10 Best Resale Sites For Tickets Selling in USA & UK

The global secondary ticket resale sector was valued at 5.24 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow to 9.7 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 9.2%. The market is usually divided by event size and kind, with live sports, club nights, concerts, comedy events, and theatres accounting for the lion’s revenue share. 

Sellers may struggle to find the appropriate match with a boom of resale tickets. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this blog, we’ll review the best resale sites for tickets, each useful depending on your priorities. Some websites strike a good mix of features and fit you well.

List of 10 Best Resale Sites For Tickets in 2024

We’ve picked out the 10 best resale ticket websites and ranked them based on overall quality. 

1. ViagogoBest Resale Ticket Website

Viagogo is a key participant in the ticket resale sector, operating globally in over 40 currencies and 13 languages. Eric Baker, a StubHub co-founder, also co-founded Viagogo.

Viagogo is the best site to resell tickets for sporting events or season tickets. Why? Due to their partnerships with Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC. These specific collaborations enable supporters to sell sports tickets, but only for certain clubs, as it is illegal to resell Premier League tickets.

Other types of event tickets available on the marketplace include comedy performances, theatre, and music events such as concert tickets. They’ve also served as the official ticketing provider for several music festivals.


  • Seller costs are only 10%
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Payment terms are longer
  • High costs deter purchasers

2. StubHub – Top Ticket Resale Site

StubHub is one of the best resale sites for tickets, specializing in comedy performances, live music events, sports, and movie theatre presentations. You can buy and sell tickets to a larger market through a network of 40 countries and up to 10 million events.

The StubHub platform is also quite user-friendly. You only need to set up one account, regardless of whether you want to purchase or sell tickets. Then, look for the event for which you have tickets and click “Sell.” When selling tickets, you can set your price to either a fixed or declining, depending on what works best for you. Also, StubHub consistently charges less overall than their competitors

Apart from that, StubHub is the best place to start if you want to resell tickets for a well-known sporting event, concert, or festival.

Pros :

  • Only resale site with a seller guarantee
  • Information center for great sellers


  • 15% is the seller’s fee
  • High costs deter purchasers

3. SeatGeek – Best Site To Resell Tickets

SeatGeek began as a good ticket resale site, but it has become one of the largest primary and secondary ticketing sites, and we investigated whether SeatGeek is legitimate. That means you may not only resell your tickets but also create your event and promote it on SeatGeek.

Currently, the sites sell tickets for many different types of events, such as sports games, concerts, comedy shows, and Broadway shows. Buyers can also select local events.

SeatGeek looks at the prices of other sites that sell tickets, like eBay, StubHub, TicketNetwork, and RazorGator, to find the best deal. Even better, they have a 3D modelling tool that lets the buyer see where they’ll be sitting so they can pick the best place. Moreover, SeatGeek consistently charges less overall than its competitors.


  • The seller’s fee is only 10%
  • Outstanding client service


  • High prices keep people from buying
  • The mobile app is only open to some buyers and sellers

4. Ticketmaster

TicketMaster is one of the oldest ticket-selling websites. When it started in 1976, its main business was renting and selling hardware and software for ticketing systems. It has developed into one of the biggest primary ticketing platforms over the years.

There is no doubt that Ticketmaster has the most buyers, especially for concerts. However, you can only sell original Ticketmaster tickets on them. This is the best place to sell your tickets quickly for close to face value. However, if you want to make the most money or sell many tickets over time, you should use a site that only sells tickets.

Furthermore, Ticketmaster is the best place to start if you want to resell tickets for a well-known sporting event, concert, or festival. Also, TicketMaster is the best website to sell the ticket. As these websites offer excellent customer service and a large selection of tickets for events across the globe. They are user-friendly and provide various ticketing options, including last-minute and difficult-to-find tickets.


  • The market’s highest buyer volume
  • Ticket exchanges are verifiable and virtually fraud-free


  • The seller’s charge is 15%
  • only able to resell tickets purchased through Ticketmaster

5. Skiddle

Skiddle is another of the best resale sites for ticket services in the United Kingdom. Skiddle is a sustainable marketplace with over 2 million monthly visits, whether you have tickets for your event or want to resale tickets.

Skiddle, like StubHub, is free to join, and you just pay 10% of the ticket price plus a 25% fee to cover fraud screening and credit card expenses. However, you can negotiate a lower price if you want to sell more seats.

Skiddle also offers the RapidScan Box Office app for individuals who have events. This allows you to gather payment and consumer data, which you can utilize to develop your email list.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is another website where you can buy and sell tickets and other real and digital goods. Up to 200 million people come every month, so your tickets will sell out in minutes, especially if they are for a popular event.

However, CraigsList has a lot of stories of scammers, which could make some buyers stay away from it. Because of this, make sure you look like a real seller by:

  • Using real names instead of fake ones.
  • Give as much information as you can about the tickets, like where you got them, receipts, and seats.
  • Quickly responding to requests.
  • Getting new customers by keeping the ones you already have happy.
  • Offering to hand-deliver the tickets or use a secured delivery service
  • Setting a fair price for the tickets
  • When needed, getting licenses

7. Razorgator

RazorGator, one of the top ticket resale sites in business since 2001, is next on my list. Their extensive background investigation to ensure they work with reputable dealers has made them very well-known. The Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating also contributes to its reputation.

RazorGator also provides a money-back guarantee if the event is cancelled or there is a ticket problem. They not only offer a secure platform for purchasers but also provide an advantageous atmosphere for resellers because they only charge a 10% fee after selling the tickets.

Since they started selling tickets 20 years ago, they’ve helped more than 1 million customers and sold more than 3 million tickets through their website. Many of the tickets sold on this site are for sports, concerts, plays, and other events.

8. TicketCity

This is yet another ticket reselling website that has operated for almost two decades. TicketCity takes pride in providing tickets and more. Apart from tickets, they also offer

  • Passes for parking
  • Rooms in hotels
  • First-class seats
  • Seats for a group
  • The best places to sit
  • Directions to the location

As a result, they’ve served millions of clients and sold over 100,000 event tickets.

Unlike the other ticket resale platforms I’ve described thus far, TicketCity does not allow you to sell the tickets straight to another fan. Instead, they offer to buy the ticket from you and resell it.

This relieves you of the waiting because they pay you upfront and handle the selling. However, they raise the ticket price by up to 24%, making the tickets more expensive than on other sites and making them difficult to sell. There’s also no assurance that they’ll accept your proposal. But it’s still worth a shot, especially if you have many tickets.

The Bottom Line

That concludes my guide to the best resale sites for tickets. If you cannot attend the event, ensure that there are no empty seats. Allow another fan to enjoy the event.

If you want to try ticket reselling as a side hustle, the sites described above will give you a better chance of finding buyers. You can join their affiliate programs, generate traffic to the various tickets on the platforms, and sell tickets.

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