Games For Cats On Phone To Play [Updated Top 10]

Being a cat owner is being familiar with their lovable characteristics! This includes its playful antics, inquisitive attitude, and uncanny capacity to win our hearts. These curious creatures are so like us; they like engaging in interactive games and activities to keep their bodies working just like ours. Such games are Cat Alone, Mouse for Cats and many more! 

As our world is constantly changing and accepting technological breakthroughs, we are also continuously coming up with new ideas to enhance our lives, and this also applies to our cherished pets. 

Games for cats on the phone have become a fascinating trend in the modern era, providing a special sort of entertainment made just for our furry friends.

With a wide range of interactive free cat games on phones created just for them, we can now give our four-legged pals the same enjoyment we get. These mobile games for cats have become popular among cat owners.

They not only occupy our cat’s attention, but it is also so much fun to see how they respond to these technological delights. One of the most amazing games for cats to play on the phone is Cat Alone.

In this blog, we will discover the world of games made especially for our furry companions on our dependable smartphones, starting with “Cat Alone,” one such game that has gained a popular audience.

What Are Games for Cats on the Phone?

Although cat games on the phone may seem like a stupid concept, they can actually be a great way to provide your furry buddy with the stimulation they require to remain happy and healthy. While maintaining physical fitness is crucial, cats also need their minds stimulated, and using apps is an excellent way to do this.

These games for cats on the iPhone stand out in part because of their interaction. These mobile apps respond in real-time to your cat’s behaviours, making the experience more engaging and dynamic than passive entertainment options like television or static toys.

These free cat games on iPhone attract cats and awaken their innate hunting instincts with their vibrant images, moving objects, and sound effects. The interactive nature of the games encourages cats to paw at, pursue, and catch virtual prey on the screen.

These mobile cat games are essential to your furry friend’s daily routine since they serve a variety of important functions. Regular 20-minute play sessions twice a day will help your cat feel less stressed and anxious, in addition to providing mental and physical enrichment.

List Of The Games For Cats on the Phone to Play at Home

  • Cat Alone
  • Mouse for Cats
  • Cat Playground
  • Cat Fishing 2
  • Cat Toy
  • Mouse Simulator
  • MeowTalk
  • Paint for Cats
  • Friskies JitterBug
  • Pet Clicker

Top 10 Games for Cats on the Phone

#1. Cat Alone:

Cats who enjoy solo time will find Cat Alone to be the perfect game because it is made for solo play. You get to play with six different options, like the laser pointer, ladybug, fly, butterfly, and cockroach.

A little red dot that goes across the screen in this straightforward yet excellent game for cats on the iPhone imitates the movement of an amusing bug. Your cat’s predatory instincts are immediately sparked when the dot sprints and dances, and they are compelled to start a lively chase.

Cat Alone App Games for Cats on the Phone

And when you feel like your cat is getting tired of what Cat Alone has to offer, you can have a whole lot more fun with Cat Alone 2. You can modify the noises on this app, so you don’t have to worry about going crazy listening to the same one.

#2. Mouse for Cats:

Playing this game will quickly get your cat on its paws if they are bored, irate, or grumpy. Mouse for Cats is a renowned 2D cat video game with HDR visuals.

A lifelike digital mouse that moves deftly across the screen is the main element of the games for cats to play on the phone. Your cat’s inherent curiosity takes over! This happens the moment they spot the elusive mouse. Further, they spring into action, eagerly attempting to grab their virtual prey with their playful paw swipes.

Mouse For Cats Games for Cats on the Phone

With Mouse for Cats, your cat will have an engaging + fun time. This is all because of the mouse’s fluent movement your cat will see. They will feel happy after each chase.

#3. Cat Playground:

Your cat can have real fun here on a virtual playground with Cat Playground. Your cat will find a variety of virtual toys in Cat Playground. This includes yarn balls and fluttering butterflies.

The lifelike movements and bright colours of the toys create an immersive experience that matches the excitement of outside play. Your cat can have hours of entertainment and exercise by pursuing and swatting these digital toys.

Cat Playground Games For Cats on the phone

This mobile cat game will work on any Android phone with a touchscreen, but because a larger screen will be easier for your cat to utilize, choose phones and tablets with bigger displays.

#4. Cat Fishing 2:

Cat Fishing 2 is the perfect option for your cat if it enjoys water-themed activities. The game begins with fictional swimming fish gradually floating across the screen. The sight of these aquatic marvels triggers your cat’s hunting instincts, causing them to try to seize the moving fish with their fast paw movements.

Cat Fishing 2

It is without a doubt one of the best mobile cat games ever created. It satisfies your cat’s desire to hunt while also providing healthy intellectual stimulation and keeping their thinking active.

#5. Cat Toy:

Cat Toy has different interactive activities which are specific to the interests of your cat. This all-in-one program may satisfy your cat’s urges to chase laser lights, hunt for bugs, or capture mice.

Cat Toy Game For Cats on the Phone

Each game is designed to keep your cat’s attention and encourage them to investigate and interact with the virtual things on the screen. Cat Toy’s range of options ensures that your feline companion always has a stimulating and pleasurable experience.

#6. Mouse Simulator:

Mouse Simulator lets your cat hunt the virtual mouse, taking interactive gaming to a whole new level. Because of the gyroscope magic of your phone, the mouse on the screen mirrors your cat’s tilting motions, creating the sense that your cat has a genuine buddy.

Cats appear to enjoy this game. It has five million downloads and a 4+ rating. It is available for free to Android users. The speed, size, and sound can all be adjusted.

#7. MeowTalk:

MeowTalk is an intriguing piece of software. It will assist you and your cat in communicating better. The app analyzes your cat’s vocalizations and turns them into understandable phrases. This provides you insight into your cat’s emotions and motives.


This unique free cat game for the iPhone helps you and your pet form a better bond. It will strengthen your friendship and ensures that you understand your cat’s wants.

#8. Paint for Cats:

Paint for Cats is the ideal choice if your cat likes artistic expression. Virtual mice glide across the screen in the rainbow. Your cat will love it.  

Your cat interacts with these colourful creatures. This game will help enhance their senses but it also inspires kids to create a digital masterpiece as proof of their playfulness.

#9. Friskies JitterBug:

This is a unique cat game with a swarm of bouncing bugs flying across the screen. These digital animals dart and scamper, stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts and urging it to chase them.

With their eyes riveted on the screen, your cat will be fully immersed in the hunt for these elusive bugs, presenting them with a thrilling and fascinating experience.

#10. Pet Clicker

Pet Clicker is a versatile program for training a variety of pets, including cats; however, it is not limited to cats. The application, which is based on the positive reinforcement principle, allows you to train your cat by using a clicker sound as a signal for positive reinforcement.

Your cat may learn new tricks, orders, and behaviours through constant training and reward-based learning, increasing your bond with your feline buddy.


Games for cats on the phone might look like foolish things to let your cat do. However, trust us once you will try it, your cat is going to love it. And with your cat having its paw on it,  it’s a lot more fun. These free cat games on the iPhone encourage your furry pet’s curiosity, assist in training, stimulate their minds, and even satisfy their hunting instincts. Just be sure to keep an eye on your cat while they play to prevent unintentional harm to your tablet or phone.So what are you holding on to? Download these cat games on your phone and enjoy some fun with your feline pals!

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