Free Garden Design Apps: Online Landscaping Apps And Software

A garden design software can be a program that can be downloaded, an application, or a browser-based tool that makes it easier to design an outdoor space like a deck, or backyard. These can be focused on various sectors, from property holders and enthusiasts to proficient gardeners and draftsmen. However, these softwares can be helpful to all. So, if you’re looking for trusted free garden design apps, then this is the place!

From 3D modelling to different elements found in a garden, these apps have a lot of features. Each software is different and you can find the one that works perfectly for your requirement. You must try a free backyard design app if you want to tackle the process of designing and making plans for the layout and planting of your garden.

And we’ve listed the best ones!

List of Free Garden Design Apps

  • SmartDraw
  • Idea Spectrum
  • Planter 
  • Plant-A-Garden
  • iScape
  • Sketch Up
  • Pro Landscape Home
  • Cedreo
  • Veg Plotter
  • Home Outside
  • Garden Planner
  • Garden Visualiser 
  • Kerkythea 
  • GCadPlus
  • VizTerra
  • Planner 5D
  • Chief Architect 
  • Foyr Neo
  • Dream Plan
  • TimerTech Deck Designer

Top Best Free Online Garden Design Apps

1. SmartDraw

This is one of the best free garden design apps for designing homes that also supports landscaping. With SmartDraw you can design the patio, pavers, garden, and other outdoor spaces in general. 

It also lets you add a swing, grill, or other accessories to the deck so you can get a good idea of how the garden will look. And you can render 3D models of your design and easily share them with customers.

2. Idea Spectrum

Idea Spectrum is a simple garden design software for designing gardens and landscapes that has many options to meet your needs. Users can experiment with the kinds of trees, grounding plants, and pretty flowers that would brighten up their landscape design using the garden designer software.

Despite the app’s feasibility, there are no trial or free versions available. Their support team, however, is very helpful and communication is always easy if you find issues with your software.

3. Planter

Planter is simple to use, but there are some unique features to it. It specializes in enhancing the conditions under which various garden plants can thrive. Plus, there are more than fifty pre-loaded plants and custom additions that can be added to a grid to create your landscape’s dimensions. 

The app has information about spacing, frost zones, and companion plants. With different features, this design your garden app is ideal for vegetable garden design. The app has in-app purchases and is otherwise a free landscaping design software. 

4. Plan-A-Garden

Better Homes and Gardens landscape design software is for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners. It is completely free and all you need to do is sign up with your email address. This is a great app for experienced designers as well as those who are just starting out with this kind of design software.

You can, for instance, select a background from a gallery of stock photos that most closely resembles your house. There are other more interesting features that make the 3D garden design software free, and perfect.


This is a  free garden design software that can only be found on the Apple App Store, so it can only be used by people with iPhones or iPads. The application has sharing abilities so you can undoubtedly advance your plan to your project worker, or offer it to companions to hear their points of view. 

This app will also tell you which stores sell the things you need to start your landscaping project. So, it could save you time because you won’t have to look for them on the Internet or in your neighbourhood.

6. SketchUp

SketchUp Free is a free online garden design app that is perfect for personal use. This 3D modeling tool will run straight from your browser and is available on the Trimble website. You can store up to 10 GB of images, plans, and other files in its storage. 

This implies that your advancement is protected and upheld. This is especially helpful when developing a design that requires multiple sessions to complete. Not to mention that the app is browser-based, so you can access everything from anywhere. You can easily start a project on one device and finish it on another.

7. PRO Landscape Home

PRO Landscape Home is compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can use the images in the app’s library for your design. There are a lot of items available, but they are organized into categories and can be searched for if needed. Additionally, the images are arranged according to climate zones, allowing you to select only those plants that would thrive in your region. 

Each plant also has its own detailed description, mature height and width, botanical and common names, climate zones, and color. As a result, you gain a deeper understanding of nature.

8. Cedreo

Another best free landscaping design app is Cedreo. It is ideal for home builders and remodelers who require dependable landscape software without spending a lot of money upfront. With its natural dashboard and devices, clients can make custom floor plans and plans in Cedreo, making it simple to fit feedback to meet the client needs. 

The software is suitable for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial designs. Users can add furniture, plants and decor, and they can see the finished product in 3D.

9. VegPlotter

This is one of the best free garden design apps for beginners. People register on VegPlotter and plan their garden to imagine the season’s yields. Any out-of-season plants are eliminated automatically by the app. You can change the season by changing the month at the top of the screen if you want to plan.

You can also play around with your landscape as a whole with it. Plus, your yard can also have structures like beehives, brick walls, fences, sheds, greenhouses, pavement, and so on.


10. Home Outside

Home Outside is one of the most popular free apps for landscaping. With its intuitive drag-and-drop feature, this free garden planner app makes the workflow easier. In addition, the app provides 34 landscape element palettes from which you can select an appropriate icon to represent your house, patio, plants, furniture, activities, and so on.

