What is Low Code Development And Why is it Important? (Guide)

Technology changes overnight, and as soon as we find a better alternative, we quickly shift to it. Low code application development is one example – now that it’s almost taking over traditional coding. In this article, we will focus on low code development and how it’s important to the current scenario. 

Before we do that, let’s figure out exactly what is low code development. 

What Is Low Code Development?

Low code software development makes it possible to deliver applications more quickly and with less hand coding. IT professionals can use these solutions to build applications and workflows from the ground up. 

They can also build workflows and business apps without having to manually code by using these building blocks, which take away the code behind actions and commands. This is different from conventional development which requires specialists to deal with all the code. 

So, low-code strategies permit clients to make applications with less manual coding through a graphical UI (GUI) and its inherent intuitive tooling.

What Is The Purpose Of Low Code Technology?

The purpose of low code technology comes down to how it helps organizations and businesses. Organizations can rapidly create business applications without depending entirely on conventional programming. This not only saves time and makes businesses more productive and efficient, but it also lets you concentrate on the apps that need the most attention, like apps that improve customer experiences and automate essential business processes.

Low code development is a way to manage the high demand for the development and a lack of developers. Drag-and-drop functionality and visual guidance make it possible for more people, even those with little or no coding experience, to contribute to developing apps and software.

What Is Low Code Application Development?

With the help of low code application development platforms, businesses can create bespoke solutions with novel features tailored to particular business models. These platforms have built-in connectors, ready-to-use code snippets, and form and report templates,  that speed up development and make it possible for more people to innovate. 

Given that these platforms eliminate typical coding steps like building frameworks, modeling data, and creating user interfaces, users can also begin building their applications right away.

Trusted Low Code Development Platforms

When we talk about low code development applications, an important subject is the platforms that offer them. Low-code development platforms’ development environments allow businesses to develop software easily and fast, which eliminates the need for extensive coding expertise. 

Companies can prototype, construct, or scale applications using the platforms’ base-level code, scripts, and integrations without having to develop intricate infrastructures. So, it’s essential to find platforms that have the technology that meets these demands. 

Newgen is one of the leading low-code development platforms. The company develops and deploys business applications that are complex, content-driven, and engaging for customers. From service requests to onboarding, lending to underwriting, and numerous other industry-specific use cases. 

Therefore, the company is known for its cutting-edge technology and work with vivid industries. Their low code application development solutions are new and trustworthy, which makes the process of working with them more straightforward.

Why Is Low Code Development Important?

There are a number of purposes that low code development solves, but more than that, its benefits are versatile. This makes it an important advancement. 

  • Collaborative:
    The fact that professional developers and other non-technical teams can collaborate in the same setting using a visual language is an important feature of low code.
  • Lower Cost: Costs go down when more apps can be made in less time. Additionally, because of low-code development, fewer developers are required, resulting in lower hiring costs.
  • Easy Modification:
    Low code development makes it simple to modify apps and adapt them to new requirements. It facilitates immediate change when it is required without needing complex coding.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    There are very few bugs in low-code application development. Also, the modules are pre-tested to work together seamlessly.


There is a reason why businesses choose to include low code application development in their offerings. It is proving itself to be a useful addition to the businesses that request it. This simple guide will help you understand the importance and need for low code application development. Meanwhile, Newgen offers solutions in low code development that you can get great help from!

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