Online Banking Apps Like Chime and Varo [Verified List]

Chime is a fin-tech company known for providing inexpensive accounts without overdraft fees or monthly maintenance fees. It can be accessed through its mobile banking app and aims to automate savings and reduce fees. However, its account options can be limited so people are constantly looking for Chime alternatives.

Banking is a day-to-day activity that requires robust features. And we need to figure out the best options to weigh out everything that’s needed. So in this article, we have listed the best banks like Chime!

List of Top 20 Banking Apps Like Chime and Varo

  • Varo
  • Brigit
  • MoneyLion
  • OnJuno
  • Novo
  • Current 
  • Aspiration
  • GO2Bank
  • Porte
  • Green Dot
  • Ally
  • Empower
  • One Finance
  • Quontic
  • Capital One
  • Wise
  • Revolut
  • Bank5Connect
  • Discover 
  • Majority

Certified Banking Apps Like Chime And Varo

1. Varo

Varo is one of the Chime alternatives that provides a checking account without minimum balance requirements or fees. In-network ATM exchanges are free also.

There are no fees associated with Varo’s Savings account, and the minimum balance or deposit required is only $0.01. Auto-reserve funds from your Immediate Stores and buy round-ups assist you with setting aside more cash.

The Varo Savings account has a nice feature in that you can earn up to 3% interest if you meet the conditions listed on the Varo website.

2. Brigit

Brigit is one of the apps similar to Chime and has a feature that is a payday kind of advance that you bind to your outside financial records and a 12 to two year advance to assist you with building credit.

The payday loan feature, in contrast to the typical payday loan company, does not charge interest. Additionally, there is no interest on the optional credit builder loan.

But, there is a $9.99 month-to-month expense that clients pay for Brigit. In the event that you just need the Brigit Moment cash, there’s no charge.

3. MoneyLion

MoneyLion provides financial subscriptions and memberships through its digital banking platform. 

Many people refer to this online banking similar to Chime because it provides banking, personal finance, and investment services for a monthly subscription fee. It is truly all-encompassing mobile banking.

Except for a $1 administration fee and a $2.50+ fee for ATMs outside of their network, this bank similar to Chime charges nothing. 

4. OnJuno 

OnJuno is a digital banking platform backed by the FDIC. It is one of the other banks like Chime that offers a yearly percentage yield. There are two distinct checking accounts on this alternative to Chime. 

One is called Basic and is free, the other is called Metal because if you set up a $500/m direct debit, you get a sleek black metal Mastercard.

5. Novo

Novo Business Checking accounts are bank accounts similar to Chime. It is simple to send invoices, keep track of income and expenses, and set aside money for payroll and taxes. Novo integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and Square and also allows you to acknowledge ACH and really take a look at installments.

Its customers who sign up for Stripe receives up to $20,000 in fee-free processing. Novo additionally allows you to send limitless free exchanges inside the U.S. Furthermore, works with Shrewd for worldwide exchanges.

6. Current

Current is considered one of the companies like Chime for children since it allows them to figure out how to spend and save with its Visa check card. Parents can easily transfer money into their kids’ account using this account. Additionally, parents can restrict spending and block particular merchants to prevent reckless spending.

Users can also turn on features like round-ups, which move money automatically into savings after each purchase. Furthermore, Current’s 4% APY for its investment funds units is great.

7. Aspiration

In its Conscience Coalition program, this online bank gives you up to 10% cash back when you shop at eco-friendly partners. On the off chance that you open a Goal Zero charge card, a tree gets established each time you make a buy.

On balances up to $10,000, its Spend & Save account offers one of the highest APY rates available.

8. GO2Bank

The goal of GO2Bank is to provide the best mobile banking solution, which means it is one of the mobile banks like chime. However, it also has additional features like the ability to cash a check from a mobile app, earn 7% instant cashback, and even save money at a rate that is much better than that offered by national banks.

Additionally, GO2Bank includes initiatives like no minimum balance requirements to open an account, no hidden fees, and no monthly fees. 

9. Porte

Porte is another online bank account like Chime and has great features. With them, you can lock your debit card with a simple press of a button for improved security, and you can get paid faster than usual.

Porte also lets you keep a savings account, move money easily between accounts, and even use a very attractive Porte debit card to spend money. When you use Porte on a regular basis, you may even be eligible for discounts on everyday purchases and the chance to save even more money by shopping at well-known brands.

