Van Delivery Business Opportunities & Ideas To Explore

It’s 2023, and the opportunities to earn, explore and grow are too many. At this point, one can easily find a side hustle or a way to make money. Van delivery business opportunities are one way, wherein you can use your van to sort a regular income business. There are a number of ideas that prove helpful, and there’s not a lot of investment required. Other than the van, of course. 

Basically, the more creative you get, the more money you can make. Read on, to know more!

Some of the best van business ideas are listed below

1. Food Deliveries

Drivers for food delivery services are in high demand due to the growth of apps that deal in food delivery. These organizations pay you an hourly rate and permit you to get ways to deliver food from eateries to customers. 

Some restaurants also employ their own delivery drivers, this way you can be attached to one business. Pizza chains are one example. This is one of the most popular package delivery business opportunities. 

2. Cargo Van Delivery Business

A lot of retailers need delivery services that can get their customers their items quickly and at the last minute.

Small businesses like hardware, homeware, appliance, and thrift stores are included in this.  So, contact local businesses in your area and inquire about using your cargo van or truck to start a cargo van delivery business. 

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3. Non-emergency Medical Transportation 

These days, non-emergency medical transportation has received a lot of attention. For this, you’ll have to secure medical care supplier licenses and permits. After that, you will only need to decide which services you will provide and begin advertising your business online, in retirement communities, and at nearby hospitals. 

You can also get into medicine delivery on the side, making it another one of the package delivery business opportunities. 

4. Grocery Delivery

Customers no longer have to stand in long lines at supermarkets when they shop for their groceries online. They simply select their items from a retailer’s app or website, pay online, and have them delivered to their home. 

Therefore, this is also one of the van business ideas that doesn’t need a lot of money. You could also begin with self-employed parcel delivery jobs to work with specific local grocery stores.

5. Furniture Delivery

A number of furniture delivery apps have come up, where furniture can be bought online. Customers prefer these because it’s much easier to browse online instead of going places. You can sign up with these online stores and deliver bulky furniture at home. 

6. Hauling Services

Numerous individuals and businesses require junk removal services. You can help them out and make some extra cash by offering hauling services. These services are one of the van business ideas which helps in removing junk. 

After loading up all of the things these companies no longer need, you can take them to the proper recycling facilities. It might not look like the most glamorous job, but it is something that has the potential to earn and grow.

7. Amazon Delivery

Amazon Flex is a program for delivery partners that lets people deliver goods in their own vans/cars. You can make extra money for your daily expenses by working as an Amazon delivery partner. Another advantage of this program is the ability to work around your schedule.

You can earn money for each box of merchandise that you sell to customers. So, you can earn based on the number of deliveries you make, through these van delivery business opportunities.

8. Moving Services

It can take a long time and be a daunting task to move from one location to another. Moving services can make this process easier for others. Additionally, there is a huge demand for it. 

However, you should verify the rules and regulations with your local authorities. Commercial insurance, liability insurance, and special licenses to transport household goods between states may be required in some instances.


There are too many ways to make a side-income or earn in general, these days. One of the ways is to explore van delivery business opportunities and other ideas. You can easily help deliver groceries, food, furniture and more. 

Other creative ways can also make up for great ideas – like starting a cleaning or moving service. The main part is, to like what you do, and be interested in it. And all you need is a van, along with some great ideas. 

Now that you have a list of those, go ahead and start your business soon!

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