Best Virtual Business Address And Phone Number Service Provider

A lot is changing these days, like most of our work turning virtual. And virtual addresses are part of this spree. A real street address that you can use as a mailing address or business address, without having to actually be there is called a virtual address. The benefits of these addresses have resulted in increased use. So, people are looking for the best virtual business address and phone number services. 

In this day and age, something like this could really help you establish and grow a business! And here’s how.

Uses & Benefits

The virtual address enables employees to continue receiving important mail in a secure and direct manner, and is ideal for businesses with remote employees. The virtual business address for llc may be worthwhile considering the numerous advantages, such as virtual expansion and mail digitization.

One of the main benefits of using a virtual business is that it gives your company a sense of authority. You can also save money running a remote business by taking advantage of the many additional services that come with a virtual office address.

Additionally, using a home address can pose a threat to security. For various reasons, you can use a virtual address to solve this problem and have an address that looks professional.

Best Virtual Business Address For LLC

  • Traveling Mailbox
  • Planet Express
  • iPostal1
  • Anytime Mailbox
  • PostScan Mail
  • Earth Class Mail
  • Incfile 
  • USA2Me
  • Firstbase 
  • Northwest 

Here is the Best 10 Best Virtual Business Address And Phone Number Service Provider

1. Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is a virtual mailbox service with a lot of features. It provides cutting-edge technologies such as OCR Software with virtual address and phone number for business. You can also send PDF files to Google Drive,, Dropbox, Evernote, and a lot of other cloud services with it. When you complete a task or receive a new email, you will be notified.

2. Planet Express

Planet Express operates the best virtual business address for llc, given the speed and accuracy. Although the company primarily targets online shoppers, it is accessible to any small business that sends many packages. 

They have mailboxes in the UK, California, and Oregon. They also help save money. This is done by receiving packages, repackaging them into a single box, and then forwarding them to your personal address. 

3. iPostal1 

Their addresses are for actual places like business centers and pack-and-ship stores, so there are people there to help you. You can even personally pick up your packages. The iPostal1 app makes it simple to check your incoming mail. 

You can choose from a variety of carriers and ship dates, add a virtual phone number or fax, and more among the features. So you not only get a business address and phone number but benefit from more.

4. Anytime Mailbox 

Anytime Mailbox forwards postal mail anywhere in the world and offers free storage for 60 days on all letters and packages. All of the standard digital mailbox services, like scanning mail and depositing checks, are available through Anytime Mailbox. 

This is especially helpful for people who spend most of their time abroad. Plus, they give virtual office and telephone number to entrepreneurs and online customers purchasing from retailers all over the world.

5. PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail manages a worldwide network of more than 400 virtual mailboxes. Its robust mobile app makes it simple to find and organize your postal mail by letting you organize it into digital folders and filter while you search.

Local pickup, package and letter consolidation, unlimited cloud storage, and real U.S. street addresses are some of their features. This is other than the virtual office phone number that they provide.

6. Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is a cloud storage service that lets you upload your mail and documents to Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. It guarantees that the HIPAA-certified professionals at the company will safely receive, store, and organize all of your emails. 

The offer virtual business address for llc and offers 80+ U.S. addresses and digitally protects everything with 256-bit encryption, guaranteeing the safety of all your emails.

7. Incfile

The best virtual business address and phone number services are available through Incfile. Small businesses and digital nomads can use this secure and mobile-compatible virtual mailbox service to check their mail from anywhere in the world.

All of the letters and correspondence will be uploaded to your secure account within one business day, and they do not charge per item. Additionally, they provide worldwide web browser access, allowing you to read your mail from anywhere.

8. USA2me 

USA2me makes it simple to send or receive anything within the United States. The mail manager feature makes it simple to manage your emails. You get access to the Mail Manager feature for each mail forwarding account, which lets you view the order and contents of your inbox, request shipments and bills, and discard any unwanted items.

It also lets you change the settings for your shipping and account. In addition, it provides a 45-day free storage period.

9. Firstbase 

Firstbase is one of the best virtual mailbox options which provides a virtual business address for llc. With only a few dozen restricted nations, it boasts excellent geographic availability. Additionally, this first-rate service offers products for both new and established businesses.

The Start plan, which comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, requires a one-time payment of $399 to launch a US business. Additionally, the company has Firstbase Start and Firstbase Agent available to assist people in starting a business.

10. Northwest

Northwest Registered Agent makes it simple to receive packages from the USPS, FedEx, and postal services, while providing virtual office and phone number. 

It provides you with a number of additional services, including document scanning and unlimited name availability searches. It offers 5GB of distributed storage, permits free E-conveyance and gives limitless inbound calls. Additionally, developing your logo is free.


Virtual business address providers offer services including a real street address that can receive postal mail and packages at a secure location. There are a number of benefits of getting a virtual business address role protecting your privacy. 

So, a number of businesses are looking for the best virtual business address and phone number.If you’re looking for such service providers as well, then this list is for you! 

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