How Much Does It Cost To Start A Laundromat?

Laundromat is a considerably good business idea, as it has a constant scope for growth. Plus the requirement doesn’t end, because there will always be customers. It is also mostly a one-time investment and does not require constant investments in inventory. If you’re wondering how to start a laundromat, then we have everything you need to know!

But first, here’s what you need to know to start a laundromat business.

What Is A Laundromat?

A coin-operated laundry establishment is referred to as a laundromat. Most of the time, laundromats have rows of washing machines in the middle of the room and a lot of dryers on one or two walls. They provide a solution for those who do not have access to a washing machine at home or to a machine that is large enough to wash certain items.

A laundromat can be convenient not only for budget-conscious travellers but also for residents of a city or town who lack access to a working washer and dryer. However, laundromat customers should utilize their own hampers, bins or packs for their dresses.

How To Start A Laundromat?

1. Choose A Business Model

You can choose the kind of laundry business you want to run. This includes a self-service laundromat, a wash-and-fold service, or a dry cleaning business. Also consider the kinds of administrations you need to give to customers and other components, like area and spending plan. Whatever model you choose, it’s important to learn as much as you can about that particular type of business.

2. Get Permits

Find important information about the licenses required to operate a coin-operated laundry in your area. This can be done by contacting the state or local business administration. In order to comply with laws like how to manage wastewater, you may need specific permits.

3. Choose A Location

Pick a spot that is popular with apartment dwellers, college students, tourists, guests at hotels and motels, and large families. However, keep in mind that you will need to become familiar with the local ordinances and laws that govern where laundromat businesses are permitted to operate. You will also have to get to know nearby drafting regulations and verifiable difficulties prior to choosing a spot.

4. Get Supplies

The next step to start a laundromat business is to buy the things the business needs to succeed. This includes washers, dryers, clothes irons, hangers, garment bags, steamers, detergent, and bleach, all of which improve customer service. You may also need to purchase additional equipment such as benches, chairs, coin collectors, coin dispensers, cleaning supplies and cash registers.

5. Market Your Laundromat

This is the final and important answer to ‘how to start a laundromat’, as without local advertising, no laundromat can survive. Put ads on billboards and in local publications. Purchasing advertisements for highway billboards and local newspapers still pays off to increase visibility. Register accounts on business audit stages like Cry and TripAdvisor. You will be able to respond to positive reviews with thank you notes and address negative reviews with this.

Benefits & Future Of A Laundromat

Since most of the work in a laundromat is done by customers themselves, it is easy to start up and costs little to no money to hire workers. Laundromats, in comparison to other retail-type businesses, incur very low labor costs and are relatively simple to maintain. 

Of course, your store must be cleaned, and you may choose to offer additional services. But, it still requires less labor.

Since customers in the laundry industry pay in advance for your services, you won’t have to follow up on any payments. Additionally, your company won’t have capital tied to unused stock because it will have limited inventory.

The initial investment is on equipment, property, and other things. Other than the occasional replacement of parts and maintenance, laundromats have very little inventory to maintain.

The laundromat business is here to survive. People are going to require laundromats to get avail services that they cannot get at home, or while travelling. Since there are few barriers to entry, laundromats are generally regarded as recession-proof.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Laundromat?

When starting a laundromat from scratch, you can expect to spend anywhere from $400,000 to $90,000, but once you’re up, the initial investment is high. A laundromat is an excellent illustration of a semi-active business model that is capable of establishing an ongoing revenue stream with minimal operational maintenance. 

The startup cost of a laundromat will vary depending on the average size of the establishment, rent, the capacity of the equipment, the number of laundry machines, and laundry carts, the services offered, and other costs. It makes it a popular type of business for many business owners.

If you’re wondering how much to start a laundromat, these basic costs will help you understand the average amount. 

Coin Changer: $500 to $3,000

Soap Vending Machine: $300 to $3,000

Folding Tables: $150 to $1,500 each

Chairs: $60 to $300 each

Security System: $2,500 to $7,500

Washers: $700 to $6,500 each

Driers: $600 to $5,000 each


Every household requires washing their clothes. However, not everyone is able to afford a dryer and washing machine. As a result, operating a laundromat can be a profitable venture. Additionally, laundromats can operate independently and operate round-the-clock, earning thousands of dollars per month.

So if you’re questioning how to start a laundromat or how much does it cost to start a laundromat, then this guide will definitely help!

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