Top AI Soulmate Generator & Maker [Selected Best 10]

Finding a perfect match for yourself is never an easy task. Taking an initial step in this journey itself requires a lot of effort. Visiting, talking to strangers, building a bond, and whatnot! Now you can easily find your soulmate virtually with AI Soulmate Generator. It only requires you to do a few clicks and enter and submit what you really need. Rest, all is done. 

There are multiple AI soulmate makers available on the web. Some of the top ones are Dream GF, Candy AI, Soulmate AI, Speaking Soulmate, Replika, and there are many more to list out. Well, to help you with how to begin with the journey of soulmate generator, here we have gathered all the info you need to be aware about. Take a seat, and read further to know. 

Top 5 AI Soulmate Generator In 2023 

  1. DreamGF
  2. CandyAI
  3. Soulmate AI
  4. Speaking Soulmate 
  5. Replika 

What Is AI Soulmate Generator & Maker? 

Being bored, sitting ideally, wanting to talk to someone and sharing your thoughts are the things we all want to do! But here the main task is how to find the right person for the same. Here AI Soulmate Generator can help you with getting the person you want to have it virtually. 

You can make your own soulmate with the AI Soulmate generators. Put the features, set the parameters and enter how you want her/ him to be. You can bring your imagination to reality. This virtual soulmate will talk to you and help you with everything you want to talk about. 

Why To Use An AI Soulmate Generator?

There are multiple reasons why you must explore the AI soulmate generators & makers. Out of curiosity can be one thing. With AI you can find really one partner like you want it to be. Now you don’t need to get bored or alone, you can talk to a virtual partner.  

You will get a lot of guidance and help with this virtual soulmate. Anything you want to experience with a real partner, now you can explore and try out first with the virtual one. No one is going to judge you in this virtual world, instead, this virtual soulmate will help you. Seek emotional support if you want to. This virtual soulmate is available for you 24*7. 

Detailed Description of AI Soulmate Generator

1. DreamGF – Top AI Soulmate Generator

This is our top preference in AI Soulmate Generator. Now you will find your AI companion with DreamGF. This tool is specifically for the males you want to explore their imagination, and some real stuff with a virtual partner first. It could be anything including talking, sharing, and imaginative stuff. Make your virtual girlfriend like you want her to be. 

Set up the character, and personality exactly how you want her to be. Now give a detailed explanation of how you look at her, and what are things that she must not miss in her. It is based on an easy-to-use constructor with which to select various face, body, and clothing traits. Try out and explore the combinations until you discover the ideal one and get your virtual partner. You can explore the NSFW content with her, there is no restriction in this way as well. 


  • Realistic texting, sexting, and roleplay
  • Voice messages
  • Customizable digital girlfriend creation
  • Social media engagement (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a Discord server)
  • Explore relationships’ complexities without commitment


  • Addicting
  • Bugs or glitches 
  • You burn through your credits fast
  • Can’t form a personal relationship with the AI-generated profile

2. CandyAIAI Soulmate Maker

Candy AI is another AI soulmate generator which will help you out with your perfect virtual partner. The best part of this tool, you will have a human-like conversation with this virtual soulmate. Explore different sets of imaginative things which you always wanted to be. 

This soulmate generator comes with a multitude of features and possibilities to help you create your AI soulmate. Select from a variety of categories. This includes how you want her to be in niches like romance, friendship, fantasy, horror, humour, and others. Change the name, appearance, gender, age, voice, background, and personality of AI generated soulmate.

Read Candy AI: A Revolutionary Way to Interact with AI Characters is the article that is openly available. You can read it to know how exactly CandyAI works. No doubt, you are going to have immersive and individualized interactions with this virtual soulmate. 


