How To Verify My Business on Google Without Postcard

Our lives have almost shifted online and so, even businesses need to mix it up by being tech savyy. At present, there are many ways to develop an online presence with an offline one. Certainly, they prove to make one’s business gain more monetary benefits along with making them reliable and trustworthy for consumers. Among many methods, getting a Google business listing is the most reliable and easy ways to do it. To create Google My Buisness account and establishing an online space is the best way to get recognized and find one’s customers. Or for customers to find services.

What is Google My Business

Numerous businesses create a Google business listing, also known as a Business Profile, to increase their visibility on the search engine. If one owns a similar business, they might not be aware that creating a Business Profile does not grant them control over it. If they want the Business Profile to be a useful SEO and lead generation tool, they will need those management and editing capabilities. For each free Business Profile, one creates, one must also create Google My Business account, which is separate. One can only claim ownership of their Business Profile, acquire management rights to it, and gain access to additional free features that will increase their visibility on Google if they have a Google My Business account.

Benefits of a Google Business Listing

There are some benefits that one can avail after they verify gmb. Starting from online reviews that ensure credibility.

  • Reviews provide useful information about your company. You can respond to reviews, which can help you gain customers’ trust. However, customers don’t always expect perfect reviews. Google says that a mix of good and bad reviews is more reliable. A great way to build customer confidence and credibility is to respond to positive and negative reviews.
  • A typical test nearby organizations face is that of getting an expansion in quality site traffic as well as in-store visits. Even though there is no way to completely avoid the ups and downs, having a Google business listing can significantly boost the overall numbers.
  • When it comes time to maximize one’s Google Ads budget, running a campaign is a great way to rise to the top of Google. However, it can seem easier said than done. The other option is to increase SEO. However, to rise in authority and rank using this strategy, one will need time and money.
  • Through a little bit of content, or when you create Google My Business, the portrayal offers you a potential for success to have out from your rivals in a buyer’s underlying sweep through query items. It gives a brief description to help people quickly figure out if your company is what they want.

Verify My Business on Google

After having a GMB account live is, the next step is to verify gmb. One will not have any control over the information that is displayed in Google My Business until they verify their account. Competitors or malicious individuals can attempt to sabotage the account by submitting suggested edits that Google may publish without one’s consent if they detect this. There are some methods if you decide to ‘Verify My Business on Google’. One is Postcard verification, which is one of the most common methods. 

A postcard will be sent to the address on one’s profile by Google. The “ATTN:” will allow one to send the postcard to a specific individual. Because many individuals do not receive their postcards within 5-7 days, this method is contentious. Resending the postcard as Google suggests may not be an answer either, since that postcard likewise may not show up. As a result, many people are left feeling trapped and unable to manage their GMB account until a postcard is delivered.

How To Verify My Business on Google Without Postcard

Like mentioned above, there can be many issues that arise if one tried to verify gmb with the postcard method. In such cases, the only way to make it a hassle free, and avoid any major repercussions, is to verify Google My Buisness without a postcard. To do this, many steps have to be followed, but at least it will promise a smoother process of verifying gmb.

  • Go to your GMB account and sign in.
  • On your dashboard, look for the “pending verification” section. You will be able to view your homepage dashboard once you have logged in to your account.
  • Use the “I don’t have a code” or “Verify Now” options to proceed. You will see the message “I don’t have a code” in the verification section if you have previously attempted to verify Google My Business using the postcard option. Select it.
  • Select “Modify Method.” After encountering difficulties verifying Google My Business without a postcard, you will find the option to change the method.
  • Take a look at the various choices you have. Choose the most convenient option if you now have more options than just using a postcard to verify Google My Business. Keep in mind that every company will see different options here. Your Google My Business account can be verified by phone, text message, or email.
  • Utilize Google Search Console to confirm Google My Business.
  • Contact the Google Support team.

Other Methods To Verify GMB

  • Standard Mail: The most common method for verifying a company is through this method. In the end, it demonstrates to Google that the company actually exists and precisely where it is situated. Depending on the region, the delivery process can take up to two weeks.
  • Phone: Some businesses may want to call their Google business listing to verify it, but not everyone can do so right away. One has the option of receiving a text message or an automated phone call. The person will be given a five-digit code by the system, which they will need to enter into the code field.
  • Email: After one gets to create Google My Business, the option to “Verify by email” will appear if the company is eligible. It is important to check that the email on the verification screen is correct and that one has access to it before clicking “Verify now.” The email from Google My Business will then appear. It contains a link to the GMB page and a verification code.
  • Video Chat: This method has only been available since November 2018 and is not widely used. However, if your company meets the requirements for video verification, you can use it without issue. Video chat with a Google specialist is used for video verification. Installing the Android or iOS Google Hangouts app is required for this.
  • Google Search Console: Google My Business users can use Google Search Console to verify their profiles if all other verification methods have failed. Naturally, this implies that both one’s company and website need to be set up and checked in Search Console. Even though not all businesses have access to this option, it’s still an option worth considering. Whenever one is finished setting up the Google Search Console, they can sign in to Google My Business utilizing the very account that was used on Search Console. One may notice the “Instant Verification” option on the GMB profile after thorough verification on Search Console.


Google My Business verification can be difficult, and postcard verification is not always a viable option. Along these lines, to verify Google My Business without postcard could be vital for certain organizations. Google My Business gives its clients a crucial chance to show up in Google list items with pertinent data and Google Guides with all the contact subtleties. Furthermore, this opportunity is free. Google search visibility is critical for all businesses, not just online ones. One can show relevant information like their store’s locations, opening and closing hours, products and services, contact information, and upcoming events, among other things.

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