Top 10 Best Dating Apps In Sweden in 2023

Who does not wish to be loved and cared for? Humans have a tendency to crave love. We all wish for someone who wants to listen, spend time and most importantly care for us. Considering this we have gathered for the people of Sweden, the top 10 best dating apps which function in the country. If you are in search of your soulmate, you should definitely consider these apps.

In addition to Tinder, there are top ten free dating services in Sweden including Badoo, Hinge, Once, Okcupid, and many more! Before you use any of these widely used dating apps in Sweden, make sure you read our explanation of everything in detail. Proceed to read! 

How Do People Of Sweden Usually View Dating?

Swedish people place a high value on gender equality. Usually, one or both of the genders take the initiative to make contact. This suggests that women are more likely to approach men, and it is generally advised that men respond well to these kinds of advances.

In general, Swedish dating is more casual, “Fika” dating, or get-togethers for informal tea or coffee, is very popular. These fika dates are a good way to get to know someone informally and see if there’s a connection before moving on to more formal dinner dates.

In Sweden, group dating is very common too. It’s typical for buddies to hang out and then progressively get paired with someone they like. Participating in group activities offers a less stressful approach to meeting possible companions. In Sweden, it’s usual to split the bill when dating. This serves as an example of how partnerships appreciate equality. However, some people can still choose to divide the expense.

Swedish citizens have a reputation for taking their time getting to know someone before committing to a more committed relationship. Dating in Sweden typically takes longer than anticipated. Online dating is also widespread in Sweden, just like it is in many other countries. Numerous dating apps and websites enable people to interact and find potential partners.

Top 10 Best Dating Apps In Sweden

  1. Tinder
  2. Badoo
  3. Happy Pancake
  4. OKCupid
  6. Grindr
  7. Hinge
  8. Inner Circle
  9. Once
  10. eDarling

1. Tinder

It is one of the most widely used dating apps in Sweden. Users of Tinder can choose to “swipe left” to dislike or “swipe right” to like other users’ profiles. 

Users can also add an interest list, a short bio and a picture of themselves. Only users who like each other can send messages to each other on Tinder.

  • Double opt-in messaging system
  • An economical and practical choice 
  • Tailorable
  • LGBTQ+ welcoming

2. Badoo

A popular dating app in Sweden is Badoo. It provides a number of features to help users meet new people. The Badoo app is incredibly simple to download on your mobile device.

Nevertheless, you can purchase adverts in-app or sign up for a premium subscription if you wish to eliminate them. 

The program optimizes the information you give in your profile to find the best match for you. Most dating apps use this information to find commonalities between your interests and likes in food, drink, and places, and then pair you with the most suited individual.

  • User friendly
  • Free to use
  • Significant partnerships
  • Customer service 

3. Happy Pancake

This Swedish dating app and website are free to use. It’s one of the most widely used dating apps in Sweden and is known for its ease of use and simplicity. Happy Pancake is one of the most preferred apps in the whole of Sweden. It is because of the interface and the uses it provides. 

As per the statistics, 10-50 million Happy Pancake applications have been downloaded overall from Google Play and the App Store in the year 2023. It is rated 4 stars in addition. With this dating app in Sweden, it’s simple to arrange both virtual video dates and actual dates at nearby locations. 

You may use the app to search through a variety of social gatherings, parties, and online meetups to find your ideal companion. The security of your data is highly important to the app.

  • Security and confidentiality are preferred 
  • 90% probability of finding your match here

4. OkCupid

Another well-liked dating app in Sweden is OkCupid. It has a solid reputation for providing thorough profiles and compatibility-based matching with all security and privacy ensured. This app is fantastic if you’re looking for a serious relationship. It offers a unique method of message transmission to enhance communication and understanding between parties.

Additionally, Okcupid has wonderful local dating options that enable you to meet new people and establish new friends. With its premium membership, you may have access to some fantastic features that will improve your online dating experience. The computer optimizes the information you supply in your profile to find the best fit for you. 

