Free JibJab Alternatives and Create Free Dancing Ecards With Your Face

A number of people use eCards to wish their loved ones on special days. These can be used and created with different features, much like JibJab. And there are a number of free JibJab alternatives as well. But before that, let’s see what JibJab does.

JibJab is used to send personalized eCards and videos. It allows users to insert photos of themselves into humorous birthday, holiday, and congratulatory cards and send them as eCards to other people. These features make it different from simple cards or wish available online. 

So, here are all the free JibJab alternative sites!

List of Top Free Apps Like JibJab

  • GraphicSprings
  • SmileBox
  • American Greetings
  • Ojolie eCards
  • Gotfreecards
  • Elf Yourself
  • Canva
  • Blue Mountain
  • Renderforest
  • Punch Bowl
  • Just Wink
  • Greetings Island
  • Open Me
  • Some eCards
  • PsPrint
  • iFunFace
  • Adobe Spark
  • Nod To The Rhythm
  • The Ugly Dance
  • Creatopy

20 Best Free Apps Like JibJab

1. GraphicSprings

This is one of the apps similar to JibJab that is generally utilized by beginner designers without any prior knowledge. This is because GraphicSprings’ drag-and-drop capabilities make creating them very simple. There is also a direct option that lets you send your eCard directly to the person you want to send it to with a single click. Aside from eCards, GraphicSprings can also make logos and thumbnails.

2. Smilebox 

You can make an expert-level eCard utilizing Smilebox eCard in no time. In addition, Smilebox eCard offers a number of unique graphic design options that can be utilized to make one’s eCard appear appealing to other people.

New templates are also frequently added to this Jibjab video alternative. As a result, using the search box, you can easily locate the design of your choice. You can also include images and hand out any of your cards from your gallery.

3. American Greetings

American Greetings is one of the best online versions similar to JibJab but free. It has thousands of free eCards that you can send right away to people you care about. Birthday cards and thank-you notes are among the many categories they offer. American Greetings has exactly what you’re looking for in terms of virtual cards, and you can send them for free.

4. Ojolie eCards

Ojolie eCards is another one of the best online Jibjab alternatives. To start sending eCards, you don’t need an account, and there is a new card for every day of the year. You won’t be disappointed with Ojolie if you want to send Easter eCards, birthday eCards, or just really free funny e-cards with your face. 

5. Gotfreecards 

Gotfreecards is a free JibJab video alternative. Free e-cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and Halloween are available on this website, and you can send them via email, Facebook, or Instagram. This site offers an assortment of free dancing eCards with your face for Christmas, birthdays and more. In addition, this website provides numerous printable cards and photo e-cards. Additionally, the iOS app for Gotfreecards is available.

6. Elf Yourself 

Elf Yourself is a free JibJab video alternative that lets you put your face on a dancing body while the happy music plays. You can freely preview and share the videos with friends and family, despite the limited number of templates. Elf Yourself lets you create up to five dancing elves by uploading faces of yourself or friends from Facebook, local drive, webcam, or Instagram. 

7. Canva

You’ll be able to access a great number of free templates that acts as a free jibjab alternative, but you’ll also get premium templates. You can redo any layout by tapping on it and adding photos, pictures, symbols, stickers, and different designs from the stages. Additionally, it has a search box that lets you enter keywords to locate the necessary templates. The finished eCard designs can also be downloaded in JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF formats.

8. Blue Mountain 

It is one of the best apps like JibJab but free. You can quickly browse through thousands of Blue Mountain eCards using this greeting card app on any device. Blue Mountain also sells a wide range of digital gift cards, postcards, and printable cards. Furthermore, it offers a scope of personalization choices where you can add your own message, pick the date, and add a computerized gift voucher.

9. Renderforest

In terms of making eCards, Renderforest is another one of the JibJab similar apps. Slideshows, brand animations, commercial animations, and other video formats can also be easily created on this website. You can experiment with the available colour schemes for your eCards to make them look even better. For instance, you can use over 400 video templates to make video eCards. Additionally, you can trim your videos and photos using the editing feature in Renderforest.

