Build Taxi Booking App Like Indriver, OLA & Uber Clone App [Best Guide]

Taxi booking apps have garnered a lot of attention in the current world. They make the entire process of finding a ride and reaching places much smoother. So a number of start-ups are focusing on such business models. And a number of them aim to build taxi booking app like Indriver, OLA & Uber clone app. 

The process of developing any app requires a lot of research. The main objective of such apps is to make it easier for people to take a taxi. Every step of the taxi booking process reflects this goal. It simplifies the user’s experience by automating payments, providing live ride status, and automatically identifying the passenger pickup location.

And here’s how you can build it too!

Elements/Basic Tech In A Taxi Booking App

First, we need to understand and recognise the elements that these apps inculcate. 

  • Estimated Fare
    Ola, Uber and more such taxi booking apps offer an estimated fare upon booking the ride. This makes the process more transparent for customers.
  • Geolocation
    These apps have a GPS that makes it easier for riders to track where the drivers are. Additionally, they can monitor the route as they travel to their destination.
  • Payment Methods
    Customers require different methods of payment, specifically with the growing use of digital payment.
  • Ride History
    Riders can see which rides they’ve taken in the past and how much they paid for them. This is another way of making the process easy and transparent. 

Let’s take a look at the features that make the process interactive and safe for customers. 

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Features In A Taxi Booking App

There are a number of features that you’d want your taxi booking app to have. Some of them might be a lot like Indriver, OLA or Uber. But there are some new and interesting features that can also be included. It all depends on you and your target customers. These features include –

  • Registration of users
    An option for passengers to sign up so they can register and make a profile. This could be done via their social media profiles, email address, or phone number. 
  • Booking a taxi
    Provision for passengers to enter their address, specify where they want to be picked up, select a taxi, reserve a ride, and so on.
  • Notifications
    Push notifications to inform passengers about the status of their bookings, rides, and driver information, among other things.
  • Rating the driver
    Option to rate and review the driver to improve the customer experience as a whole.
  • In-messages and calls
    The ability to call or send messages directly from the app to the driver.
  • Customer service
    Arrangement to associate with client care to determine any issues customers might come across while using the app. This is also for the override experience.

Finally, the major question!

How To Build Taxi Booking App Like Indriver Ola & Uber Clone App?

This is the entire process of developing the app – from recognizing customer needs to planning a budget. All of it is done while building the app. 

1. Research:

The evaluation of your requirements is the first step. You will need to conduct extensive market research to accomplish this. This way you can know what customers need and what the market looks like. This is also how you’ll know which new features need to be added to the app.

2. Structure: 

This is where you put everything on paper. From ideas and features to the entire cost division of the app needs to be done at this stage of building the app. Make a plan and a point of reference to refer to whenever you get stuck in the app development process. 

This is because defining the scope, timetable, milestones, and other aspects at this stage is valuable. It is also the time when a prototype is designed.

3. UI/UX:

The IT team begins building the UI/UX, as soon as the prototype is approved. It is the most important part of your mobile app. The objective is to develop an interface (Ul) that delivers the best possible user experience (UX).

Experienced Ul/UX specialists have all the necessary knowledge to achieve excellent results. As there are a lot of nuances to consider when developing an interface design. In particular, there are certain trends inherent in apps like Ola cab and Uber.

4. App Development: 

If you want to build taxi booking app like Indriver OLA & Uber clone app, this is the most important step. After planning and designing a basic blueprint, you can now get started.

You can either hire an app development company to build the app for you or set up your own in-house app development team. The app is created, tested, and prepared for launch in this step.

5. Deployment:

After the app is created and tested, it’s made robust and bug free for the customers to use. The process of installing, configuring, and enabling a particular application or set of applications to a particular URL on a server, is app deployment. The URL of the application becomes publicly accessible after the deployment process has been completed.

6. Marketing 

Any app requires to be marketed in order to reach its audiences. This is just as important, because an app could be designed well. But if it isn’t advertised properly, then it cannot reach its full potential. You can use different marketing tools to attrache the target audience – like banner ads or social media tools and influencer marketing. 

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Cost To Build Taxi Booking App Like Indriver Ola & Uber Clone App

To build taxi booking app like Indriver, OLA & Uber clone app will cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. The cost of developing an app may differ from one mobile app development company to the other. 

Geography has a significant impact on the cost of development for a taxi app development company. The hourly rates for developers in North America and the UK range from $100 to $200, whereas the hourly rates in Eastern Europe and India range from $20 to $80.

The platforms on which the apps are built – Android, iOS, and Windows, and the features that need to be in the app are some factors that affect the cost. Others include the technologies used, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, etc. 

Additionally, chatbots, third-party APIs, app security, app size, app location, app UI/UX, and other similar features also determine the cost.


If you too want to build taxi booking app like Indriver, OLA & Uber clone app, then this is a great time. While there’s a lot of competition in the market, there is also a great requirement for such apps. 

People are constantly looking to make their life easier with apps that are helpful. Ride-hailing apps not only make booking a taxi accessible but also do so at reasonable prices. So, customers look forward to using them. 

When you choose to build your app, you can certainly research the market, and study rival apps. This can help you understand what is needed to stand out. But building such an app requires a lot of work. And you need to have basic knowledge to do that. 

This article is the perfect guide for taking the first step!

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