Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator And Changer in 2023

AI is reaching abilities where almost everything could be possible. Nowadays, we see AI generated pictures, videos and voices that sound so real that it’s almost surprising. With proper tools, it’s also possible to generate celebrity voices for projects or just for fun. A celebrity AI voice generator can usually modulate to specific celebrity voices or random voices according to your needs. 

Basically, you can sound like your favourite celebrity in a matter of minutes. Isn’t that interesting? In this article, we will look at some of the top AI celebrity voice generators and their features!

List of Top AI Celebrity Voice Generators

  • Murf
  • Speechelo
  • Magicmic
  • Morphvox
  • Listnr
  • Lovo
  • Uberduck
  • Speechify
  • Voice.AI
  • Magicvox

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Best AI Celebrity Voice Generators to Explore

1. Murf

Murf is the best website to use if you want an AI celebrity voice generator that works online and without any problems. It processes voices quickly and supports a wide variety of voice libraries. Murf can speak in a variety of roles, including author, animator, educator, marketer, customer support, and more. Also, users can use the excellent editing studio to edit their creations.

Murf has a strong studio that permits users to create quality voiceovers in minimum time. It has a large library of text-to-speech voices from which the user can choose. The user can be creative by adding music, video, or an image. Additionally, they can also adjust the voice’s pitch, speed, emphasis, and interjections with Murf.

2. Speechelo

Speechelo is a fantastic tool that can be used if you want to instantly convert text into speech. The voice is generated by AI, but it sounds like a real person. So, it’s also a character voice generator text to speech. In three easy steps, the user can convert text to speech. The user can add additions to their voice with Speechelo. 

There are three methods for perusing the text – regular, upbeat, and serious tone. The user has the option of selecting from male or female voices. An online text editor on Speechelo allows users to add punctuation and pronunciation marks to the text they enter. The user can change the voice’s breathing and pauses. Finally, the user can grant AI permission to insert pauses in between phrases. And the best part is that it supports 23 languages.

3. Magicmic 

MagicMic is without a doubt the best AI voice changer available for imitating Morgan Freeman’s voice. It is offered by iMyFone and comes with a number of great features. This AI voice generator Morgan Freeman has cutting-edge features and an innovative AI voice changer that lets users effortlessly adopt Morgan Freeman’s iconic style in real time.

Utilizing the ability of top-notch AI algorithms, MagicMic perfectly handily captures the special embodiment that characterizes the actor’s enthralling persona. With this, you can transform your voice in real-time. Finally, it has a friendly user interface which makes things simple.

4. Morphvox

Given the quality it provides, Morphvox is a trusted AI voice generator celebrity and voice changer for Windows devices. Morphvox Pro has high-quality sound effects and is simple to use.

This voice transformer continues to develop routinely. Additionally, Morphvox Pro is light on the PC due to its user-friendly design. 

You can use this interesting voice changer to play music in the background while you play online games or talk to your friends and family. In addition, it has background cancellation that is extremely quiet. Aside from gaming stages, you can likewise involve Morphvox in real-time streaming and a celebrity voice AI generator. The premium package that comes with it is quite affordable.

5. Listnr

Listnr is a voice generator or AI voice celebrity generator that has some of the best AI voices available. You can use the generator’s extensive library of voices to make voiceovers for ads, online courses, explainer videos, and more. You can record and edit your podcasts using Listnr right from their dashboard. In addition, the embed module that Listnr provides can be edited within their platform.

Their minimal and simple interface lets you change the voice style, pronunciation, speed, and audio output. The audio that the celebrity AI voice generator produces can be shared on a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok, to name a few.

6. Lovo

For audio engineers and video producers who want complete control over their audio files, Lovo is a trusted celebrity voice generator online. Audio content in a variety of languages and accents is produced using human and natural voices. The platform comes with a video editor that lets you manage all of your content from a single dashboard and lets users create voiceovers that sound human. 

The celebrity AI voice generator free platform includes a collection of Pixabay and other third-party resources. With this, you can incorporate audio, video, and images that are free of charge and belong to creative commons. Also, you can make as many projects as you want, and you can download them all at once.

7. Uberduck

Uberduck is an AI celebrity voice changer that is extremely popular on TikTok, made by Will Luer and Zach Wener in late 2020. Uberduck lets you synthesize new audio and imitate the voices of famous artists, YouTube hosts, and movie characters. The surprising part is that Uberduck has been used to write over 150,000 original songs.

Uberduck’s creativity and experience are incredibly high because it provides users with a completely open-source voice AI community. It also upholds voice cloning and speech synthesis. So it can work with both music and speech and all of this makes it a great deepfake voice generator free. 

8. Speechify

Speechify is a versatile AI voice generator that can help you read documents, emails, novels, and articles more quickly simply by listening to AI voices that sound like humans. For desktop and mobile users, it is available online, in the Apple Store, and on Google Play. Speechify makes it simple to convert any text, even text in images, into human-sounding AI voices for audiobooks, podcasts, and other applications.

With this celebrity text to speech generator, you can increase the voice up to 4.5x quicker to further develop reading speed definitely. Also, from the cloud, you can screenshot images containing texts that will be converted into AI voice.

9. Voice.AI

Voice. AI lets you record your voice on a PC or speak in real time during a live stream, turning it into the voice of a celebrity. There are two exciting modes available to users of the AI voice model – live and on record. Users can upload previously recorded audio and seamlessly transform it into the voice of various celebrities in the record mode. This allows them to produce voice overs that precisely copy the voices of stars.

Users can additionally upgrade their live streaming experience by changing the nature of the celebrity AI voice changer to suit their preferences and audience requirements. Additionally, users can use credits to unlock AI celebrity voice generator free, giving them access to a plethora of creative options.

10. Magicvox

MagicVox celebrity voice generator helps with real-time voice transformation through its user-friendly and compact design. It offers a wide range of voice modulations, including the choice to impersonate the voices of various big names. Unlike other voice modulators, its free version has multiple features. 

MagicVox has over 125 celebrity AI voices that can be customized to suit your preferences, making it one of the best options for celebrity voices. It is mainly used for gaming, voice acting, chatting, and other activities. As a result, the addition of VoiceStudio enables users to appear more professional and celebrity-like.

Conclusion on Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator

Similar to other text-to-speech tools, a celebrity voice generator employs artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning techniques, and advanced APIs to convert written text into spoken words, replicating a human-like voice. 

In the context of a celebrity AI voice generator, the generated voice mimics the specific accent and intonation of the chosen celebrity. And this list has some of the best tools for you to choose the suitable celebrity voice AI generator!

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