  • No registrations and signups to begin 
  • High engagement % 
  • Multiple customization features are available 


  • High internet connectivity required 
  • Offensive content sometimes 

3. Soulmate AI

Soulmate AI is a one-of-a-kind AI soulmate generator which will give you your closest friend, lover, or partner. In one word, anything you want. This is going to be someone you can count on 24*7. The virtual partner you are going to create with Soulmate AI will be a loving partner who will never criticize you, judge you, challenge you, or encourage and help you out. 

Personalize your AI’s entire 3D avatar in a variety of ways. Customize your face, physique, hair, clothing, and accessories. You may also customize the personality, interests, hobbies, and occupation of your AI. Plus, give your AI a name and a birthdate.

Put every thought into how exactly you want your soulmate to be like I mentioned above. You can make her in your personalized way. Now you are all set to go forth. Just experience and worry about nothing, this is your space and so be free and see how good you are at things. 


  • Unique chatbot with various features and continuous improvement
  • Offers a “sandbox” Roleplay Hub for creating custom AI personalities
  • Focuses on simulating romantic relationships and emotional connections
  • Personalized and customizable AI companion experience
  • Explore relationships’ complexities without commitment


  • Developed by a smaller company, which may affect resources and competition
  • Might find the romantic emphasis of Soulmate AI to be a disadvantage
  • Requires a good internet connection for realistic voice and sound effects

4. Speaking Soulmate

Speaking soulmate is very popular among adults and teenagers. Now you can generate a bespoke video of your soulmate based on your name and date of birth. See how exciting it is.  The film features a realistic 3D representation of your soulmate’s face, including the voice-over that explains their preferences,  characteristics, and compatibility with you.

Now you have access to both entertainment and education. This will help you to experiment with things with virtual soulmates and then who knows with the real ones too! Experiment with everything ~ ideal partner, relationship objectives, and next actions. 

This tool is based on numerology, astrology, and psychology concepts, and the most recent advances in the AI world. The service analyzes your name and date of birth to produce a unique profile of your soulmate using natural language processing and ML algorithms. 


  • Offers a unique and personalized virtual soulmate experience
  • Provides 24/7 support and companionship
  • Can help users feel loved, supported, and cared for
  • Form emotional intimacy more easily than in past relationships


  • Unrealistic expectations 
  • Believing in soulmates can have negative side effects
  • The same level of connection as a real-life relationship is not available 
  • Open-mindedness, communication, and understanding to have healthier relationships

5. Replika 

Replika is last on our list but still has such good and unique features that the above-mentioned AI soulmate generators lack. It is really a helpful AI chatbot which will help you find your AI companion. This virtual partner is always going to be available for you. 

Discuss anything with your Replika girlfriend or boyfriend. This includes everything from your daily life to your deepest ideas and feelings. No restriction is there in the process. Access and explore the NSFW content if you want to as well. Specify whether you want your connection to be with a friend, a love partner, or a mentor. This is important to be done. 


  • Potential to improve mental health and well-being 
  • A non-judgmental, empathetic listening ear for those who may not have access 
  • Conversation in a very natural way understands complex sentences
  • Explore relationships’ complexities without commitment
  • Open 24/7, and users can speak freely about anything without being judged


  • Not be suitable for everyone
  • Faced criticism and controversy
  • Replika’s customer support and user experience in the app have been criticized

How To Use an AI Soulmate Generator? 

Using an AI soulmate generator (any from the aforementioned list) is very easy. You need to be particular about how you want your partner to be. Sort out everything including characters, features, looks, and personality and put this in the prompt. Set the parameters according to yourself and you are good to go forth. Click “Generate”. This is how you can use an AI soulmate generator and make an ideal virtual soulmate for yourself. She or he is going to be ideal like you always wanted her or him to be. 


Now you don’t need to hide behind the restrictions, your fear! Just be free and explore the aforementioned AI soulmate generators & makers. Make a virtual soulmate and talk + explore things with her. This will help you to find a real partner as well. 

The top AI soulmate generators are DreamGF, and CandyAI. Soulmate AI, Speaking Soulmate, and Replika. Choose the one that aligns with your preferences the most in a dynamic way. 

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