  • Novel method for achieving compatibility
  • Strong and captivating profiles 
  • Pro badge

5. Once

The other best dating app in Sweden “Once” allows you to express your love to someone in your own unique way. On both iOS and Android, the app’s free basic edition is a fantastic way to start dating. The only thing you can be confident of is that if you fill up your profile with as much true and precise information as you can, your chances of achieving the desired results will increase.

It would be futile to try to cheat on this application, so kindly do not. Your personal information is completely secure on its robust, encrypted database. Select the area where you wish to find application users. The premium membership also includes a ton of incredible features that will unquestionably enhance your dating experience.

  • Satisfies particular tastes
  • Novel method for achieving compatibility
  • Personality cards for virtual worlds


The dating app is well-known in Sweden. It provides a sizable user base and a number of features to make it simpler to match suitable people. is the best choice if you’re seeking for free dating in Sweden, online conversation, or your soul match. To communicate with people, just sign up and start a discussion with someone you find interesting. 

By adding photos and outlining your activities in your bio, you may improve the visual attractiveness of your profile page.

  • Significant partnerships
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Secrecy

7. eDarling

On the dating application “eDarling”, compatibility and long-term relationships are given top priority and this is why people love to use this dating app in Sweden the most! Those seeking serious relationships find it appealing. Meeting Swedish individuals online might be facilitated by using this dating app. Thousands of people have found their soulmates with the aid of eDarling. They stand out for their commitment to quality; they go above and above to make sure that your search for a life partner or new friends is enjoyable and safe.

They deal with unwanted material and eliminate phony profiles using both automatic and manual techniques.

  • No cost to use
  • Stringent screening procedures Muslim and Arab communities
  • Limitation on who can get in touch with you Success stories

8. Hinge

This amazing dating software has taken into account all of the needs of the dating generation. It includes a ton of intriguing features that will help you accomplish your objective. The ability to create visually appealing profiles using a variety of colour schemes and background photographs is the main advantage of this dating app. Free chat gives you the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with others for as long as you like.

Video call your new companions to liven up your conversations with Hinge. It is renowned for its user-friendly tools for creating profiles, interesting text-visual interactions, and a variety of methods for launching and sustaining lively discussions. 

  • Crafted to foster deep ties
  • Novel method for achieving compatibility
  • Strong profiles
  • Chat by video and voice recordings

9. Inner circle

Inner Circle is a well-known free dating app for Swedish singles wishing to connect online. The program is mostly known for its social communities, but because of group conversations and live broadcasting, it may also be utilized as a social network for romantic relationships. With Inner Circle, you could meet new individuals nearby based on your preferences and location—it’s the ultimate fusion of social networking and online dating.

You must be honest while responding to a few easy questions throughout the sign-up process in order to get the most out of this amazing dating app. Use robust search criteria and keep them structured to find your match and to get more real and accurate results. Planning and managing virtual video dates is easy.

  • Enjoy Live Broadcasting
  • Demand-driven dating is a feature

10. Grindr

A popular social networking and dating app in Sweden called Grindr was largely created with homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people in mind. You know now why it is so popular and in demand! When it first appeared in 2009, the LGBTQ+ community embraced it right away. people may connect with Swedish people nearby depending on their location by creating a profile on Grindr. 

It is simple for users to communicate and connect with individuals in their region thanks to the software’s usage of geolocation technology to display profiles of people nearby.

  • People from the area mentioned
  • Concern about safety


See this is as easy to date in Sweden now with the best of the aforementioned dating apps in Sweden. Now download the apps which you like the most and start your dating journey with it. 

Benefit from all the exciting features of online dating, including the actual delight that goes along with it. All of this will be done with full guarantee of your privacy and security. Finding your “the one” can be much easier and more fun if you use any of these amazing dating apps. 

Use the list of the top 10 dating apps in Sweden provided above to start experimenting with the dating environment. Select the option that best meets your needs and preferences. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before starting with these dating apps in Sweden. 

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