Top 10 Multi Currency Wallet Development Companies in USA

Cryptocurrency wallet creation was not well known to the public until about 2020 and 2021. There will be a scarcity of blockchain development expertise in 2022, including multi currency wallet development firms.

Unless you have a strong understanding of blockchain and crypto, developing a crypto wallet can take years and be quite expensive. Alternatively, competent consultation and development services may be put in place.

Let us get started!

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What Are A Cryptocurrency Wallet And Its Development? 

A blockchain wallet is a software that is used to examine cryptocurrency balances and conduct blockchain transactions. Individual wallet holders’ specialized public addresses, which take the form of cryptocurrency-specific account numbers, allow for the exchange of a specific type of cryptocurrency and may be disclosed publicly. This is the code for a blockchain-based e-wallet that enables bitcoin transactions. Besides, building a cryptocurrency wallet from scratch or enhancing the functionality of an existing e-wallet are two options for cryptocurrency wallet development.

Further, cryptocurrency wallet development companies examine the following features: 

  • Purchase
  • Sell
  • Transmit
  • Receive
  • Keep
  • Swap
  • Invest in crypto

Do you require a multi cryptocurrency wallet for your company? So, simply look through the list of top multi cryptocurrency wallet development companies below and choose the one that best suits your needs.

List of Multi Currency Wallet Development Companies

  1. Unicsoft
  2. HashCash Consultants
  3. ScienceSoft
  4. EvaCodes
  5. Antier Solutions
  6. Fortunesoft IT innovations
  7. Developcoins
  8. SoluLab
  9. Cubix
  10. Blockchain App Factory

1. Unicsoft — Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Unicsoft is a reputable technology consulting firm that provides AI and Blockchain solutions to help startups and corporations achieve their goals. The Unicsoft team has extensive experience in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Data Science, Big Data, and Data Analytics. Additionally, they help entrepreneurs evaluate concepts, iterate toward product-market fit, create an MVP, and expand quickly. Thus, it falls under the list of top cryptocurrency wallet development companies.

Source – Unicsoft

2. HashCash Consultants — Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

HashCash Consultants is a multinational software business that specializes in cryptocurrency wallet development. Besides, HashCash’s Blockchain products enable businesses to settle payments and move assets across borders in real-time. They do it for Payment Processing, Remittances, Trade Finance, and other applications.

Further, HashCash drives technological advancement through Blockchain 1o1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels. The firm offers AI, Big Data, and IoT solutions through its products, services, and platforms. Moreover, HashCash Consultants identifies the most challenging difficulties by implementing new digital transformation methods for customers worldwide.

HashCash Consultants
Source – HashCash Consultants

3. ScienceSoft — Multi Currency Wallet Development Company 

ScienceSoft works with product companies and non-IT enterprises to design and develop various types of cryptocurrency wallets. This includes the following: 

  • Mobile, Web, And Desktop Wallets
  • Coin-Specific And Multi-Currency Wallets
  • Single-Sig And Multi-Sig Wallets
  • Custodial And Non-Custodial Wallets
Source – ScienceSoft

4. EvaCodes — Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Firm 

EvaCodes is a full-stack cryptocurrency wallet development company that creates web3 and blockchain solutions based on several blockchain stacks. Web development, AWS, software development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, and serverless consulting are also available. The firm also creates or works on products based on databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Besides, their technological stack includes PHP, Angular.js, Java, React.js, Flutter, Python, React-native, Java, Swift, Android SDK, and Objective C.

Source – Evacodes

5. Antier Solutions — Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Firm  

Antier Solutions is a blockchain and multi cryptocurrency wallet development company based in the United States. It assists businesses in developing decentralized finance apps from the ideation, constructing, planning, testing, and market launch phases. The firm contributes to developing both custodian and non-custodian wallets, online and mobile wallets, and even PC crypto wallets.

