How To Make A Social Media App Like Tiktok

Social media rules today’s world. Instagram and TikTok for image and video sharing, LinkedIn for professional networking, Snapchat for sharing everyday life snippets, Quora as a question and answer resource and debate forum, Tumblr as an online blogging journal, Yelp for local business ratings, and so on.

Who would have anticipated that TikTok, a social media upstart, would take over established and seasoned social media networks? Well, no one. Now, you may be pondering how much it cost to make an app like TikTok? Depending on the particular features, the cost to build app like TikTok ranges from $15,000 to $30,000. It turned out to be a blockbuster app at the young age of three years.

So, do you want to create app like TikTok with millions of active users? Well, the easy way is tiktok clone development. Continue reading to know in detail. 

If you are a startup entrepreneur or executive trying to extend your firm into new areas, developing the next major social media app is a terrific way to see your brand on the front cover of Forbes magazine.

In this post, we will peek at how to make a social media app like TikTok. But first, let us define TikTok.

What Exactly Is The Tiktok App?

TikTok is a video-sharing program that allows users to broadcast live video streams, apply filters or music, record short video clips, and share the results on social media.

Alex Zhu, a TikTok founder, had the concept of video sharing, mixing music, and social networking in one smartphone application. He saw teens using several applications to take pictures, listen to music, and make short movies to share with pals. Further, he believed that the new generation needed a music app to create short films, a novel app format.

  • TikTok is now one of the most recognized and lucrative startups.
  • The video-sharing software has 1 billion downloads and 500 million monthly active users.
  • Tik Tok users spend 52 minutes every day on average.
  • Tik Tok’s principal revenue source is in-app purchases, which bring in $3.5 million monthly.
  • TikTok is popular among teens, with 41 percent of users aged 16 to 24.
  • Global Tik Tok sales hit $39 billion in the first half of 2019.

Now, if we talk about how to make a social media app like tiktok, the best way to develop it is by utilizing tiktok clone development. You might be wondering why TikTok clone? Let’s take a deep look at different sections of the tiktok clone. 

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The Advantages Of Tiktok Clone App Development

To plan and invest your hard-earned money in app development for the first time may appear hazardous and rash. We’ve compiled a list of advantages to assuage your fears, so you don’t lose out on this fantastic chance!

  • 500 million or more users globally
  • Over 33 million downloads
  • Profit margins are generous.
  • A fantastic app for people of all ages.
  • Results that are completely customizable
  • A genuine, unfiltered video-sharing community

Characteristics Of Tiktok Clone App Development

If you choose to clone tiktok app, you’ll get the following characteristics. 

Features of Tiktok
Source: semidotinfotech
  • Audio Playlist

This feature of tiktok clone app allows viewers to select their favorite sounds or add their own songs to make a personalized video.

  • Video & Voice-Over

Allow people to dub their voice for uploaded audio tracks and record it using their phones.

  • Stickers And Filters 

Add additional filters, stickers, messages, and other features to allow people to share their films in new and entertaining ways. Consequently, making the TikTok app famous among every age group. Thus, another reason for you to build TikTok clone.

  • Make A Channel

Allow users to create their own channels and personalize them as desired.

  • Feed Of News

Your users can watch newly posted video material based on their followings or followers.

  • Sharing Of Multimedia

Allow your users to contribute photographs and videos from their profiles as well as the profiles they follow. This way, users will stay connected to each other through your tiktok clone app. 

  • Privacy And Settings

Provide a variety of settings options to assist users in conveniently managing their profile accounts and privacy.

  • User Profile

Users may view a variety of user profiles based on their preferences and the channels they follow.

Now that we have glanced at some of the basic TikTok clone app features let’s get near and dear to the TikTok clone app features. 

Additional TikTok App Clone Features

  • Video Selfie & Dubbing

Utilizing this capability, users may simply record bespoke audio-dubbed video performances.

  • Monitor Transactions

TikTok clone app development will allow you to observe and track all transactions, whether they send or receive currency.

  • Wallet Recharge

Recharge your in-app wallet using a card or net baking technique that permits users to pay coins.

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Tiktok Clone App Unusual Income Model: An Exhilarating Experience For Creators

Wondering how TikTok clone development will benefit the creators? Read along! 

  • Model of Subscription

Users may subscribe to and follow one or more authors’ profiles via an app and enjoy plenty of unique posts and content.

  • Paid Postings

The approach allows authors to price-lock their material while consumers may pay to read and interact with the posts. If you want to earn through this approach, you need to clone TikTok app.

  • Endorsements For Brands

TikTok clone app development will not only allow users to create and share videos but also is a wonderful tool for influencer marketing. Are you clueless about how this is possible? Well, it allows influencers or creators to tag brands and support their products by making videos, clicking photos, and so on. 

  • Send And Receive Money

Within the app, users may send and receive money. With the addition of the fintech element, the Tiktok clone app becomes the first of its sort.

  • Virtual Gifts And Coins

While live streaming, users may donate virtual gifts and currency to producers. This may then be converted to actual money and withdrawn from the app’s wallet.

What Makes Tiktok Clone Unique?

Let’s know why are we only discussing the TikTok clone.

1. Streaming Live Video

Include a live streaming feature that allows your users to go live and ask their friends to join them in real-time. This is an interesting feature that you’ll get in TikTok clone app development. 

2. Reality Augmented

AR Camera effects, for example, can boost user interaction and increase app engagement.

3. Chatbots Using Artificial Intelligence

Tiktok clone script boosts user engagement by leveraging your app’s powerful in-app chatbot monitoring features.

Top Tiktok Clone App Development Companies

  1. Appdupe
  2. AppKodes
  3. Uberlikeapp
  4. Code-Brew
  5. TheNineHertz
  6. Consultingwhiz
  7. Brsoftech
  8. Goappx
  9. Inoru
  10. Appscrip


With the information above you have got an idea of how to make a social media app like tiktok. Therefore, let’s see why you should create app like tiktok. Tik Tok, as we all comprehend, is one of the most popular social media video recording applications, having swiftly exceeded WhatsApp, Facebook, and other similar apps.
TikTok’s success is primarily due to the innovative notion of allowing anyone to film themselves with gestures to a range of songs or music pieces playing in the background. A variety of software companies have created tiktok clone apps as a result of their popularity. Employing a tiktok clone app development, you can build a full-featured clone with your branding and tailor it to fulfill your particular needs.

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