10. Punchbowl

Punchbowl is a site that has a number of great features that make it a good Jibjab alternative. You can even send personalized invitations or greeting cards via text or email from your mobile device. You can incorporate a gift voucher from brands like Amazon, Apple, Doordash, etc. This website is accessible to everyone and may be the best alternative to free eCard websites like JibJab.

11. Just Wink

Just Wink’s many features allow you to make free funny ecards with your face. It allows you to pick the colour and font you want for the templates, and you can even sign your card with your handwriting. The ability to schedule your eCards in advance is one of its great features, allowing you to send them at the right time and date. You can also utilize the Just Wink application on your mobile phone.

12. Greetings Island

Greetings Island offers a premium account, but the free one is also great. You can make personalized eCards for a variety of occasions, including baby showers, birthdays, and weddings, with this free jibjab alternative. It can also be accessed in Spanish. It’s easy because you can add extras like gift registries, maps, and calendars. When you wrap up making your eCards, you can share them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp or share them by email.

13. Open Me

Open Me is completely free, and there are no paid features. Blank eCards and photo eCards are the two primary types of eCards available on the platform. The majority of the eCard formats on Open Me are from designers. As a client, you can submit eCards you make to be highlighted as layouts. As a result, the Open Me eCard template library continues to expand. There are eCard templates for every occasion.

14. Some eCards

Some eCards are like JibJab but free and helps find the best eCards for your requirements. They have meme templates as well that can be used as eCards for different occasions. These memes can be made and shared on different social media platforms as well as email. Additionally, Some eCards is the ideal place to find and send virtual cards and short videos with music.

15. PsPrint

PsPrint provides a variety of customizable free greeting eCard templates. There are a number of eCard templates that can all be completely customized.  You can alter the orientation, colours, and size of the eCard using the web editor. By incorporating a theme into your design, you can perform general customization. It is also an online printing service. Therefore, if you plan to print the cards in physical form as well, this free Jibjab alternative is perfect.

16. iFunFace

IFunFace is a fun, entertaining, and funny face application that you can use in your eCards. The animation is created automatically for you by the introduction of analysis technology.  The most fascinating part about this application is that it permits you to make dialogue beyond four characters that can talk to one another.

17. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark has both Android and iOS apps in addition to an online interface. So, you can make unique eCards free of charge in no time. It has a large library of professionally designed eCard templates and you can find an eCard-specific template. If you want, you can also make an eCard with a black canvas and start from scratch. Besides, you can modify eCards by adding your own pictures, adjusting the textual styles, and that’s just the beginning. 

18. Nod To The Rhythm

They have one template to create a video eCards with your picture, which is nodding. The musician Das Anders’ song “The Nod to the Rhythm” is mentioned in this template. This song was made by them to advertise this website. In fact, additional animations associated with the website were uploaded to YouTube after a few days. It then gained popularity on Reddit as well.

19. The Ugly Dance

This website also provides a single template for putting your face on a dancing body, like Nod to the Rhythm. You can alter the dance moves on the front and hind legs using the options that they provide. And to finally share the video, you can either copy the URL or click “Share on Facebook.” So this is basically to create free dancing eCards with your face, an alternative that can be used for fun.

20. Creatopy

Creatopy is a professional eCard designer that provides a variety of customization templates. The website allows users to create eCards for business and professional use.  However, in order to use the fantastic eCard-making platform, users must sign up with Facebook or Gmail. Additionally, it comes with a free trial, whose validity varies. Creatopy’s unique feature is collaboration, in which multiple users can work together to create an eCard.


If you’ve used to create interactive and funny eCards with JibJab, then you might be interested in more such sites. And we’ve listed the best ones for you! These sites are free to use and have multiple templates and features, which make the process of creating them just as fun. They’re also easy to share and come for different occasions. 

So, find the perfect wish!

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