Wallets and blockchain products produced include Gofast Smart Contract, Ancrypto Wallet, and more.

Antier Soultions
Source – Antier Soultions

List of blockchain services the company provides: 

  • P2P Exchange Development
  • P2P Lending Platform Development
  • STO Exchange Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • KYC Blockchain Solution Coin/Token Development
  • Stable Coin Development
  • White Paper Development.

6. Fortunesoft IT innovations — Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Firm 

Fortunesoft offers blockchain software solutions as part of its broader software development services. This includes mobile, analytics, cloud, online, and AWS solutions. Subsequently, in terms of cryptocurrency wallet development, the firm assists clients in creating safe and dependable programs that support peer-to-peer transactions and other features. The company also assists businesses in developing wallets with capabilities such as monitoring, earning, and transferring crypto assets.

Fortunesoft IT innovations
Source – Fortunesoft IT innovations

7. Developcoins — Multi Currency Wallet Development Business

Developcoins develops decentralized wallets for various platforms, including mobile and online. It also creates tailored cryptocurrency trading solutions based on any public or private blockchain. The business generates full node wallets, custodial and non-custodial wallets, coin-specific wallets, multi-crypto or universal wallets, and network-specific wallets. Moreover, wallets and exchanges can offer a variety of features, including two-factor authentication, support for paper wallets, multi-crypto storage, and currency conversion tools. 

Source – Developcoins

8. SoluLab — Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

SoluLab is a premier online, mobile, and Blockchain development business founded by Citrix’s ex-principal software architect and Goldman Sachs’ ex-vice president. It provides 360-degree, full-spectrum services to businesses, assisting them in transforming their ideas into world-class software outputs.

As a top cryptocurrency wallet development business, they continue to advance technologies such as Chatbot, Internet of Things, Cloud, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine learning.

Source – Solulab

9. Cubix — Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Business 

Cubix is a leading developer of mobile apps, games, and cryptocurrency wallets! They are experts in the customization, creation, and synthesis of complex enterprise-level business intelligence analytics, solutions, and sophisticated mobile and online solutions. Their team is mastering industry advancement and rapidly improving. Further, they specialize in SaaS, IoT, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, and Virtual Reality. Thus, making them one of the top multi currency wallet development companies. 

Source – Cubix

10. Blockchain App Factory — Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Blockchain App Factory has created one-of-a-kind solutions for customers in the farthest reaches of the size spectrum and business. Their expertise in blockchain development enables them to provide customized blockchain-based solutions for applications in many sectors. They use Hyperledger, smart contracts, smart wallets, ICOs, and other blockchain-based technologies to automate and decentralize company operations while reducing operating expenses.

Blockchain app factory
Source – Blockchain App Factory

FAQs About Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

How Do I Make A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallets are created from the ground up by coding, cloning an existing software, or forking or building a new one from an existing one.
Hence, it necessitates a thorough grasp of blockchain and cryptocurrency, yet you can now rely on label solutions platforms to swiftly create a crypto wallet. However, a customized solution would need additional knowledge and skill. Typically, cryptocurrency wallet development firms have the skills and experience to add security safeguards that prevent hacking. 

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

It depends on the amount of experience, labor, and abilities required, as well as if the team and money are already in place. However, full-time developers will need up to 6 months. Expert cryptocurrency wallet developers should be able to create a custom solution within this timeframe.

What Is The Cost Of Creating A Cryptocurrency Wallet App?

Crypto wallet software development firms charge between $10,000 and $1,000,000 based on the length of development, features or functionality incorporated, and technology utilized. Thus, to get a good estimate, detailed features are required.
The cost may also be affected by the location. If the wallet is to be part of an exchange, for example, crypto exchange development services will charge extra.

What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Wallet?

In terms of usability, the best crypto wallets include hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S and Trezor, which are difficult to hack via the Internet. Besides, Mycelium, Electrum, and Exodus are some software wallets that will integrate with this.

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