,000 Coins.
  • Please then check your inbox for an email containing instructions on how to redeem your chosen offer. Click on the buy button.
  • You can convert your sweatcoins into PayPal funds by following the instructions.

How do I cash out on Sweatcoin on Android?

  • To begin, download the Sweatcoin app. The Android app can be found and downloaded from the Google Play Store. Its instantly recognizable icon is a capital letter S shattered against a blue background.
  • After you finish installing Sweatcoin, you can access it by typing “sweatcoin” into your device’s search function, home screen, or app drawer. Once you have found it, click to open it.
  • The shopping bag icon is in your screen’s upper right corner. You will be directed to the relevant shopping offers by clicking the links.
  • When you are ready to check out, go to your shopping bag and click the PayPal button.
  • Select an offer by following the instructions on the screen. The proposal’s “how to claim” section will walk you through all the steps required to cash out your sweatcoin.
  • The “Buy” button is located directly beneath the image of the offer in the header. Sweatcoin prices are displayed when you tap the icon. 

How To Transfer Money From Sweatcoin To Bank Account

  •  Choose a Conversion App: Find a reputable conversion app that transfers Sweatcoin funds to bank accounts.  Examine the app’s reviews and track record of secure transactions.
  • Install and Configure the App: Download and install the selected conversion app from a reputable source. Once installed, create an account and complete the registration process by providing the required information, such as your name, email address, and sometimes your bank account details.
  • Connect Your Sweatcoin Account: In the conversion app, you should be able to connect your Sweatcoin account. Follow the instructions to link your Sweatcoin account to the conversion app.
  • Choose a Transfer Method: After connecting your Sweatcoin account, go to the app’s transfer section. Select the specific option to transfer funds to your bank account.
  • Enter Your Bank Account Information: Provide your bank account information, including the account number, bank name, and any other required information. To avoid any transfer problems, ensure that the information is correct.
  • Transfer Verification and Confirmation: Review the transfer details, including the amount you want to transfer and any associated fees or charges. Confirm the transfer request and make sure all of the information is correct.  
  • Awaiting Processing: After you confirm the transfer, the conversion app will process your request. The processing time varies depending on the app and your bank’s policies. Be patient during this time.
  • Complete Verification (If Necessary): To ensure security, some conversion apps may require additional verification steps. This may entail presenting identification documents or responding to security questions. To complete any required verification, follow the app’s instructions.
  • Transfer Completion: After the transfer has been processed and verified, the app will transfer funds from your Sweatcoin account to your bank account. You may receive a notification or confirmation email when the transfer is complete.
  • Examine Your Bank Account: Log in to your bank account and confirm that the Sweatcoin funds have been successfully deposited. The timing depends on your bank’s policies, but it is usually within a few business days.


While Sweatcoins cannot be directly converted into traditional currencies, there are several methods for converting Sweatcoins into real money. You can monetize your physical activities by using conversion apps, exploring marketplaces, or privately selling your sweatcoins and receiving tangible rewards for your efforts. Use caution and select reputable platforms to ensure a safe and secure conversion process. 

Begin converting your Sweatcoins today to unlock the possibility of converting your hard-earned steps into real-world value.

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