The Rebranding of Zoro to – Complete Truth Behind Aniwatch

There are so many streaming services available in the world of anime. However, is standing out as a major participant among them. But because of the recent events happening around us, anime fans are wondering what will become of the anime site. No one knows what exactly happened. It has either unexpectedly stopped operating or has undergone a change and become Aniwatch. establish itself as a well-known anime streaming service. This happened because it provided a great selection of Japanese animated films and TV shows (Zoro One Piece, Zoro Naruto). has gained a huge fan base and established itself as a favourite among anime fans. The reason it is so famous is because of its user-friendly layout and a great selection of shows. You are unsure of the fate of TV anime because of recent rumors about the site’s future. We will go into these issues, offering verified and factual facts to clarify’s trajectory and any potential ties to Aniwatch here.

The Rise of

With a great collection of Japanese TV shows, movies, and OVAs, quickly became one of the most popular anime content pirate sites. has made itself stand out as a favorite among fans of anime among so many other competitive websites. This is because of its user-friendly layout and large selection. You can watch popular series like One Piece, Naruto, and others easily at any time and anywhere. The platform is very dedicated to providing top-notch content and a smooth viewing experience.

The Zoro anime website’s main purpose is to offer us a remarkable viewing experience. This comes with its dedication to ultra HD resolution, flawless streaming, great customer service, and regular upgrades. 

Complete free service of Zoro without any interruptions from ads, has made a place in the hearts of anime lovers like no other online website can. This made it a safe website for fans of anime to watch their preferred episodes online without disruptions. anime site has attracted a huge anime fan base with developing go-to resources for anime fans. This makes a platform completely convenient and satisfying streaming experience.

The Speculation Surrounding and Aniwatch

Early in July 2023, rumors about’s future started to spread. There were several rumors stating that the anime website had either been closed down or gone through a rebranding process. 

The sudden appearance of has left anime fans curious and perplexed, not forgetting the departure of The users have discovered some similarities even between the two websites. This has sparked rumors that may have changed its name to Aniwatch. This rebranding of the website from to has sparked debates and prompted inquiries within the anime community.

The only difference you can catch between the two websites is the color scheme, which has been changed from the Zoro anime website’s basic graphical user interface. Additionally, you can log in successfully on Aniwatch using their old login information from 

As few guessed, seems to have changed its name to After that, an official source confirmed that a new development team had bought The new website has a fresh appearance and feel and now goes by the domain name If you search for, you will automatically be redirected to Please note that is solely linked to media that is hosted by third parties and does not store any files on its server.

Shut Down or Rebranding: The Truth Unveiled

The crew has officially released an official statement, which has ended the mystery surrounding the website. The declaration proved that has changed its name to as a result of a rebranding effort. The motivations for this shift were also made public, providing a great insight into the choice made by the platform’s developers.

The platform’s designers made a diplomatic choice by changing to The main causes may not have been specified in the official release. However, a number of sites have put up potential causes that may have led to this adjustment. The rebranding, according to some, was a reaction to DMCA concerns and a change of ownership. These elements might have played a role in the choice to rename the platform and choose as its new name.

Aniwatch – A Potential Successor to

Anime fans were interested to see if Aniwatch could live up to the tradition of its predecessor after was rebranded as The developers of Aniwatch promised a flawless streaming experience and a huge selection of anime media to keep up with the brand value of The goal of the website was to continue serving your requirements by providing an easy-to-use interface and a large selection of episodes and films just like Zoro One Piece, Zoro Naruto, and many more.

Internal Operations and the Future of

In general, it is never a good idea to give users access to too much information about internal site operations. And history has been a great example of how sharing too much information can be really harmful to you as a brand. Rather than serving as beneficial updates, providing information about a website’s activities may serve to help other pirated websites.

Only time will tell the true effects of the new adjustments and cosmetic upgrades to, even though they may cause some serious changes to the site’s future. The new domain’s activity appears to have started three months ago or so, but the corresponding development work for the new domain or site, which was not accessible then to the general public, only started a few days ago. So no one knows what the reality is; maybe the plan has not worked out and was changed in between.

But the developers made sure that you experienced as little difficulty as possible during the transition so that you, being anime lovers, may continue to view anime on without interruption.

The Search for Alternative Anime Streaming Platforms

The switch to provide viewers who were used to was unexpected, and the step it has taken to explore alternative anime streaming services is commendable. While has attempted to fill the gap left by, there are other websites as well to check out as an option for alternative sites. There are many services that cater to different preferences and demands in the broad world of anime streaming.


The anime streaming industry has undergone a big change with the conversion of into The goal of the rebranding effort was to provide high-quality anime material while ensuring a smooth transition. has emerged as a possible a replacement, promising a bright future for anime fans. 

But it does not stop you from exploring other anime websites as well. You can clearly investigate alternate platforms and continue your anime streaming journey as the anime community adjusts to this shift.

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