10. GreenDot

Green Dot is a debit card and cashback mobile account provider facilitating seamless banking. This Chime alternative does this by allowing you to manage your entire account through a single app.

It also has bank cards like chime, where you can send, receive, or hold money in your Green Dot account. You can also spend it wisely and monitor your spending. If you need more than just a personal account, Green Dot includes business services as well as options to help you pay your bills in a matter of minutes.

11. Ally

Ally is one of the mobile banking apps like Chime that gives substantially more advantages. You can do everything, from banking to investing to getting a home loan and auto financing. 

With Ally, you can get a checking account that you can use for your day-to-day needs, a savings account where you can put your money to work, home loans, mortgage refinancing, and even self-direct trading from Ally.

12. Empower

Empower is an online banking app like Chime. With it, you can begin your journey toward a higher credit score with just $25 in your account.

Plus, if you pay for the Empower Thrive product on time, you can start with $200 and work your way up to $1,000. With this, you can improve your credit score, get a better line of credit, and pay no interest.

You can set direct deposits to Empower, which will arrive at least two days earlier than usual, which is another great feature. 

13. One Finance

One Finance provides customers with savings and checking services with a commitment to competitive interest rates for savings accounts and credit lines. It combines checking and savings into a single account with features like a debit card, overdraft protection, early access to direct deposit funds, and savings benefits like an APY of 1.0%.

But, it has free online banking like Chime that does not offer any offices or physical branch locations for in-person service.

14. Quontic 

Quontic is a community development bank that helps low-income families secure mortgage financing through deposits. They provide three impressive and distinct account options. Namely, Cash Rewards Checking, Bitcoin Rewards Checking, and High-Interest Checking.

This is one of the Chime alternatives that requires a $100 minimum deposit for each account. Quontic’s banking has a positive mission and an impressive collection of checking accounts with cutting-edge features that Chime does not offer.

15. Capital One

Capital One 360 offers competitive banking options like Checking and savings accounts, business and commercial bank accounts, and auto loans from. This Chime alternative’s customers have access to “branch” locations via Capital One Cafes and can deposit cash into their accounts without incurring any fees.

16. Wise

Wise is one of the fin-tech companies like Chime that uses ground-breaking new methods to cut costs compared to using a conventional bank. There’s no charge to open a Savvy individual record, no base equilibrium prerequisite, and no month-to-month expense. 

The best part is that you can hold 54 currencies, send money to more than 80 countries, and get local bank information to get paid free of charge from 30 countries. They also offer global business accounts.

17. Revolut

This is the largest neobank in Europe and is now widely available in the United States. With a Revolut account, you get versatile banking, free exchanges between Revolut clients, moment money trade, and early direct store.

There are three levels to Revolut’s digital bank account. Namely, Metal, Premium, and Standard. In addition, Revolut offers a rewards program with helpful tools for budgeting and analytics as well as cashback from its partner brands. 

18. Bank5 Connect

Bank5 Connect is a community bank in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that has been around since the 1800s. It offers high-yield checking and savings accounts, in addition to CDs. Your first order of paper checks is free, and there are no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees.

The out-of-network ATM use is free, and the bank will pay up to $15 in ATM fees each month. Although Bank5 Connect is a financial institution that is a member of the FDIC, the Massachusetts Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF) also insures its accounts.

19. Discover

Discover is another one of online banking apps like Chime. With it, monthly debit card purchases of up to $3,000 are eligible for 1% cash back in the Checking Account, which comes with no monthly fees.

More than 60,000 ATMs don’t charge fees for withdrawals, and you won’t have to pay for checks, bill pay, overdrafts, or new cards. The excellent Discover Bank app makes it simple to move money between the two accounts and manage any other tasks.

20. Majority

The majority is a safe digital banking platform like Chime that provides its international customers with multilingual support. Other than that, it has a powerful mobile app with features for international calling to help them connect with family in other countries, and low-cost international transfers. 

The majority is a debit card and checking account for foreigners, particularly for newcomers and those with family living abroad. It is a great option for residents of the United States and those who get paid in US dollars.


Chime is a great option for people who want a platform for online banking that is easy to use, safe, and has a lot of useful features. But there are a number of cons that have people second-guessing the bank’s performance. For instance, there’s no proper support over call – everything must be resolved on chat. 

Additionally, mobile check deposit is just accessible when you’re signed up for a direct deposit. These are just some of the many issues that have customers looking for online banking apps like Chime. And this list will definitely do all the help in the search!

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