List of Top Technology + “Write For Us” + Guest Post Sites

There are a number of platforms that talk about technology and its many advancements. Through these platforms, we not only stay updated but also find new perspectives on important subjects. But, what if you wish to share something as well, and reach a larger audience? There are a number of sites that are open for guest posting through their Write for us tech blog. 

On the other hand, if you look for ‘technology write for us’ and more similar keywords, you’re sure to find a long list. Then again, you want to share your thoughts via platforms that offer excellent space. 

In this article, we’ve shared such sites, and what they have to offer!

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List of Top Technology + “Write For Us” + Guest Post Sites

  • Apps For Startup
  • AppMinia
  • HiTech Work
  • DashTech
  • Well, That’s Interesting Tech!
  • Digital Connect Mag
  • TechGeekers
  • TheITBase
  • The Next Tech
  • The Research Online

1. Apps For Startup

We are continuously on the lookout for fresh authors who are eager to share their knowledge. We are keen to hear about your ideas that will challenge our readers and take our industry ahead. But you don’t have to wait for a revolutionary concept to reshape technology. Simply provide readers with a new viewpoint on a topic that keeps you awake at night.

Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Crypto, Blockchain Technology,  Internet of Things (IoT),  App Development, business, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are some of the topics that we offer for our Write for us tech blog

Apps For Startup Stats

If you are a tech enthusiast who loves to learn and impart knowledge on everything technology, then write for us! On the other hand, ‘technology write for us’ or ‘write for us+ technology’ are some of the keyword searches through which you can find us and other sites that offer guest posting. 

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2. AppMinia

AppMinia is one of the most up-to-date platforms for information about business, marketing and technology, among other subjects. By writing for them, you can get your work a reach that it wants and deserves. They are product marketers and storytellers who use simple language to write about Web 3, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain.

Their Write for us tech section is open to all and seeks anyone who has a thing for current topics in the tech world. These topics can be anything from mobile app development and blockchain to marketing tips from the industry. 

3. HiTech Work

The HiTech Work has come up with tech news, updates, web development, social media, business ideas, and more. It is the ideal place to submit in the ‘write for us tech posts’ as their audience includes techies and non-techies from various industries.

They are open to associating with marketers and bloggers for sharing their valuable and original content with them. As a result, you can reach thousands of people who are eagerly awaiting their tech content, rank higher so that larger businesses notice you, and generate revenue for your brand or website. You can write about technology, reviews, how-tos, and other topics for their future tech blogs.

4. DashTech

DashTech is open to having guest bloggers contribute their knowledge to their websites. Their technology blog writes for us is open to content on a large number of subjects, including artificial intelligence (AI), education, cyber security, blockchain,  search engine optimization (SEO) and more. 

It is an insightful platform to learn from and impart your knowledge through. You can for them to build backlinks, increase exposure, and raise brand awareness. If you choose to submit for their Write for us tech blog, there are selective guidelines to go through. Additionally, contributors can’t republish a similar article elsewhere.

5. Well, That’s Interesting Tech!

They have a modern technology write-for-us space that is looking for articles about technologies, businesses, leaders, or research that aims to help achieve one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

This site searches out and commends individuals, activities, associations, and thoughts that further develop daily routine on Earth for all experiencing things. The articles on Well, That’s Interesting Tech! are intended to be insightful, honest, inspiring, and simple to read. They manually go through each submission and get in touch with the authors of those they want to proceed with.

6. Digital Connect Mag

Digital Connect Mag focuses on subjects like web hosting, digital marketing, social media and its optimization, search engine optimization, and its tools. Others include marketing strategies, new technologies, web development, app development, pay-per-click, WordPress plugins, themes, etc.

You can submit content on topics related to technology, business, marketing, digital systems, etc. So this serves as a publishing platform for aspiring authors. Their write for us business technology section aims to offer the most current and accurate data possible regarding commerce, digital advertising, and technology developments. 

7. TechGeekers 

TechGeekers offers you a one-stop platform to learn and interact with the thriving tech community. They provide a professional platform for sharing your technology-related knowledge and information. By writing about a variety of topics of your choosing, you can also directly interact with readers. So you can use their technology write for us platform to submit your work.

They want to hear from people who really want to write about cutting-edge gadgets and technology. They have a strategy that will work for you, whether you want to publish your writing or earn extra money.

8. TheITBase

TheITbase is looking for experienced writers who can submit guest posts as well as people who want to share information on tech topics that are relevant. Working with them can help you get good traffic, build relationships, earn powerful backlinks, increase your website’s authority, improve your article writing skills, and improve your position in Google search results. 

Send them your pitches in the technology business write for us areas like apps, business, definitions, gadgets, how-to guides, technology, and more. 

9. The Next Tech

TheNextTech allows you to reach an audience that is keen on reading articles about innovation. This is one of the reliable websites if you search for write for us+ technology, finance, business, and the future of technology.

It is a good place for tech companies and businesses to guest post because their audience includes techies and non-techies from a variety of industries.

10. The Research Online 

The Research Online focuses on the most recent startup news, information about emerging technologies, and groundbreaking innovations. And so, it has become a space that attracts startup founders, technology enthusiasts, investors, and early adopters every day.

Topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Application Development, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, IT infrastructure, IT Security, and Cyber Security are welcome on their Write for us tech blog.


If you’re typing in keywords like ‘technology write for us’, ‘write for us+ technology’, ‘write for us tech’ and more – then this is the list for you! You can write for all these sites that focus on technology and business-related topics. This way your content reaches a larger audience and you get to learn a little more about writing. 

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