You should also focus on a useful Sketch tool that lets you add a layer of color. It permits you to draw with brushes of various varieties, widths, and mistiness to make strong lines or a wash of variety.

11. Garden Planner

Garden Planner is an easy-to-use online tool for landscape design that is available for a free 15-day trial. It has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to arrange buildings, plants, trees, and other objects. After that, you can change the color and size to fit your plans. Their high-resolution copy includes a breakdown list of all plants, items, etc., along with their sizes, quantities, and thumbnail images.

The library of over 1200 plant and garden object symbols in Garden Planner is customizable. In addition, it comes with simple drawing tools that enable you to plot paving, decking, paths, walls, fences, pools, ponds, and a variety of other features.

12. Garden Visualiser

Marshalls provides a wide range of useful tools to help you plan your outdoor spaces. This online garden design software is one of them. With the interactive software, you can move around the space as though you were truly there, which truly assists you with understanding how it will look.

With Garden Visualiser you can browse different subjects or assemble one of your own without any preparation. Paving, edgings, garden surfaces, summerhouses, walls, fencing, and other Marshalls products can also be added.

13. Kerkythea 

Kerkythea is a 3D modeling and rendering program.  It also has a library of plants, making it useful as a landscaping planner app. It is a standalone application that can be downloaded for free.

The program accompanies an instructional exercise to assist you with becoming familiar with the UI. If you take your time and look into the features of this program, you will easily be able to create realistic 3D models and renderings of your design goal.

14. gCADPlus 

gCADPlus is the best app for garden design for professional landscape designers and architects. The product increments show features like custom scene layouts, webpage-specific plant information bases, and one-on-one online training. This software for designing landscapes comes with a free trial version.

All kinds of figures, graphics, and images can be designed with gCADPlus. It’s easy to understand, and, surprisingly, a beginner also can utilize it to plan. 

15. VizTerra 

VizTerra is a design your own garden app from Structure Studios that simplifies workflows and makes it simple to design anything with just a few clicks. It offers a streamlined interface and user-friendly tools for designing landscapes in two dimensions and transforming concepts into three dimensions. 

Its savvy library has plants, trees, materials, and furniture with a straightforward intuitive element. At the official website, new users can sign up for a free trial or free live training sessions to learn how to get started.

16. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is another popular free backyard design app. With its straightforward drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly arrange pre-built models in the way you want to create both 2D and 3D designs. Planner 5D is one of the easiest software for designing landscapes because of this.

The product is entirely adaptable, so whether you need to see decks, decorative nurseries, pools, or terraces, it has all the tools you might need.  Planner 5D has an interesting app and is one of the best free garden design apps for iPad. 

17. Chief Architect

Chief Architect is the best choice for beginners looking to redo their deck or patio. Materials and various design elements, such as planking and railings, can be altered by users. Based on your plans, the program will also make cut-and-buy lists, so if you like to do things yourself, it will tell you exactly what you need to make your ideas a reality.

You can use the tools included in each program to create the garden of your choice. And if you plan to remodel other areas of your house in the future, the software is a great investment because it also has interior design capabilities.

18. Foyr Neo

This garden design software takes care of the interior and exterior landscaping design with a thoughtful selection of design packages. The app’s exceptional usability makes it very useful for both beginners and experienced designers. The free version comes with a 14-day trial that lets you make a project and see how well it works.

It is an iOS and Android-compatible cloud-based platform. You can also give them a clear idea of what you mean and how the design idea will actually work by creating virtual tours. In your backyards, you can include anything you want, like plants or sprinklers. Rendering and augmented reality are made easier with the 3D garden designer software mode.

19. DreamPlan

DreamPlan Home Design is a free online garden design app to design home interiors, exteriors, and landscapes. It is a flexible option for designers because it allows users to create blueprints and designs in either 2D or 3D. Additionally, DreamPlan Home Design offers a library of models, such as benches, trees, and bushes, that can be incorporated into your designs.

20. TimberTech Deck Designer

TimberTech Deck Designer is your go-to tool. You can start from scratch or choose from a variety of templates that you can modify. This free garden planner app allows you to see a 3D interpretation of your fantasy deck and change the shade of the deck and railings. 

There are numerous customization options in the TimberTech Deck Designer. Not only can the width, colours, and type of the deck be changed, but you can also add doors, pools, railings, and even change the environment around it.


Garden design apps have a lot of purposes and they come with different features. While professional software is usually paid, you can find some beginner-level apps that are free or offer a free trial for some period. 

A good garden design app is also a simple garden design software, which means that it should be easy to use by everyone. You can also 3D model in most apps and avail other features that make the process interactive and simpler. 

And this in-depth list has the best free garden design apps to choose from!

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